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  1. cityboi added a post in a topic Triad Off-Topic   

    A 26 year old suspect is in critical condition after a record breaking crime spree in Greensboro this afternoon. With a total of 7 crime scenes, this all ended near CityView Apartments in downtown Greensboro with police firing at the suspect. It began around 2 pm when the suspect tried to break into some homes near the Starmount neighborhood in west Greensboro then he robbed a TJ Max. After trying to flee police he hijacked two vehicles (and three other failed hijack attempts) drove through the Starmount Country Club golf course and drove over a golfer. He crashed two vehicles and finally made his way to downtown Greensboro where he broke into a home on Gorrell Street and robbed and attacked a woman. She and her child fled the scene. The suspect then went across the Street to CityView Apartments and busted through an apartment there. The resident inside the apartment fled and alerted the apartment manager. Finally the suspect ran to the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Dr and Gate City Blvd where police shot him several times. Through the 10 mile crime stretch he assaulted at least 4 people.
    Looks like this kid has been playing too many Grand Theft Auto video games. wow
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  2. cityboi added a topic in The NC Triad   

    downtown Greensboro could get a second grocery store
    Downtown Greensboro could get a second grocery store. a local developer is pursuing a Bestway Grocery Store which could be a part of his redevelopment of the former Lotus Lounge nightclub in the south side of downtown. The north side of downtown already has Deep Roots Market which is like a smaller version of Whole Foods.

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  3. cityboi added a topic in The NC Triad   

    Guilford County selected as a "Say Yes to Education" community
    What does this mean? a free college tuition (public in state colleges only) for Guilford County public school students. Guilford County (Greensboro/High Point) is the first community selected in the Southeastern Unites States for this program
    Other selected communities are:
    New York
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  4. cityboi added a topic in The NC Triad   

    Midtown Greensboro Developments
    An area along Battleground Ave just northwest of downtown (extending to Westover Terrace) which includes a multiplex theater, retail and restaurants is starting to be called midtown Greensboro. Friendly Center and affluent neighborhoods are nearby. The most recent development news is a large street side retail project fronting Battleground Ave next to RED Cinemas movie theater. While this is not new news (was reported in July) I did get a scoop on what is planned for phase 2 which would include a residential or maybe even a hotel component. I just recently heard that a 10-story tower could be going up next to the movie theater.
    There was a hint in the article below
    "Phase two of the project would be to the right side of the theater. That phase could be another 20,000-square-foot building with a similar investment, or it could be something bigger"
    Kotis plans big streetside retail project in front of cinema - Greensboro - Triad Business Journal
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  5. cityboi added a post in a topic proposed downtown Greensboro performing arts center   

    While I'm not sure if this is the final final design, its the most recent illustration presented to the center's donors and city leaders. (there have already been five or six different designs) This  may be fairly close to the final design for the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. These designs were presented in June. Construction is schedule to begin in October.



    the site

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  6. cityboi added a post in a topic Downtown Greensboro Developments   

    photos I took.
    Charles Aris headquarters

    Union Square downtown university campus

    construction site for the future Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

    downtown banners advertising the National Folk Festival to be held in downtown Greensboro and will have over 300 performers from all over the United States.

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  7. cityboi added a topic in The NC Triad   

    Tiger Woods to play Wyndham Championship in Greensboro
    Sedgefield Country Club - Home of the PGA Wyndham Championship
    photo of the clubhouse. The clubhouse use to be the Sedgefield Inn where the Atlantic Coast Conference was established in 1953.

    For the first time in his career, Tiger Woods will play Greensboro's PGA Wyndham Championship, the last PGA event before the FedEx Cup playoffs. Tiger Woods arrived in Greensboro today. The last time Tiger Woods played in North Carolina was in 2012 at the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte. Interesting facts, The Wyndham Championship started out as the Greater Greensboro Open in 1938 and is one of the oldest events on the PGA Tour. Sam Snead set a record of 8 victories at the tourrnament between the 1930s and 1960s. The Wyndham Championship has the only course designed by Donald Ross on the PGA Tour.
    video link (myfox)
    Wyndham Championship website
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  8. cityboi added a post in a topic Downtown Greensboro Developments   

    Welcome to Downtown Greensboro signs are being installed

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  9. cityboi added a post in a topic proposed downtown Greensboro performing arts center   

    Demolition of War Memorial Auditorium is underway at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex. The auditorium has served as Greensboro's performing arts venue for over 50 years. Construction will start on the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Greensboro this fall. Designs are now being finalized But there are rumors that the committee responsible for selecting the design may go for a design option that could push this from a $65 million venue to as high as $90 million. If an additional $10 to $25 million can't be raised, they'll have to consider final designs that fall under the $65 million budget.
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  10. cityboi added a topic in The NC Triad   

    Greensboro could use drones for emergency incidents
    A drone technology firm is looking to break into the Triad, with a proposal to install a $5.7 million unmanned aircraft system that arrives at emergency incidents before police do.
    "Olaeris will present a plan to the Greensboro City Council on Tuesday for the installation o f the AEVA aircraft system, which launches automatically once a 911 call is received. The unit arrives at the destination in 90 seconds or less and begins transmitting live video from above to police dispatch centers so officers "can actually see what’s happening at the scene."
    If the city moves forward, Greensboro would be one of the first cities in the United States and the first in North Carolina to use such technology for this purpose. The system may be manufactured in High Point while Olaeris would establish a regional support office in Greensboro that would support a six-state Mid-Atlantic region.
    Greensboro Could use Emergency drones
    videos showing how the technology would work.
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  11. cityboi added a post in a topic Greensboro Downtown University District   

    Developer wants to move forward to build apartments in the Union Square development 
    Union Square Apartments
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  12. cityboi added a post in a topic Downtown Greensboro Developments   

    Apparently there is another brewery opening up across the street from Preyer Brewing Co. near Deep Roots and Greenway at Fisher Park. Downtown Greensboro is becoming a hot spot for breweries.
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  13. cityboi added a post in a topic Greensboro Downtown University District   

    Construction on the first building of Union Square is starting to take shape. They are putting in the foundation and piping
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  14. cityboi added a post in a topic Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)   

    Greensboro's beltway which will encircle the entire city is taking shape. The majority of the loop is complete and will alleviate traffic across the city and help spur development. Currently construction is underway on the northwestern loop and it will include one of the longest bridges in the region which will span almost a mile long over wetlands. It will actually be a pair of bridges (for north and southbound lanes) and they will stand 40 feet over the ground.



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  15. cityboi added a post in a topic Developer Roy Carroll may build Greensboro’s tallest office tower   

    I discovered something pretty interesting. The article in the News & Record about this project was published in print on June 18th. On Construction Wire's website, a planned development listed in office building/hotel category was uploaded to the website June 19th, a day later. Project details say this project is in the planning stages. Roy Carroll's planned 561 foot tall tower consists of office space and a boutique hotel. Now this could be just a coincidence and could be another project but I find the published date interesting and I cant think of any other project in Greensboro that consists of office space and a hotel. I can't obtain further information because you have to upgrade to see the name of the developer . If it is indeed Roy Carroll's tower project, he is much further along in the planning stages than he is letting on.
    Construction Wire (created 6/19/2015)
    Project Type: Office Buildings, Hotels/Motels/Resorts
    Construction Type: New, New - Ground Up
    Estimated Value: $5 - $25 million
    Sector: Private
    Stage: Planning (Active)
    Bid Due Date: N/A
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