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  • Norfolk Light Rail and Transit [Today, 02:02 AM by K76T in Norfolk]

    I think that Greyhound seems to get lost in all the transportation talks in the city. The terminal is old and in need of renovation if they plan on keeping it open.   It would make sense to include them in any talks of a transportat...

  • Harbors Edge 2 [Today, 01:45 AM by K76T in Norfolk]

    I've always thought that stretch of Front Street would be perfect for restaurants overlooking the river into Portsmouth. There's also a concrete dock that could make for a nice patio/park area. You have some older offices over there, l...

  • Norfolk Off-Topic [Today, 01:36 AM by K76T in Norfolk]

    I am hoping for more private sector development. A Snyder's lot announcement would be nice! A developer in Charlotte is adding 31 floors of apartments on top the the 11 story Mint building in downtown.   It would be nice to see...

  • Hilton Norfolk at The Main Progress [Today, 12:55 AM by K76T in Norfolk]

    Man what a major disappointment!   It appears that the hotel is going to two floors shorter with less parking and a smaller conference center. Why in the hell can't the city build things in a timely fashion instead of waiting until...

  • Capitol View Northwestern Mutual/HCA 32 acres of mixed use [Yesterday, 11:32 PM by smeagolsfree in Nashville]

    There may not be a tower crane, if the do steel frame construction. Just a guess. It could be a large track crane.

  • Tallest Under Construction Projects [Yesterday, 10:42 PM by The ATX in Austin]

    Affordable housing in Downtown/Central Austin is right up there with water resources as one of the biggest local issues behind the always #1 traffic congestion.  But there have been some affordable housing projects completed/propose...

  • Capitol View Northwestern Mutual/HCA 32 acres of mixed use [Yesterday, 10:32 PM by CenterHill in Nashville]

    No crane yet, but steel and concrete is going vertical along Charlotte.

  • Chesapeake Development [Yesterday, 10:19 PM by urbanvb in Hampton Roads]

    Looks like Chesapeake wants to do some big things with the Dominion Boulevard corridor. http://hamptonroads....d-corridor-map#

  • Tallest Under Construction Projects [Yesterday, 10:18 PM by The ATX in Austin]

    Here's the site of the future 19-story University of Texas System Headquarters tower. http://www.utsystem....e-march-12-2015       Some previously unknown structure was discovered while digging on the site of one of the d...

  • Chesapeake Development [Yesterday, 10:13 PM by urbanvb in Hampton Roads]

    Has anyone heard anything about the Town Center?

  • Tallest Under Construction Projects [Yesterday, 10:11 PM by The ATX in Austin]

    From today.  Some shots of the 30-story Seaholm Residences condo tower. Both photos by corvairkeith:  http://forum.skyscra...8&postcount=151       Here it is with the Northshore and Google towers in the bac...

  • Richmond Developments [Yesterday, 10:04 PM by eandslee in Richmond]

    In case you haven't seen it yet, here is a link to the annual Richmond Downtown Development Forum.  I always love to watch these to see all the upcoming projects in and around the downtown area:  

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