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  • Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Projects [Today, 02:42 AM by MetroTN in Nashville]

    I love that development. I went inside recently and it was really nice.

  • Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Projects [Today, 02:14 AM by Justiceham in Nashville]

    Here is a link to photos of North Murfreesboro's newest apartment community, 3343 Memorial, currently under construction. I took some pictures, but their facebook page has better ones. Definitely different than Murfreesboro has seen in t...

  • N. Capitol/Germantown/Salemtown/Metro-Center/Elizabeth Park/HBV [Today, 02:14 AM by Nathan_in_DC in Nashville]

    Does anyone know if there are plans to relocate TEA and remove that hideous block-absorbing suburban monstrosity between 3rd and 2nd? There's no excuse for a building like that there.  If they at least did some landscaping and turne...

  • Former Convention Center Site Development [Today, 02:00 AM by Nathan_in_DC in Nashville]

    I *really* hope this happens. I somehow managed to miss those previous renderings.  This would make downtown even more of a go-to spot for visitors and people that don't live in the CBD, and its pedestrianized environment would like...

  • Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill [Today, 01:35 AM by GR8scott in Grand Rapids Coffee House]

    they got dumped....I hope they find a good new location! 

  • Butterworth Dump err Landfill [Today, 01:33 AM by GR8scott in Grand Rapids]

    Solar panels installed in one of the cloudiest areas in the country (especially Nov - March)?  Or has there been a quantum leap in technology that would make it even remotely self-sufficient?     Germany = most solar...

  • Highway and Road Construction Updates [Today, 01:21 AM by GR8scott in Grand Rapids]

    I can think of several other interchanges that are much more dangerous, in worse condition and long overdue for an upgrade before this one.....not sure how they prioritize over at MDOT

  • CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects [Today, 12:38 AM by Neigeville2 in Nashville]

    Sorry.  Reading comprehension isn't my strong point.  I made the same mistake until I reread the article; it may be something of an editing problem if multiple people are misinterpreting it.

  • Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Projects [Today, 12:22 AM by NashRugger in Nashville]

    Hopefully they pick a design that is both fresh and modern while complimenting the historic old county health department building next door.

  • Denham Springs & Livingston Parish [Today, 12:22 AM by Antrell Williams in Baton Rouge]

    I've only had a handful of dishes there but it was always good.

  • Denham Springs & Livingston Parish [Today, 12:05 AM by mr. bernham in Baton Rouge]

    Why do people here like Walk-Ons so much? Personally I think the food there is horrible.

  • Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Projects [Today, 12:03 AM by MetroTN in Nashville]

    I would have liked the 11 floor option. Sounds cool.

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