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  1. ah59396 added a post in a topic Charlotte Photo of the Day   

    This is located on the side of the FOARD building on Pecan right where it crosses over the train tracks.  I ride by there all the time and there are always people taking photos in front of it.
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  2. ah59396 added a post in a topic Major Events in Charlotte   

    I've been beating the Pan Am drum for a while now.  Toronto just hosted the 2015 games and got some great infrastructural improvements as well as an athletes village out of it.  I don't see any reason why we can't host 2027.
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  3. ah59396 added a post in a topic Sports in Charlotte   

    God I love that movie.
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  4. ah59396 added a post in a topic Charlotte Off Topic   

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that saw this.  I think the last show that "took place" in Charlotte was that show "My Brother and Me" on Nickelodeon from the mid 90's.  But yeah I agree, the Carmichael Show was not very well acted.  I doubt it will survive, but who knows.  All the shows I think are good usually get cancelled and vice versa.
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  5. ah59396 added a post in a topic 3rd Ward Midrise Projects   

    Townhomes - Yay
    Townhomes that look like that - Boo
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  6. ah59396 added a post in a topic SouthEnd Midrise Projects   

    At least we can finally enter the "World Class" list of cities that have had a GREAT FIRE.  A la Chicago, NY, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Rome, ect.  That's the big time.
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  7. ah59396 added a post in a topic Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte   

    ^^^^^^^^^^That looks like PMTNR to me.
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  8. ah59396 added a post in a topic 1 Brevard - 28 Story Tower at 4th & Brevard in 2nd Ward   

    I disagree with the cynicism aspect.  I'm sure we all want to be proven wrong and this thing to exceed all of or expectations.  But I also think this board is full of people who have seen this before and witnessed the aftermath.  I think we are just tainted from prior failure.
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  9. ah59396 added a post in a topic Charlotte Hornets (Bobcats) and the Arena   

    I approve of this signing.  I still think we are not going to make the playoffs.  But still happy with the signing.
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  10. ah59396 added a post in a topic Charlotte Photo of the Day   

    ^ I really like the density in that second shot.  However I'm saddened by how DEAD that stretch is at street level from essentially the 7-11 all the way past Graham now.  Not a single spot of retail space in Element, the Residence INN, I guess you could kind of consider the ballfield gift shop entrance something, but then you've got that parking deck and then Woodfield Graham.  Sad face.
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  11. ah59396 added a post in a topic 3rd Ward Midrise Projects   

    Reading back through our 2020 plan, given our unhappiness with the quality of development around the ballpark.  This quote kills me.  What's the point of making a plan if you decide it ignore it completely?!
    The 4th Street edge should be developed with
    commercial and/or residential uses as part of the
    Knights Stadium development. The intersections
    of Graham/4th streets and Mint Street/MLK should
    include plaza space, iconic architecture and public
    art to maximize visibility from the surroundings.

    Ground-fl oor spaces should be designed to be
    fl exible and accommodate changing uses over time;
    market demand for retail and restaurants would
    grow gradually as redevelopment on adjacent
    properties occurs and the ground-fl oor edges of
    the stadium should be designed to maximize this
    potential over the long-term.
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  12. ah59396 added a post in a topic Charlotte Off Topic   

    I don't want to get into the politics or rationale of the hung jury in the Kerrick case, but I'm more so intrigued with the subdued reaction both from local supporters on both sides and the national media as a whole.  Given the recent high profile cases and their coverage, I expected the Kerrick outcome to turn into a circus.  However, watching the news this morning (national) it seems the mistrial and case as a whole was a bit of an afterthought.  Additionally, while there were some minor protests and disturbances yesterday evening, really compared to what we've seen in Ferguson and Baltimore, the Charlotte reaction was about as milk-toast as its architecture.  Does CMPD have a stronger connection with its community than most other cities?  Is Charlotte a more united community than the aforementioned locations?  Or is it simply a matter of apathy by the people of Charlotte?  What gives?
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  13. ah59396 added a post in a topic 3rd Ward Midrise Projects   

    Agreed.  At street level, they are monolithic garbage surrounding what is becoming one of the most active parts of Uptown.  In 10 years, we will shake our heads at these lots and realize how big of waste these projects are.
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  14. ah59396 added a post in a topic 3rd Ward Midrise Projects   

    The Mint actually has quality materials.  But it's the least exciting thing I've ever seen in my life.  And it makes me sad that it'll greet visitors to Charlotte when they exit Gateway.  
    In in a way it's kind of funny/sad.  We build in Charlotte the same way I build when I play Sim City drunk.  "Hmmm, where should the Trash Incinerator go??  Oh!  There's some space, right next to my Commercially Zoned District!"
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  15. ah59396 added a post in a topic 3rd Ward Midrise Projects   

    Some day in the future people will exit our grand Gateway Station in uptown and this will be the inspiring view that faces them as they enter the city...
    I guess I'm asking....are they really planning to just have gain generators facing Graham Street right across from Gateway Station?  Really????

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