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  1. walker added a post in a topic New Embassy Suites Hotel - Monroe North   

    I probably worded my post poorly.  I didn't mean to imply that Kaufman is the architect for the North Monroe project.  I highly doubt that he is.  GVSUChris's post about multiple brands in the same project just reminded me of what Kaufman has been doing in Manhattan.  I am curious about what their plans will look like.  
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  2. walker added a post in a topic New Embassy Suites Hotel - Monroe North   

    The architect, Gene Kaufman, has been designing hotel buildings in Manhattan where up to three hotel brands share the same building with all hotels having separate elevators, lobbies, and facades.  From the perspective of the customer they are completely separate.   Here’s a link to a NYT article about Mr. Kaufman and his hotels:
    Kaufman's Hotels
    I’ve stayed in the Staybridge Hotel that’s mentioned in the article a couple of times including for a week about a month ago.  It worked fine for me.  Obviously Grand Rapids doesn’t have the same need to build vertically as does Manhattan, so building tall skinny hotels probably isn’t what they have in mind for North Monroe.   I think it’s an interesting idea anyway, at least for Manhattan.          
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  3. walker added a post in a topic Wealthy Street Needed Renovations   

    Apparently the West Michigan Modern group is going to hold a meeting there on 7-16.  Here's a new photo of the building and little more background information about it from their Facebook page:
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  4. walker added a post in a topic Grand Rapids Then and Now   

    I don’t know much about the Bridge Street tower.  I was hoping that Raildudes dad would have chimed in here since he is the train buff here.  I can remember that years ago Tom Rademacher (or maybe it was his predecessor, Tom LaBelle) wrote a column in the Press about this old African American man who worked for the railroad and sat up there and watched for trains.  When one came he’d throw the switch to activate the crossing gates.  This was long after all the other crossings had been automated.  The reason this one hadn’t been was because at the time there were still two sets of tracks each belonging to a different railroad and one was going to be torn out and both railroads were to share the remaining track, so they didn’t want to invest in automating tracks that were going to be replaced.  And like most things involving railroads it took years before this project was even started let alone completed.  The old guy would sit up there all day and wasn’t allowed to read or have a radio or TV, and I believe his restroom facilities consisted of a jar or something similar.
    Around the same time, further to the north the two parallel railroads crossed the east-west Grand Trunk Railroad tracks.  The predecessor railroad to the Grand Trunk Railroad was the original railroad in Grand Rapids and being the first one, it controlled that junction.  I remember there was a ground level shack there where a guy would sit all day and when occasionally a train on one of the other railroads had to cross the Grand Trunk tracks he’d get out and manually throw the switch.  Apparently it was a good paying job because mostly I remember his new Corvette parked nearby.  This was back in the sixties.  Maybe Raildudes dad can stop by and add some detail or correct my possibly faulty memory. 
    Regarding the Hall Street Tower, Raildudes dad and I had a discussion here about it that you might be thinking of, starting down at post #244:
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  5. walker added a post in a topic MSU Biomedical Research Campus   

    Isn't this an odd spot for a roundabout or am I lacking in imagination?
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  6. walker added a post in a topic Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids   

    Well MDOT and Amtrak are changing the schedule of the Pere Marquette to leave Grand Rapids at 6 in the morning instead of 7:40 and return around midnight instead of 10 PM:
    So what’s the reason for this absurd change?  The reason the news releases claim is because the crews will now be based in Grand Rapids instead of Chicago. That is not the reason but does explain why it is possible to do it since a Chicago crew coming in the night before, as they do now, wouldn't be able to do the return trip the next morning that early because of sleep requirements.  The real reason is because train buffs have been pushing for a second train which is fine.  Since there is no extra equipment for a second train, the idea is that the same train set will do a fast turn around and leave Chicago around 10 AM CSD and arrive in Holland in the afternoon then turn around again and leave Holland around 3 PM to go back to Chicago (not enough time to go all the way to Grand Rapids.)  The train after turning again would leave Chicago for the night trip to Grand Rapids leaving Chicago at 6:30 PM.   The problems with this are probably obvious but I’ll list them anyway:   1. Getting up at four or five in the morning in order to catch a train at six is not going to appeal to many people; there are many alternate ways to get to Chicago. I suspect that any schedule earlier than seven is going to result in a big drop-off in customers.   2. Returning around midnight isn't a great idea either.    3. Even though the schedule for the single train is being changed May 1, the second train hasn't even been announced and it possibly may never happen.   4. When and if it starts, the second train has the same time problem but in reverse, it will leave Chicago too late to be very practical not to mention it will only go as far as Holland.   5. As long as the Pere Marquette trains have to use the Norfolk Railroad's tracks along the bottom of Lake Michigan, it is unlikely that they will be able to adhere to the tight schedules they would need for two trains using one train-set.  After all, the existing train has a bad on time record as it is without having to turn.       
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  7. walker added a post in a topic The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?   

