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  1. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    ***Possible off color comment warning*** I'm not really convinced but some people claim things are run by "the Jews". Where I'm going with this is that in reference to the Watermark, I find it interesting that one of the most high profile developers in Baton Rouge is part Jewish. I also find it interesting that a rather uncharacteristically fancy-for-BR hotel is opening in town with a Jewish deli, maybe to cater to a certain class play callers??
  2. Mid City

    ^Take a pic with your phone! :)
  3. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    That's a good question. I really liked Kip.
  4. That area hasn't seen much development since probably the 1970's. The infrastructure should be updated though.
  5. I wonder if they read the Urban Planet forums because that "magic wand" comments sounds like what I've said a few times.  I don't understand the comment about the lack of the development not being the mayor's fault? He can't do anything if people don't want to develop there. I think their best hope is to find a way to provide new, nice housing that is affordable (as opposed to "affordable housing") to draw back young professional and middle-class black people that are themselves avoiding this area. Then the businesses would probably be more interested.
  6. The Health District

    Health District sounds nicer than South Medical District which to me implies there's another one in town. I think "Health" is supposed to invoke "healthy lifestyle" which is a major buzzword and marketing word.
  7. Baton Rouge Metro Airport

    Yeah, I think adding another couple of gates would be good. It may not have enough traffic but they should add a Raising Canes in there. 
  8. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    ^Thanks!  You gave me enough points to write a few paragraphs of my own, lol. But to keep the NSA from sending anymore helicopters my way I'll just say I think a lot of things the "media" potrays as freedom is actually bondage and vice versa, as evidenced by our increasing prison population among other dubious statistics. And whether literal or metaphorical there's an invisible  adversary is  alive and ruler of this world . That was confirmed for me when Miley Cyrus became the most popular person on Earth for actin an  .  
  9. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    Neat story. The owner did his research.  I'd read somewhere that Middle Eastern countries may not like certain western ways but they love American food. I also read in the Islamic deutercanon it was said an angel won't enter a house with a dog and that one would lose good grace points have keeping one. Combine their presence associated with the food and it could have be been disastrous.   www.225batonrouge.com/food/first-o   First overseas Raising Cane’s locations adapts to the Middle East culture As 225 Dine reports, Raising Cane’s founder Todd Graves partnered with M. H. Alshaya Co.—the company that brought brands like H&M, Williams-Sonoma and Starbucks to the global scale—to open the first international Cane’s location in September and the restaurant has already started to build a loyal customer base in Kuwait City. Of course, plenty of research and adjustments went into adapting our hometown brand to the Middle East. Graves and his team focused on making the classic Cane’s menu halal-friendly—meaning that every part of the food’s ingredients, preparation, storage and service must be in accordance with Islamic law. The attention to detail has paid off, judging from the warm reception from Kuwait’s heavily Muslim population. Maybe the most noticeable difference at the Kuwait restaurant is the absence of the chicken joint’s namesake and mascot, Raising Cane the yellow labrador. Because of high rates of rabies and stigma surrounding pet dogs in the Muslim faith, dogs aren’t quite as universally popular in Kuwait as they are in the States. Raising Cane doesn’t appear in any signage or merchandise for the Kuwait store.
  10. The Health District

    That's a good point Cajun. I wish the Mid City location could have all the things the other hospitals have since it will make everything north of a Florida Boulevard look even less attractive but it's good that OLOL will have the best emergency center yet.
  11. Louisiana State University

    ^ Yeah, I think that's the side facing the field between it and the Business School.
  12. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    ^Lol! I know the state is in a budget deficit, but it must be really bad to resort to that is it's true.
  13. The Health District

    The CEO of the hospitals was talking on the news and said that after speaking with the community the Mid-City hospital would become a specialty hospital for elderly and behavioral issues. At the end of the interview he said the words that who knows what the future holds for Mid-City, but the hospital will be there. That line struck me a kind of suspicious because it makes it sound like he knows about some plan. My theory is that they're trying the make it attractive to a certain demographic and unattractive to another demographic to help with the revitalization and gentrification of Mid-City. Of course the effort to revitalize Mid City isn't a secret in itself, but who knows what all deals a happening further that goal along.
  14. Plan Baton Rouge

    Yeah, I do wonder how much the houses will cost after their renovations. I know people have been flipping houses in Broadmoor andand and the prices have definitely gone up.