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  1. Raleigh's Hillsborough Street

    NC Equipment Company is such a beautiful building to me. It should be loft apartments or condos, with the hardwood floors, huge windows and structural brick walls. Raleigh has oh so few of these types of buildings. My guess is the sign gets saved in any case...perhaps even incorporated into the new apartment building like so much of a slap in the face to the original building. Part of the article really gets my goat....this area is already accepting of student housing blah blah....no. This is not true. It was forced on the area by a vampire of a ghetto lord (Valentine) and a capable developer (Kane...not so much his fault though).  NC State is getting exactly what it wanted...a bland, predictable Hillsborough St. This Indy article really sums it up. Whats next? Fincastle apartments? Cup of Joe? Mitches?  I hope the CAC rips them a new one, and the planning commission and council all tell this developer to go to hell. Make a dollar at the expense of someone else's character. 
  2. News and Observer Moving

    Having Clearscapes on the team is a good sign. Also Andy Sandman tends to think big...sometimes bigger than he can pull off, but the combination of thinking big, deep pockets on the team, and a solid design firm, does indeed add up to having a reason to hope this goes well. 
  3. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    I'm a fan of the two story apartments too. Quite a few complexes downtown have them, and I think it does make a difference to the street experience.  I wonder what the plan is for the tracks currently inside the building....I didn't see a "to be removed" note or anything else indicating what might become of them. Left in place might be hard to do and still be seen but I guess they could be reinstalled in places....
  4. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Well, yes....what you cut out and quoted is 100% correct. The benefits are gained from optimized routing. Also, of course, if a road is restricted to just driverless cars, you'd get fewer wrecks, so a smoother overall network. But these are addenda to my statement, which didn't necessarily assume these things.  If you want to include changing how the system as a whole is operated, by all means, talk it up...but I think optimizing is minimal given the terrible road networks out there. And optimizing by cutting through neighborhoods and places not widely recognized as driving routes by people, but perhaps by the car, might get us to where we see restrictions on certain roads to say, residents only and emergency personnel....Fairview Road to Lake boone is a favorite cut through of mine from Glenwood to Crabtree Valley, but if enough people did it, the rich folks along it might be angry....And while avoiding wrecks is great and all, their contribution to the commuting problem is occasional. I don't think driverless cars are a substitute for mass transit. 
  5. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Yeah, a driverless car is still a car and all the same physics apply as far as speeds, stopping distance, and thus road carrying capacities....unless you add the capability to couple driverless cars into tandem setups and say, somehow add magnetic propulsion in high volume corridors thereby changing the carrying capacity physics. Self driving rubber on road cars, changes things very little unless we're talking shared vehicles...in which case you're talking about little train-buses all over, which might reduce the cars on the road some...but that involves as much of a mental shift for people as does just using existing buses and/or trains. 
  6. Asheville Urban Apartment Boom

    I suppose I could do some research, but I'll just ask....how many of these are conversions? Or are they all new construction? I did see 150 Coxe seems to be an empty lot...
  7. Brewery impacts on Asheville property

    " ^ I am not super familiar with all the Asheville breweries but.. In general, breweries are forced by zoning into industrial districts. NC breweries have had a very powerful ability to make these previously neglected areas attractive, active and worthy of new investment. You can see this phenomena at every brewery in Charlotte. So I would say (based on anecdote rather than data) that breweries are powerful stimulants of property values when they go into industrial areas (given their current popularity). I don't know of any examples of breweries going into residential areas in NC so I can't comment on that situation. This relationship is also likely to deteriorate if/when local brewers become less popular. " Neuse River and Nickel Point are on the same street in Raleigh and you have to drive through some expensive gentrifying neighborhoods to get to them. Several residents expressed apprehension at first, until they realized these were laid back, quiet, even family friendly hangouts and not like the bass heavy club seen on Glenwood. I would say folks are even grateful for an alternative to downtown. Asheville seems like it's breweries just added a whole new level to what was already a nice refreshing change of pace from the biggest cities in NC. Granted, Asheville is full of tourists and will never quite have the total neighborhood feel that I described for Nickel Point and Neuse River, but it is an important cog in the locally sourced approach to things of which Asheville has plenty of people who think consciously about such things. 
  8. Raleigh's Hillsborough Street

    Oh, well, that's pretty good. Better than what was there, and appears to be keeping the retail space to boot. Is that 5 stories I'm seeing?
  9. Urban Apartment Boom (Raleigh)

    Link is getting there (sorry another terrible iPhone photo)
  10. Raleigh's Hillsborough Street

    What was going there again? Another FMW gig I suppose....?
  11. Raleigh's Hillsborough Street

    I suppose this should be cross posted to the Glenwood thread....
  12. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    At this sales price, Harry's guitar shop has to be a teardown and redevelop at some point. 
  13. NC State Govt Complex: what are the plans?

    The NC Personnel Training Center on Peace St is for sale. Man, a good development here, would be a great first step in helping Peace... Edit.....I missed the long term ground lease part of that. Still the State is making the parcel available for a different use. 
  14. Raleigh's Hillsborough Street

    It looks a lot like the Hobgood rendering for behind Chucks/Beasley's. Interestingly their webpage puts that rendering up prominently as the wall paper, and expands the presenting of the project a little. Quite a bit of stuff for something that was supposedly shot down...
  15. Blount Street Commons

    Not even part of the BSC project, arguably the grandest house on Blount Street is going on sale (along with another on Lane)....the 1870 Heck-Andrews house.