    I know this is heresy that could get me banned but I wouldn't mind if Olds/Rowe Hotel would just go away.  It's ugly on two sides and it doesn't fit the location anymore and I can't think of anything that could be done to it or the surrounding properties to make it fit much better.  Maybe someone can move it brick by brick down somewhere on Commerce where it might fit in better.    
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  8. walker added a post in a topic New projects in East Hills   

    Appears some people get tattoos of Mumford and Sons lyrics.  Maybe that's the customers they're going after:
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  9. walker added a post in a topic MidTowne Village Development Updates   

    I went to that car wash a couple of days ago.  Kind of a tight squeeze.  I had to make a hard left turn in order to line up with the entrance and my car isn't that big.
    I told my wife, Medical Mile is a strange place for a car wash.  She said, well doctors need to wash their cars too. 
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  10. walker added a post in a topic The complete Whole Foods - Traders Joe's omni-thread   

    Wow, you sound like a Mlive commenter.  I never thought of Heartwell as not being pro-business, although sometimes he was perhaps a little naive.   Remember, he was the one that lapped up to the mystery project guy so much.  I don’t think his predecessor, John Logie, would have been so naive. 
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  11. walker added a post in a topic 25 Ottawa Makeover - Arena District   

    I'm not signed up for Facebook but I can see the link just fine.
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  12. walker added a post in a topic 12 Weston (Formerly known as 35 and 41 S Division)   

    GOOD STUFF.  I particularly like the Westbrook Building.  It reminds me of this Albert Kahn building where I used to work in Detroit:

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  13. walker added a post in a topic The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail   

    Off topic I suppose - As the Fox17 story mentions before it was Reynolds and Sons, it was Reynolds and Brown and before that Goebel and Brown.  It’s kind of an obscure store now but the original owner, Paul Goebel, was a pivotal figure in Grand Rapids and Republican politics.  He had been an all-American football player at the University of Michigan in 1922 and later was a professional football player.  He was a friend of the Ford family and he recommended the young Jerry Ford as a prospect to the U of M football coach who was a former teammate of his.  In 1940 he was part of a group that worked to overthrow the political boss Frank McKay who pretty much controlled the Republican Party in Michigan back then.  Goebel was instrumental in helping get Ford elected to congress after WW II and he himself ran for mayor in 1950 and was elected three times.   Goebel was also elected to the U of M Board of Regents.  I don’t know if the store has a relationship anymore but at one time it was a major supplier to U of M of athletic uniforms and equipment as far back as the 1940’s.     Wikipedia has a pretty good biography of Goebel if you are interested:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_G._Goebel   My father took me to the store in the mid-fifties to buy me my first pair of ice skates.  I can remember my father pointing out the mayor who was standing nearby.   
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  14. walker added a post in a topic Wealthy Street Needed Renovations   

    Walked by it today and there is a SOLD sticker on it.
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  15. walker added a post in a topic Wealthy Street Needed Renovations   

    I thought it was too.  But I just found this old photo on the internet of it as Berger Chevrolet:
    and it says it was a blacksmith shop before then.  Maybe it was a grocery after Berger moved down into Eastown where the post office is now. 
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