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  • East Nashville/ Main St/Cleveland Park/East Bank projects [Today, 12:10 PM by bwithers1 in Nashville]

    Quick update from yesterday's Planning Commission hearing:   130 Marie has been deferred indefinitely by CM Scott Davis.  1008 Joseph was heard and approved.  Neighborhood opposition was expressed by UP contributor Dane Fo...

  • Nashville Bits and Pieces [Today, 12:01 PM by NoChesterHester in Nashville]

    Ha. Potted plants? Check! Water fountain? Check! Hopefully they can work something out renovate the spaces, both Lonnie's & The Fiddle & Steel could use it (I'm not sure about The Brass Stables), and keep the business. I may have...

  • East Nashville/ Main St/Cleveland Park/East Bank projects [Today, 11:59 AM by bwithers1 in Nashville]

    I guess what I was asking is would it be easier for a restaurant to get a beer license in this area if they have a precedent?  It would assume it would be easier. Oh, I got you.  That's a good question.  Precedent is n...

  • Church Street Station [Today, 11:58 AM by Boomer136 in Orlando]

    ^^ Looks like Maitland for gamers. Once the Exchange is full, existing space around UCF and downtown, hopefully. My point is if there is no space to move into at the Creative Village, creative villages will spring up where there is space...

  • Orlando "Creative Village" [Today, 11:46 AM by mcn11 in Orlando]

    I'm sure UCF would love to add some buildings and move some classes/programs there. I know they've expressed interest in expanding their downtown location. However, when we will see some actual construction there remains uncertain.

  • SkyHouse Charlotte (at former Renaissance Place site) [Today, 11:13 AM by DCMetroRaleigh in Charlotte]


  • Rock Cats Close To Deal To Move To Hartford [Today, 11:01 AM by The Voice of Reason in Greater Hartford]

    http://www.courant.c...,3903656.column   wow, an actual honest portrait of what the affected residents feel.   im impressed Dan Haar     Its a shame that the media and the politicos tend to ignore what the actual cons...

  • Charlotte Photo of the Day [Today, 11:01 AM by Newlopw in Charlotte]

  • SkyHouse Charlotte (at former Renaissance Place site) [Today, 10:53 AM by ah59396 in Charlotte]

    That's so crazy. I know Skyhouse isn't unique in design, but I wish more high rises were built this way. As long as we have some signature towers to define our skyline (which we do), I don't mind if a lot of the residential or small in...

  • Rogers, Arkansas [Today, 10:32 AM by comreguy in Northwest Arkansas]

    The Marketplace Express building has signs on the doors that say "The Big Chill" is coming soon. There's a description as well.  Sounds pretty similar to Grub's next door.    Appears to be the same group that has a res...

  • Orlando "Creative Village" [Today, 10:24 AM by prahaboheme in Orlando]

    Is the Creative Village morphing into a possible downtown location for UCF? 

  • Minneapolis: Downtown Projects [Today, 09:53 AM by Twin Citian in The Twin Cities]

    Update 1 602 Condominiums Proposal * 8 stories * 24 condos * Located in downtown's North Loop neighborhood  

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