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  • Austin Economy [Today, 01:56 AM by The ATX in Austin]

    That's great news. The Freescale buyout could create more jobs for the area. I'm of the opinion that this is not a good thing in terms of jobs.  The merged company will still be run out of NXP's headquarters which means much of...

  • Tallest Under Construction Projects [Today, 01:47 AM by The ATX in Austin]

    I visioning 6th st. with 2 lanes and wider sidewalks. This needs to be our "2nd st." That's coming.  But I don't recall if the city is still in the planning stage with that or if it's a done deal.  Either way it will be gre...

  • Charlotte Park/Sylvan Park/Bellevue/West Nash./Nations [Today, 01:45 AM by CenterHill in Nashville]

    I counted 7 developments that appear to be more of the same old wildland/farmland destroying, soulless, cookie cutter subdivision type "communities."   If I ever move in to one of those, I want one of you to come knock on my door an...

  • Downtown Orlando Project Discussion [Today, 01:39 AM by nite owℓ in Orlando]

    The way it's heading it's going to be night and day from the bungalows of Thornton Park. SoEo it is!   Too many So's! We need to get more creative and come up with a more unique name like Tribeca, NYC (Triangle Below Canal St)....

  • CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects [Today, 01:14 AM by CenterHill in Nashville]

    We had high expectations for that site. Great project and can't wait to see some renderings. Demonbreun is on fire!

  • Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction [Today, 12:40 AM by asthasr in Charlotte]

    Browsing this topic I noticed a question about why the northern routing was chosen for the Shelby bypass. This is a bit of ancient history (both the post and the bypass routing), of course, but the bypass was originally going to take the...

  • N. Capitol/Germantown/Salemtown/Metro-Center/Elizabeth Park/HBV [Today, 12:39 AM by BnaBreaker in Nashville]

    Doesn't sound as though the stock yard building will be saved. Extremely disappointing, but not at all surprising.

  • N. Capitol/Germantown/Salemtown/Metro-Center/Elizabeth Park/HBV [Today, 12:38 AM by gannman in Nashville]

    Proposed project at the Stockyard site will be condos.http://www.tennessea...perty/24295073/   It will be a shame if the building is demolished.

  • East Hills Business District [Today, 12:23 AM by Charles East in Grand Rapids]

    c) Unless something very major has changed in the last few weeks, Cherry Street Capital is still very much involved in this project.  Perhaps Triangle is their CM and/or GC?  Cherry Street is submitting for the April HPC meetin...

  • CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects [Yesterday, 11:54 PM by titanhog in Nashville]

    Anyone calculated height on this yet?  I know offices are a bit taller per floor than hotels...so this should probably top 300', right?

  • N. Capitol/Germantown/Salemtown/Metro-Center/Elizabeth Park/HBV [Yesterday, 11:52 PM by smeagolsfree in Nashville]

    Proposed project at the Stockyard site will be condos. http://www.tennessea...perty/24295073/

  • Poor Development Planning Downtown Raleigh [Yesterday, 11:49 PM by Jones_ in Triangle Coffee House]

    There was an article about this in the N&O today. It says the church split from the Episcopal church in 2004 because they accepted a gay bishop in New Hampshire. Funny they decided to build their new church in downtown, the gayest...

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