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  1. Frankie811 added a post in a topic WaterFire   

    here is the early 2012 Waterfire schedule

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  2. Frankie811 added a post in a topic T.F. Green Airport Developments   

    In a decision signed Friday afternoon, the Federal Aviation Administration has given final approval to the extension of the main runway at T.F. Green Airport
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  3. Frankie811 added a post in a topic Provi-wood   

    Hollywood returns to Providence

    Set in the Boston area, the film will star Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as “undead police officers” who are dispatched by the otherworldly “Rest In Peace Department” to protect the world from a “destructive array of creatures who refuse to move peacefully to the other side.”

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  4. Frankie811 added a post in a topic Provi-wood   

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- ABC-TV has renewed "Body of Proof," the medical-examiner drama whose first season was shot in Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Film & Television Office confirmed on Monday. But Steven Feinberg, the office's executive director, also confirmed a tweet from co-star Jeri Ryan that the show's second season will be shot in Los Angeles.
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  5. Frankie811 added a post in a topic 38 Studios   

    Curt Schilling talks about upcoming move to Providence

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Former Red Sox star Curt Schilling, CEO of video-game company 38 Studios LLC, said his team is "incredibly excited" about its impending move to Providence. Schilling, in San Francisco for a game developers conference, spoke briefly to the blog Joystiq.

    "It's our building! We have all six floors. -- it's our studio and we're alone. It's our space," he said. "Gavin [Whishaw] -- the studio GM -- and I, we really took a Disney approach. There's no detail too small for us in the new studio to make it a place where people walk in and say 'I wanna work there.' "

    38 Studios is scheduled to move into its new headquarters at One Empire Plaza in downtown Providence May 1.

    Details about the company's first game, "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" are scant. Gamers will have a chance to learn more when 38 Studios presents the first public demo of the game March 11 at Pax East, a three-day gaming festival in Boston.
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  6. Frankie811 added a post in a topic IN PROGRESS: Metro Centre Plaza | T.F. Green Station   

    Airport to open link to rental cars, trains next month

    The new train station and rental-car hub attached to T.F. Green Airport via a sky bridge will open on Oct. 27. Dubbed the InterLink, the new hub is intended to make travel easier by linking airline passengers with easy access to rental cars, bus transportation and commuter trains.

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  7. Frankie811 added a post in a topic Why don't more people use RIPTA?   

    RIPTA wants to add 43 park-and-ride lots to existing 28

    The state transit agency wants to make it more attractive for commuters to ride the bus to work. The expansion would fill in gaps among the present 28 lots and relieve lots that are overcrowded, according to a Rhode Island Public Transit Authority staff plan.

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  8. Frankie811 added a post in a topic PROPOSED: Conley Wharf   

    Judge blocks Conley’s Wharf foreclosure

    Superior Court Judge Michael A. Silverstein on Friday blocked a foreclosure sale scheduled for Monday on Conley’s Wharf. Located at 200 Allens Ave., Conley’s Wharf is a four-story building of artist studios, a conference center, and a banquet hall set in a former gas-purification house dating to 1900.

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  9. Frankie811 added a post in a topic Provi-wood   

    Cast, crew of TV pilot honor union boycott, leave Westin

    More than 30 unionized cast and crew members working on "Body of Evidence," an ABC-TV pilot, moved out of the Westin Providence Hotel last week and this week to honor the hotel workers' union boycott.

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  10. Frankie811 added a post in a topic WaterFire   

    OPPS!!!! It's nice to see that my UP peeps are always watching my back.
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  11. Frankie811 added a post in a topic WaterFire   

    There will be a Waterfire this Saturday in the Waterplace Park basin for the NCAA Men's Basketball games @ the dunk.
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  12. Frankie811 added a post in a topic IN-PROGRESS: "Iway" 195 Relocation/Wash. Bridge   

    The City Plan Commission voted on Tuesday evening to recommend excluding residential development -- such as a hotel or condominium complex -- on the former Shooter's Waterfront Cafe property.

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  13. Frankie811 added a post in a topic Provi-wood   

    ABC Studios TV pilot to begin shooting in R.I. in March

    A TV pilot is to begin production in Rhode Island in March. "Body of Evidence" is about a medical examiner named Megan Hunt who uses her expertise to help solve crimes. The actors and actresses for the show have not been announced.

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  14. Frankie811 added a post in a topic IN PROGRESS: The Residences at The Westin   

    Luxury Westin condo owners irked by cut in prices

    Three owners at The Residences Providence, the luxury condos connected to The Westin Providence hotel downtown, say that the developer, The Procaccianti Group, has broken promises by leasing and then cutting prices on the condos.

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  15. Frankie811 added a post in a topic IN-PROGRESS: "Iway" 195 Relocation/Wash. Bridge   

    Providence weighs rezoning Shooters property

    The future of the former Shooters Waterfront Cafe, a notorious Fox Point nightclub now owned by the state, remains in limbo as the state still has not put the derelict property up for sale.

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