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What's new in the June 2nd, 2010 update...

Posted by Neo , 03 June 2010 · 902 views

There are times when we upgrade UrbanPlanet.org and the changes are apparent, but other times the changes are hidden unless you're looking for them. To assist you in utilizing our newest features that were rolled out yesterday (June 2nd, 2010), here is a general changelog:

  • Link sharing has been altered to be easier and quicker to use. This is the strip at the bottom of each thread that allows you do share it with Facebook, Google Buzz, email, etc.
  • Tighter Facebook integration. If you have your Facebook account linked, you can now do several things that you couldn't before. The biggest added benefit is being able to 'like' a topic in our forums. At the bottom of each topic (above the link sharing icons) you'll find a Facebook 'like' button. Another benefit is that you can update your status on UrbanPlanet.org and have it also update your status on Facebook. This of course works the opposite direction as well. You can find Facebook settings and setup your Facebook integration here: http://www.urbanplan...s&area=facebook
  • You can now preview a topic from a list of topics. See the following screenshot for the icon to click for this feature: http://cl.ly/1Gcn
  • There is a new notification system that will now alert you if you have a new PM, someone has replied to a topic you're subscribed to, etc.
  • Twitter integration is coming very soon. This will function much like the Facebook integration and allow you to do things like update your Twitter status from within your UrbanPlanet.org account if you have connected your UP account to your Twitter account.
  • Search has been given an overhaul. You can now choose what part of the site you want to search from a drop-down to the right of the search box.
  • We've added a few more phones to the list of mobile devices allowed access to our mobile version. Speaking of that, updates to our mobile site are just around the corner!
  • There are many more updates and improvements to general speed of the site as well.

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