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  1. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Restaurants   

    Checkers looking to re-enter Baton Rouge market after long absence
    Steve Sanoski {sodEmoji.|} @SteveSanoskiJuly 20, 2015 Undeterred by the rise in popularity of gourmet hamburger joints that have popped up across area in recent years, fast-food chain Checkers thinks there’s plenty of room for one more burger option in Baton Rouge.
    It has been nearly two decades since Checkers, which also operates the Rally’s chain, has had a presence in Baton Rouge. It previously operated here under the Rally’s flag. Now it’s looking to bring the brand back, this time as Checkers, and it has a pretty ambitious growth plan.
    “We think we’ll be able to open 10 to 15 restaurants in the Baton Rouge market,” says Jennifer Durham, vice president of franchise development.
    As for the timeframe of establishing that many restaurants here, Durham says it depends on how many franchisees it can line up—and how ambitious they are. No company-owned restaurants are planned here, she says, and currently one Checkers franchisee in Lake Charles is looking at options in Baton Rouge.
    “My expectation is that either through an existing franchisee or recruitment of new ones, hopefully we will have our first restaurant open in Baton Rouge by sometime next year,” Durham says. “It typically takes about 12 months to go from franchise approval to getting a restaurant open.”
    Full story : https://www.businessreport.com/article/checkers-looking-re-enter-baton-rouge-market-long-absence
    They don't need to come here. Their fries are so good, I don't think I'll be able to control myself!
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  2. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Restaurants   

    Captain D’s planning to set sail in Baton Rouge market
    Steve SanoskiAugust 3, 2015 Fast-casual seafood restaurant Captain D’s has plans to enter the Baton Rouge market, with hopes of establishing its first location here over the next year or so.
    Michael Arrowsmith, chief development officer for the Nashville-based chain, says the company is currently searching “for some good quality sites” for the first Captain D’s restaurant in Baton Rouge, but declines to elaborate on specific areas being scouted.
    “We hope to have the first site under contract in the next three to four months, and we would hope to be building the first restaurant in the next six to nine months,” he says, “and then we’ll go from there.”
    The restaurant’s long-term goal is open as many as 10 to 15 restaurants in the greater Baton Rouge area, Arrowsmith says.
    “And I think that’s a conservative number, actually,” he adds.
    While the company plans to open corporate-owned restaurants here initially, Arrowsmith says, it’s also recruiting local franchisees to meet its growth goals. The interest in the Baton Rouge market comes as the company has experienced several years of steady growth. There are currently seven Captain D’s restaurants in Louisiana; the closest one to Baton Rouge is in Covington. Other restaurants are located in Alexandria, Leesville, Monroe, Ruston and Shreveport.
    “We’re in a tremendous growth phase right now,” he says. “I would say that from a corporate perspective, Baton Rouge is the focus right now, but we think Louisiana is a fantastic state for our brand. We look at it as being a big area for Captain D’s down the road, so we’re looking in all areas of Louisiana.”
    As reported earlier this year by QSR magazine, a trade publication for the quick service restaurant industry, Captain D’s reached a record-breaking average unit volume and a fourth-quarter same-store sales increase of 5.7% at the end of 2014. Continuing a three-year momentum, Captain D’s closed 2014 by reporting a 4.1% system-wide same-store sales increase for the year.
    Arrowsmith says customers in the Baton Rouge area, which at one time was home to Captain D’s restaurants in Baker and Denham Springs, have also been asking for the chain to return to the area.
    “One thing we do is listen to our customers, and when we hear from a lot of customers in a geographic area asking for the brand—as we have in the Baton Rouge area—we know that’s a good sign,” he says.
    They must have done really bad befor because they didn't mention the one on Greenwell Springs by Airline.
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  3. dan326 added a post in a topic South Medical District   

    Looks nice! The only confusion I have is where exactly it will be? I'm confused by how it says it will be parallel to the I-10 but also mentioned being behind Jacobs Tower, which could be that same spot, but there's also the former Summa Tower lot to consider (although I'm pretty sure that's not 60 acres).
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  4. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Photo of the Day   

    I agree! Really nice contrast.
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  5. dan326 added a post in a topic Mid City   

    That last picture could definitely work.
    I like that street paving for 3rd, Lafayette and River Road. But instead of light grey crosses, they could do red crosses.
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  6. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Single Family Developments   

    Looks like they did some updating to the Lexington Estates plan. To the south it was originally a mixed use development and multi-family similar to Willow Grove. It looks like now they have replaced the multi-family component with Monopoly-spaced, single-family houses. Don't get me wrong, I drove by there and they look really nice, just very close.

