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  • N. Capital/Germantown/Salemtown/Metro-Center Projects [Today, 08:32 PM by FrankNash in Nashville]

    Well, the metro center apartments aren't my cup of tea but they do have a great greenway connection to Germantown and Downtown.

  • I-49 One Step Closer to Being Realized [Today, 07:35 PM by KJW in Northwest Arkansas]

    The first big layer of blacktop is in between Rocky Dell Hollow Road in far west Bella Vista (where they've building the new bridge) and the west Hwy 72 new bridge in Gravette where the very first completed (2-lane) section of the BV byp...

  • A Response To Centuries of Boston-centric US History At Last [Today, 07:01 PM by spenser1058 in Orlando Coffee House]

    Essentially the same thing. Just as Phil Donahue once observed that, "News is what New York says is news" (because that's where the national news organizations were prior to Ted Turner's CNN), history was what Boston says is history beca...

  • A Response To Centuries of Boston-centric US History At Last [Today, 06:52 PM by prahaboheme in Orlando Coffee House]

    A Response To Centuries of Anglo-centric US History At Last

  • Crescendo in the Pie-Town-Gulch-of-SoBro - 23 stories - Proposed [Today, 06:50 PM by Urban Architecture in Nashville]

    Oh I'm sure if you heard it you would know the song. If not, you must have been living under a rock for quite some time.    Edit: Well, there you go. The video is posted above.    Wow! Can't believe I just watched t...

  • Nashville Bits and Pieces [Today, 06:47 PM by Urban Architecture in Nashville]

    NVWill,   I was talking specifically about mid-sized cities. Boston's group of colleges and universities is vastly more impressive than Nashville's.   WW   Great catch. I forgot Fisk. Will add now.   WW e-dub with a...

  • Church Street Station [Today, 06:40 PM by smileguy in Orlando]

    Speaking of which does Church st do ghost tours of the old buildings?   There are two tour companies that do.  From what I understand, one of them does tours without knowledge/permission of the property owners.

  • Razorback Greenway and other NWA Trail Systems [Today, 06:33 PM by nikk4s in Northwest Arkansas]

    I don't know about the plan for the bridge, they just poured the concrete up to the creek last week.  They've got gravel down along the creek up to the Meadow crossing at the creek.  The next section they are working on is alon...

  • Razorback Greenway and other NWA Trail Systems [Today, 05:47 PM by IronScott in Northwest Arkansas]

    Thanks for the report. Is the Powell section from Lake Fayetteville open all the way to 412?

  • Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion [Today, 05:36 PM by Miesian Corners in Charlotte]

    Wonder if the Chiquita/Brazil fiasco will have an effect (that is, if the Brazilian company gets control of Chiquita and keeps the N.A. HQ in CLT)?  On the other hand, I just saw a blurb on BBC World News about how the Brazilian eco...

  • Good New Restaurants [Today, 05:21 PM by Windsor Parkitect in Charlotte Coffee House]

    I tried it last night and was super impressed. The word trendy gets thrown around with an eye roll a lot, but really didn't Dilworth need a "trendy" bar with "artisan" food and drinks to fill the big gap between the fine dini...

  • Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) [Today, 05:05 PM by burnz34 in Northwest Arkansas]

    I agree with you TRB, apparently there is not enough travelers for year-round. I have been noticing that Newarks flights have been empty, probably because of an late evening departure and an early morning arrival.

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