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  • Rebirth of Downtown Chattanooga (2006 and on) [Today, 07:48 PM by MLBrumby in Chattanooga and Knoxville]

    For some reason, this computer's browser will not let me cut/paste articles and photos.  But to place-mark a few items in Chattanooga...   1.  New building for T.C. Thompson Children's hospital 2.  Puckett's Grocery w...

  • Misc. Uptown Projects/News [Today, 07:26 PM by Jayvee in Charlotte]

    Sober or drunk? It matters. .....drunk   touche. I've only been there twice, both after tailgating for the panthers. I'm glad to see it gone though.   Hopefully something moves in there that can properly utilize the s...

  • Nashville Mass Transit [Today, 07:12 PM by Hey_Hey in Nashville]

    The AMP is not funded. It received 75 million dollars from the Feds, but there is still a ~$100 million gap that has to be sorted out between the state and city.

  • East Nashville/ Main St/Cleveland Park/East Bank projects [Today, 06:21 PM by grilled_cheese in Nashville]

    The parking lot for the hardware store in 5 points has been turned into a pay-to-park lot.   The mexican place at Hunters Meadow Ln and Gallatin will be closing.  Apparently there is an owner/tenant disagreement where the owner...

  • Misc. Uptown Projects/News [Today, 05:58 PM by navigator319 in Charlotte]

    Well they still have one up in university you can get one from.

  • Misc. Uptown Projects/News [Today, 05:34 PM by ah59396 in Charlotte]

    They had incredible pepperoni rolls though Sober or drunk? It matters.

  • Misc. Uptown Projects/News [Today, 05:27 PM by Jayvee in Charlotte]

    Good. Picassos was the worst bar in the world. It made Dellingers look like the Ritz Carlton. They had incredible pepperoni rolls though

  • The State of Downtown Retail [Today, 05:18 PM by gman430 in Greenville]

    Has anyone other me read today's article about the guy opening a grocery store in the baby Bi-Lo. I don't think this guy has a clue what he's getting himself into. And the idea of a gas kiosk thing in the parking lot wont be a good idea...

  • Greenville News Building Site [Today, 05:04 PM by gman430 in Greenville]

    I don't see anything wrong with a Target there just as long as it is designed well and fits in with the surrounding landscape. As a downtown resident, I would definitely shop there.

  • Misc. Uptown Projects/News [Today, 03:51 PM by Prodev in Charlotte]

    I dont think it will. The Packard Place parcel was already subdivided and only included the surface lot behind fronting 3rd and not the parking adjacent to the building, but included an access easement from 3rd to the lower level of park...

  • Greenville News Building Site [Today, 03:23 PM by vicupstate in Greenville]

    You'd really like to see a Target in the dead center of our downtown, across from our performing arts center and visible from Liberty Bridge? Yes. Why not? it would fill a wide array of currently missing items that can't currently be...

  • Misc. Uptown Projects/News [Today, 02:58 PM by ricky_davis_fan_21 in Charlotte]

    gotcha. They should mark them as canceled or something. I just walked by Packard Place and Picassos sign is off the building and inside is stripped empty. What I found interesting is they have the parking lot that was in front of it c...

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