    And here are some developments on tight spaces near Tiger Bend which prove where there's a dollar, there's a way. lol

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  7. dan326 added a post in a topic Mid City   

    Neat, definitely would be nice for them to develop something the community can enjoy.
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  8. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Single Family Developments   

    Yeah, I don't really like siding in the South either, it gets dirty to quickly. We were supposed to build those ones on Nicholson, they built one house then stopped. I guess they want to wait and see how the other area development pans out?
    Lol@ you loling at Preservation way and Anselmo Lakes! I like you subtle sense of humor.
    That's a goo question I hope it wasn't just a pipe dream.
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  9. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Single Family Developments   

    Here is the DSLD Homes websites that lists a lot of developing subdivisions in BR and Louisiana. A really interesting one is the Anselmo Lakes one. I don't think BR has any other contemporary, West Coast stlye developments. Although, the single garage is kind of confusing. Maybe they plan to market to young medical professionals and those who have immigrated?
    To me the DSLD developments look a bit nicer then the DR Horton ones, but then i think DLSD might be a local/regional rather than nationwide company.

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  10. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Developbits   

    Alvarez Construction to build new offices at Jamestown
    Stephanie RiegelJuly 17, 2015 Alvarez Construction is developing a new office complex on one of two remaining commercial tracts in Jamestown, a 108-acre planned unit development located on Perkins Road between Siegen and Pecue lanes. The four-building complex will be developed on a two-acre tract on the Pecue Extension, adjacent to the east entrance of Jamestown and across from the Entergy building.
    The buildings will range from 8,000 to 12,000 square feet in size. Alvarez Construction will relocate its offices to one of the four buildings. Letters of intent have been signed for the other three, though leases have not been finalized.
    “We always wanted Jamestown to be the home of the Alvarez Construction offices,” says Alvarez vice president Sebastian Alvarez. “We just never knew what tract it would be. This is the one we finally decided to call home.”
    Construction on the office buildings should begin within the next three months, and Alvarez hopes it will be complete by next fall. Since March, Alvarez Construction has been operating out of temporary offices on YMCA Plaza, where it relocated after selling its office building at 12036 Coursey Blvd. to the Farm Bureau.
    The Alvarez family began developing Jamestown in the mid-2000s. Today its three residential phases—The Lakes at Jamestown, the Villas at Jamestown and Jamestown Square—are completely built out. One two-acre commercial tract remains undeveloped.
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  11. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Growth and Development   

    That's a nice plan! I hope they really install all that pretty landscaping. Maybe they could also build a small "museum", like maybe a small labyrinth walls with interactive elements telling the history of the lakes and giving information on the wildlife and filtration technology.
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  12. dan326 added a post in a topic Plan Baton Rouge   

    Neat! The mural project leaders turned out to be a lot more decidcated than I thought.
    Yeah, that ransomware is something! Definitely some wicked people in the world.
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  13. dan326 added a post in a topic River District   

    Yeah...like a mentioned while reminiscing about the Commerce Building, maybe it will get sold to someone who will develop an even better development.
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  14. dan326 added a post in a topic Plan Baton Rouge   

    Yeah, I had read in that book that BR was destroyed during the Civil War... I also know you're not supposed to ruminate on what if's but I do wonder what downtown would look like if it hadn't gotten blown down in the 1860's, then bulldozed in the 1960's. But I guess like Mr. B said, this could be our chance to create a new style. I think the style of LSU business school is a good candidate.
    Another more attainable idea could be to paved all the entire intersections like Towne Center. I'm still not completely happy with North Boulevard. It definitely looks better, but it as a whole from old Capital to the Interstate doesn't seem finished.
    Does anyone remember that moob-looking guy that said he was going to renovate the Commerce building a while ago? I wonder what his goal was? lol It's pretty impressive to think that that old building is now going to be turned into 90 units and a restaurant. Even more impressive that they gutted it out. I'd think it'd be cheaper to demolish and restart.
    I wonder what made Kean's choose that spot?
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  15. dan326 added a post in a topic Baton Rouge Single Family Developments   

    The last frontier in development is definitely being crossed. I wonder what took them this long to develop it? 
    From Businessreport.com 
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