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  • Lofts at Boush Street Progress [Today, 12:40 AM by VBIllini13 in Norfolk]

    The Granby Tower deal falling through is forever going to leave a bad taste in a lot of the commenters' mouths, even though it's been almost a decade. And it's a shame because Buddy wasn't setting out to scam people; the project was ju...

  • South Medical District [Today, 12:36 AM by mr. bernham in Baton Rouge]

    These guys have been reading my mind for years now. I am honestly loving what they have proposed thus far. It will work wonders for this area, and the possibility of two landmark hospitals/research facilities and a 4-year university...

  • 1 Carlton Ave [Yesterday, 10:12 PM by GRDadof3 in Grand Rapids]

    I wonder if Greg Gilmore has reached out to the likes of Derek Coppess, or vise versa.  As you pointed out Jeff, I really think this is a great location too.  The way the rental market is in town, I would be surprised if this...

  • West Michigan/GR Economy [Yesterday, 10:11 PM by GRDadof3 in Grand Rapids]

    4th Smartest Metro in the country, by Forbes:   http://www.forbes.co...ids-wyoming-mi/   Essentially rates growth in college degreed individuals.

  • South Medical District [Yesterday, 10:08 PM by Antrell Williams in Baton Rouge]

    These guys have been reading my mind for years now.

  • ArtPrize - Grand Rapids [Yesterday, 10:05 PM by GRDadof3 in Grand Rapids]

    The goal has always been to change the conversation about art "around the world." No one really talks about AP anywhere outside of Grand Rapids, despite a couple of national articles every year.   Don't be surprised to see this fran...

  • South Medical District [Yesterday, 09:35 PM by richyb83 in Baton Rouge]

    Cool 15 page pdf of the Health District's Existing Roadways & all of the proposed "OPTIONS"(3) including New I-10 Frontage Road,,,Picardy Ave rerouting; Midway Blvd, possible Dijon or Essen Park extension, etc...

  • Nashville Forum Meeting & Mini Meets [Yesterday, 09:28 PM by FrankNash in Nashville]

    I'll  be there!

  • Nashville Forum Meeting & Mini Meets [Yesterday, 09:22 PM by fieldmarshaldj in Nashville]

    If the special guest is Alex Palmer, does everyone get complimentary darts ?

  • Nashville Bits and Pieces [Yesterday, 09:19 PM by fieldmarshaldj in Nashville]

    ^And, of course, that was before Mayor Dick Fulton's ingenious plan to brick up the street and turn it into a serpentine design (which helped spur on further decline and abandonment of the businesses along it). Walking down that same str...

  • What Good Can a Gehry Do? [Yesterday, 09:17 PM by jack in Orlando Coffee House]

    Where to begin. Yes, most of the time, it is not worth it. Bilbao is the exception not the rule in my opinion. DPAC and Amway are important for what goes on the inside, not the exterior. This is not to say that we should ignore the exter...

  • Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Yesterday, 09:00 PM by truebluecfl in Orlando]

    Yeah I hate to see that go too, but no way they'll use it for anything.   As few old buildings as we have & there goes another.   IMO most new projects create a very sterile street front, while older buildings naturally...

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