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  • Carolina Panthers [Today, 04:30 AM by Jayvee in Charlotte Coffee House]

    Not only that. We will likely face the cardinals and the Panthers can easily beat them, they have to win next week.

  • The Heights - residential infill on Maxwell Blvd. [Today, 01:40 AM by Southron in Montgomery]

    Construction site update 21 Dec 2014:   View from Wright Brothers Park at a nearly identical angle to the first rendering above.   Opposite view from the intersection of Maxwell Blvd and Whitman St   View from Clay St an...

  • Nashville Photo Du Jour [Today, 01:25 AM by titanhog in Nashville]

    The lower slope is a stone "mesh" paver material. It will have a fine crushed gravel between the stone pavers, creating a stable surface to walk down and wade, splash and launch kayaks. Above that is a grassy slope. They've regraded th...

  • CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects [Today, 01:23 AM by titanhog in Nashville]

    I wonder why they didn't consider flipping the design with the stage to the far north and then having the seating and viewing area...then have some kind of removable partition that separates the viewing area from the park (it would be cl...

  • Montgomery Developments [Today, 01:21 AM by Southron in Montgomery]

    Some sad news to report. According to the mayor, it looks like the historic Montgomery Theater building will not survive the partial collapse it suffered this summer after renovation work had begun. The antebellum building was set to hou...

  • Carolina Panthers [Today, 12:48 AM by AuLukey in Charlotte Coffee House]

    In other "firsts," Cam is now the winningest Heisman quarterback vs other previous Heisman winning QB's. This win makes 4 for Cam, the previous record was held by Testeverde, Sam Bradford, and Staubach at 3. Cam has now defeated Carson...

  • SkyHouse Charlotte (at former Renaissance Place site) [Today, 12:35 AM by AirNostrumMAD in Charlotte]

    I hope that the two towers are identical twins. I've been wanting to see a set of identical "twin towers" in downtown for a little while...I don't know why Yeah. Makes me wish Citadin was built. I hope Skyhouse II doesn't have the ro...

  • Tallest Under Construction Projects [Today, 12:25 AM by The ATX in Austin]

    Here's the newly constructed Texas PTA headquarters.  Talk about a (Quasi?)government building that looks out of place...   Photo by Urbannizer:  http://skyscraperpag...&postcount=1336

  • Lucerne Promenade [Proposed] [Today, 12:24 AM by nite owℓ in Orlando]

    The demolition has started on the main Lucerne Pavillion building (the Phase 1 parcel). The annex building is expected to close at the end of the first quarter of 2015. We'll see...    

  • SkyHouse Charlotte (at former Renaissance Place site) [Today, 12:15 AM by go_vertical in Charlotte]

    I'm sure they will be. I mean, their only real option would be to have the curved roof on # 2 right? Highly doubt they'll do that. I'm with you though, I want matching towers.

  • Menlo Park Mall [Today, 12:14 AM by Guyg72 in New Jersey]

    I was googling images of Nordstrom to see if Nordstrom had updated the Menlo Park store and came across your question. I used to work for Nordstrom and I was there for the 1991 store opening day to greet the customers. Nordstrom had t...

  • Second Ward Projects [Today, 12:00 AM by CltFlyer in Charlotte]

    The Le Meridien officially opened on December 19 and it is officially in the hotel locations list on the website.  Hopefully it gets better reviews than those of the Sheraton.   http://www.charlotte...tml#.VJekpF4BaA   300...

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