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  • Future Skyline Rendering [Today, 08:42 AM by ricky_davis_fan_21 in Charlotte Coffee House]

    What are the buildings beside the Nascar HOF? My interpretation of crescents 2nd ward project 600 apartments, 450 hotel, 100k office and 75k retail

  • Future Skyline Rendering [Today, 08:30 AM by Newlopw in Charlotte Coffee House]

    I actually do have a little insight. Not on design or anything. But I have heard about prospective tenants in the project.  I think we will see movement, Crescent is very bullish on uptown right now, and they are getting an inject...

  • Tryon Place - Crescent multiple mixed-use Stonewall projects [Today, 08:24 AM by Miesian Corners in Charlotte]

    Millinials don't want to live in suburbs. They don't want to drive cars. They don't want to own real estate.

  • Drinking Beer in Charlotte [Today, 07:55 AM by ah59396 in Charlotte Coffee House]

    Their Dubbel is quite good. As is their Saison. The Porter, Pale Ale and Wit are pretty standard stuff.

  • Mall of Georgia [Today, 07:54 AM by mallguy in Atlanta]

    A Nordstrom closing is pretty rare.  When I went to MOG almost 10 years ago, the Nordstrom was empty although the mall otherwise seemed pretty busy.    The mall seemed attract a lot of Hispanics so perhaps a Hispanic-theme...

  • Bass Pro Shops [Today, 07:51 AM by mallguy in Greenville]

    The guy in the article who makes such over-the-top statements about the Bass Pro Shops opening clearly isn't the type of person who would say something similar about a Neiman Marcus opening.

  • Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion [Today, 07:23 AM by Piedmont767 in Charlotte]

    American has loaded the schedule for the new MIA-FRA flight: AA250 MIA1445 – 0615FRA 763 D AA251 FRA1000 – 1455MIA 763 D Unfortunately, those frequencies had to come from somewhere, AA has dropped both Charlotte's and Philadelphia's sec...

  • Dr. P Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center [Today, 07:06 AM by OrlandoMagicTigers in Orlando]

  • MLS Soccer Stadium Proposal [Today, 06:57 AM by OrlandoMagicTigers in Orlando]

    that looks boring

  • Main Street/CBD Developments [Today, 06:29 AM by colasc in Columbia]

      According to a recent article in The State, the building directly across from Mast General Store has been sold to a developer. The usual talk of mixed use hopes is mentioned including office space, apartments, and a pub. ...

  • Drinking Beer in Charlotte [Today, 05:49 AM by go_vertical in Charlotte Coffee House]

    I tried their pale ale recently as well. I thought it was very reminiscent of Jam Session just not as flavorful. Maybe a slightly muted/watered down version. Not horrible but nothing to write home about.

  • Raleigh's North Hills Mall [Today, 01:20 AM by Spatula in The NC Triangle]

    I think he should certainly be entitled to that option... once something taller exists downtown.   It's just a matter of principle, but I don't like the tallest building in a city being somewhere other than the CBD. I'll admit that...

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