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Latest Forum Posts | Grand Rapids

  • Photos De Jour - Grand Rapids and West Michigan Area
    Today, 04:47 PMby GRDadof3in Grand Rapids(2106Replies)
    I call this one "Bread and Puppy"  
  • New projects and renovations on the West Side/Bridge Street
    Today, 02:49 PMby ctpgr34in Grand Rapids(103Replies)
  • Village at Knapp's Crossing
    Today, 01:20 PMby ctpgr34in Grand Rapids(774Replies)
    Retargeting their site visitors
  • Village at Knapp's Crossing
    Today, 01:12 PMby lighthousedavein Grand Rapids(774Replies)
    Ahhhh!!!   REI Ad.JPG Big Brother is watching...and listening!  
  • CWD
    Today, 01:06 PMby tamias6in Grand Rapids(28Replies)
    Looks like Rick Devos's Start Garden Venture will be moving into the Trust Building as well. According to this article they will be taking up the second floor of the building.
  • CWD
    Today, 09:41 AMby temporary.namein Grand Rapids(28Replies)
    Bank of Most of America?   Wouldn't be the first time they changed their name. They were founded as "Bank of Italy."   They hardly even cover "most" of the US.
  • Village at Knapp's Crossing
    Today, 08:57 AMby temporary.namein Grand Rapids(774Replies)
    Ahhhh!!!   REI Ad.JPG   How to opt out of Google's interest based ads.   https://support.goog...r/2662922?hl=en
  • Village at Knapp's Crossing
    Today, 08:49 AMby jdkaczin Grand Rapids(774Replies)
    Ahhhh!!!   REI Ad.JPG   Sneaky and clever internet
  • Village at Knapp's Crossing
    Yesterday, 09:52 PMby GRDadof3in Grand Rapids(774Replies)
  • Klingman's Warehouse
    Yesterday, 09:50 PMby GRDadof3in Grand Rapids(54Replies)
    If you were wondering what the big crane was doing working on the Klingman's building, it was working on the new parking deck in the courtyard:  
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