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  • Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion [Today, 03:36 AM by kermit in Charlotte]

    Sounds like the seasonal second Frankfort flight is ending about a month sooner than normal this year (it stops in mid September instead of the usual Late October this year). (Per meck deck)

  • Florence Developments [Today, 03:26 AM by vicupstate in South Carolina]

    http://www.scnow.com...1a4bcf6878.html   A newly opened restaurant in DT Florence gets a great accolade!   I will have to try this place out. The burgers sound great.   http://www.scnow.com...1a4bcf6878.html   The new...

  • Atlanta Off-Topic [Today, 01:53 AM by ironchapman in Atlanta Coffeehouse]

    Holy crap, it's been a while since I've been here.

  • The Gulch Projects [Today, 12:46 AM by Neigeville2 in Nashville]

    I like Pie Town because it sounds like it was made up to suit the people in the neighborhood and not realtors, who have an unerring instinct for the banal and imitative in these things. 

  • Something coming... [Today, 12:21 AM by tSlater in Grand Rapids]

    That's a pretty big claim, bigger than ArtPrize.  It'll be interesting to see what it is, as long as it's not a 3rd coming of you-know-who. Also interested to hear projects for two unexpected neighbourhoods.  I hope one of them...

  • The Promenade At Chenal [Yesterday, 11:37 PM by ArkansasTraveler in Little Rock Metropolitan Area]

    At this point, I'd much rather see Von Maur than Macy's for this particular development. It would keep the overall tilt more upscale, though Little Rock — and Arkansas as a state — needs a presence from Macy's somewhere.

  • Westbank Expressway [Yesterday, 11:22 PM by mr. bernham in Baton Rouge]

    Thanks for posting Antrell  meant to do this earlier   This Westbank Expressway is the best bet & help with Hurricane Evacuation route....Since a loop is highly doubtful. A new Mississippi River Bridge for Hwy 3...

  • Baton Rouge Coffee House [Yesterday, 11:17 PM by mr. bernham in Baton Rouge]

    Liberal? No way. Democratic, yes.   The most liberal thing about Baton Rouge is LSU campus and that's not a sea of blue. Going on the true meaning of liberalism, Baton Rouge is liberal. The city expresses that liberal streak thr...

  • The Gulch Projects [Yesterday, 10:33 PM by titanhog in Nashville]

    I refuse to say Pie Town. Yeah...I hate that name.  The Triangle is better than Pie Town.  Or call it So-SoBro (south of SoBro) 

  • Columbia Photo of the Day [Yesterday, 10:29 PM by CorgiMatt in Columbia]

    It's good practice.

  • The Gulch Projects [Yesterday, 10:16 PM by CenterHill in Nashville]

    I thought west of 8th, east of 4th, and south of KVB was now called 'Lafayette'?   Or is this just a real estate term? The painters couldn't spell Lafayette. Pie was easier.

  • Greater Greenville Economic Developments [Yesterday, 10:04 PM by gman430 in Greenville]

    Which one of these (if either) is the historic-looking one story red brick building?   That's the one slated to be demolished I believe. 

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