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  • Nashville proposals from site members [Yesterday, 10:26 PM by smeagolsfree in Nashville]

    Already looks way better than it did just a few years ago. Here's a version I did back in 2011: http://adamscarroll.....com/72823.html Wow, I had not seen that one before either. Great job on that work too. You guys need to make su...

  • Lofts at Boush Street Progress [Yesterday, 09:17 PM by Helium3 in Norfolk]

    Design plans have be released: http://norfolkliveblog.com/?p=1486

  • Five Points [Yesterday, 08:52 PM by SouthernBorn in Columbia]

    We have a site plan and seems to be a pretty large project...just take a look at the renderings at the bottom.   http://www.columbias...rivate_dorm.pdf

  • Main Street, Downtown Little Rock. [Yesterday, 08:41 PM by thewizard16 in Little Rock Metropolitan Area]

    The former Mr. Cool's will be demolished.     Plans to restore the building and add a second floor did not work out. Even though at one time the building had a second floor it was determined that the building would not suppor...

  • Pleasantburg Drive Corridor [Yesterday, 08:38 PM by Greenville in Greenville]

    Here's the PDF: http://s.lnimg.com/a...F5D5CC79CE0.pdf   Looks nice.  Will this be considered class A office space?

  • Downtown Orlando - The Walk-Friendly Vision [Yesterday, 08:07 PM by Jernigan in Orlando Coffee House]

    I respect where you are coming from Andy, and there are several "share the road" type cyclists that don't even want to see bike lanes on the roads because of their ride in traffic dogma. But ill say to you the same thing that I've heard...

  • Downtown Orlando - The Walk-Friendly Vision [Yesterday, 07:36 PM by AndyPok1 in Orlando Coffee House]

    Denmark is definitely ahead of everybody else in term or creating urban environment.   If I could, I would encourage more green buildings in downtown and educate people to be environmentally friendly. Start by changing people mind...

  • Other Metro Area Projects [Yesterday, 07:28 PM by Jernigan in Orlando]

    Interesting - I've always looked at Lake Nona with some disappointment at how spread out it was (and it is) but this is going right next to existing structures. Is there a map with a master plan?

  • Orlando Restaurants & Bars [Yesterday, 07:24 PM by AndyPok1 in Orlando Coffee House]

    You can submit online.  I think the location is lacking parking and mix of uses around it. Maybe the old revolving sports bar at Pine and Magnolia, though?http://www.chipotle....velopment.aspx    That's actually brilliant....

  • 505CST (by TG) | 750 ft | 64 fls Church St | PROPOSED [Yesterday, 07:21 PM by fieldmarshaldj in Nashville]

    ^Ward, you're being a little hard on the NuSig, aren't ya ?

  • Nashville proposals from site members [Yesterday, 07:13 PM by chelovek in Nashville]

    not a proposal but I didnt know where else to share. I took an hour and mapped empty surface parking lots downtown, I included everything south of Charlotte, West of the River, East of the Gulch and all the way south to one block south...

  • First Ward Urban Village and Parks [Yesterday, 07:06 PM by tozmervo in Charlotte]

    It was where the owner of the Center City Inn lived.

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