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San Francisco

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  Name Type Floors Height Units Current Status Construction Start Construction End Location

Transbay Transit Center


1960-1998 Market Street

Condo 9 85 feet 108 Proposed 1960-1998 Market Street at Buchanon Street

Palo Alto Mitchell Park Library and Community Center

Park/Recreation Proposed 2010 3700 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA

The Infinity

Condo 42 650 Completed 2009 Corner of Spear and Folsom Streets

149 Mason

Apartment 8 56 studios Completed June 2008 December 2009

Hotel SOMA

Hotel 64 Proposed Corner of 5th and Townsend

The Bay Line

Park/Recreation Proposed

524 Howard

Other 23 On Hold

Mission Rock

Mixed Use Proposed Seawall Lot 337

999 Geary Blvd

Apartment 12 On Hold

Mercy Housing Towers

Apartment 12 140 2008