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  1. Carolina Panthers

    Cam Newton named NFC Offensive Player of the Week.
  2. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

      Agreed.  I don't buy it for one second that the guy is just going to magically renovate the Treloar one day.  In my opinion it's already as good as gone.
  3. Carolina Panthers

      This receiving corps is still sub-par.  But Funchess has made incredible strides this season, so I'll gladly eat crow for him.
  4. Carolina Panthers

    I talked to Cam earlier today and he gave me some crow for a couple of you to eat...
  5. This project is absolute trash.
  6. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    I'm going to be a grumpy cynic for a minute here.  But I mean seriously....what is this.  This "vision" looks phenomenal, and hey, if it ever happens, I'll be absolutely delighted and eat my crow with glee. Because I see a real city in those renderings with midrise development and retail and high quality structures and well planed urban streets-capes and on and on.  I just don't' see it happening.  Not in Charlotte.  Not with the building climate in this city.  Which is plop crap for as cheap as possible and the city will just allow it with complete disregard for the human scale.   I'm all for planning ahead and looking into the future.  but if this ever comes to fruition in the way it's shown in these renderings, i'll be flat out stunned.  we don't have the leaders necessary to champion this kind of ground breaking development.
  7. 300 South Tryon - Tryon Corner project by Spectrum

    Holy crap, yes, that park is a fantastic idea.  Will pull people right from Tryon down to Romare Bearden.  Love it.
  8. Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

      As a rule of thumb, don't take anything I say seriously.  Even the serious stuff.
  9. Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

      It's just a joke.  Don't take it personal.
  10. Carolina Panthers

  11. Charlotte Off Topic

    it looked wonderful.  There were also tons of kind words supporting France and Paris written on that chalk board in South End.
  12. Charlotte Off Topic

    Totally minute considering everything that's happened, but this is a Charlotte message board none the less. did Wells Fargo light up in French colors like every other city on the planet last night?  Or did it stay mint for that banquet?
  13. Charlotte Photo of the Day

      This.  AuLukey put together a render a longggg time ago for Charlotte's 1990 skyline, when city proper had 390,000 people.  Slightly less than modern day Raleigh:  
  14. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I'm pretty sure this is the ultimate physical expression of free enterprise: