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  • Does BR Need a New 2nd Tallest? [Today, 12:39 AM by mr. bernham in Baton Rouge]

    I have one this a 20 story building    517-709.jpg I'll edit it in.    FANTASTIC work Mr.Bernham!!  Thanks for doing that!   You will have to do a tutorial for me on HOW do this??  I would like to...

  • Baton Rouge Photo of the Day [Yesterday, 11:15 PM by Antrell Williams in Baton Rouge]

  • Louisiana Sports Talk [Yesterday, 10:54 PM by richyb83 in Louisiana]

    Proud of the New Orleans Pelicans for beating the defending Champ San Antonio Spurs to reach the playoffs as the #8 seed over the OKC Thunder....   Their reward?? The #1 Seed the Golden State Warriors in Oracle Arena; where they had...

  • Louisiana Weather [Yesterday, 10:49 PM by richyb83 in Louisiana]

    Finally some dry weather after a record (for April) 9 straight days of measurable rain...even a Tornado Warning for the Alexandria area last night. Today & tomorrow perfect temps with highs in the mid-upper 70's & lows mid/upper...

  • Southend Living [Yesterday, 10:46 PM by ScottCLT in Charlotte Coffee House]

    So, I went to the SouthEnd Publix today for lunch. Really cool store! They had several cooking stations with samples to try - all tasty, and they sucked me in to buying the stuff they were serving, which I normally don't do, but the qual...

  • Nashville Bits and Pieces [Yesterday, 10:39 PM by rookzie in Nashville]

    Most intersections that would warrant a signal have too much volume to interrupt the sequence for pedestrians; you'd degrade the capacity either by hitting a critical mass of pedestrian traffic or from people like me who would hit the...

  • Charlotte Area Transit System Long Term Transit Plan [Yesterday, 10:23 PM by Third Strike in Charlotte]

    ^I personally like the idea of placing the new station near the existing Amtrak station, with a pedestrian bridge connecting to the 25th Street Station. They could also reroute the Red Line to go south of Atando Junction, completely elim...

  • West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington [Yesterday, 10:20 PM by SouthernBorn in Columbia]

    Growingup15.webs.com Thank you very much and you sure do have a lot of updating to do.

  • West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington [Yesterday, 10:19 PM by growingup15 in Columbia]

    I forgot the name of it. Growingup15.webs.com

  • Perception of Charlotte Nationwide [Yesterday, 10:18 PM by ScottCLT in Charlotte Coffee House]

    Charlotte ranks among the top 10 housing markets for the spring: http://www.bizjourna...5/04/15/PH80453   Had to laugh at the article a little though... Anyone know where Raleigh, VA is located? Wow. I mean, I can see the Charl...

  • West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington [Yesterday, 10:14 PM by SouthernBorn in Columbia]

    I actually updates it recently. check out the Project's page i have most of the Recent Project updates and construction I forgot the name of it.

  • Tallest Under Construction Projects [Yesterday, 10:13 PM by The ATX in Austin]

    This project should go in the proposed projects thread, but it's a follow on to the above photos.  This project is adjacent to the medical center and is located on the south side of the intersection where the construction in the abo...

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