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  1. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    From my experience, the first question asked, is how many bars are located near the convention center. On that metric, we do relatively well....
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  2. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Durham Development Map   

    Never have I been more confused about how a rendering will convert to real life structures. 

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  3. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    Like an office tower, hotels feel dead without ground floor retail spaces. Does this one have any? Doesn't look like it. Marriott and Shearton both have done a nice job of supporting Fayettevile Street with their retail presence. A sandwich shop facing the CC would be all I'm asking for. 
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  4. Jones_ added a post in a topic Warehouse District   

    There are at least three parking structures under City plaza....The plaza deck itself (entrance on Wilmington), Marriott, and Two Hannover. I'm not sure how many total spaces or how many are public though, but it was all part of the effort to make this area 100% pedestrian in nature. The solo use decks have gotten much better design wise too, and the most recent one, the Edison deck, even has two roughed in retail spaces...well actually Clyde Coopers is in one now. The previously named Convention Center deck (not sure what it is now, over by Lincoln), also has punch out retail spaces and Charlie Goodnights almost moved into one. I have seen it in other cities...it's pretty easy to add retail to ground floors of parking decks )Seattle jumps to mind), and the Wilmington St deck on its Blount St face could put in a space where the bike racks and electrical feeds are. 
    Anyway, 600 Hargett is a logical spot for serving both districts and the two entrances makes it that much better. Sweet idea Green Man. The partnership talk, though I believe is just the public face of Kane talking over the City kicking in money on the parking portion of his project. Just conjecture on my part, but we all know Kane tried this before and now he has some bette leverage as a potential downtown developer. 
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  5. Jones_ added a post in a topic East Raleigh Development   

    Oh, I was wondering what that was! It's such a nice normal looking office building in a sea of mediocrity. The trash truck facility is really nice though, as far as those things go...big wash down stations and stuff...new salt barn for the winter roads....Devereux Meadows should be a meadow again before too long I hope....perhaps the City is doing that as part of the DOT bridge replacement  at Peace? Anyone know anything about the schedule for that (sorry off east Raleigh topic)
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  6. Jones_ added a post in a topic Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project   

    Even the much lauded Charter Square south tower VE'd the majority of the sweeping roof out. I think Green Man's three main points cover my concerns as well. 
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  7. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

     I guess I should put this in the north Person thread, but I think Wake Forest Road, starting where it connects to Person and Delway should be collapsed to a single travel lane with medians like Clark has (pretty with crepe myrtles), turning lanes (so the single travel lane works better) and bike lanes all the way out to the Greyhound station. With almost no traffic signals from the Capital interchange to Peace St, the traffic should flow just fine along this strip. Maybe even take the lane diet north across the Atlantic bridge which is extremely dangerous fro bikers and has no sidewalk....
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  8. Jones_ added a post in a topic North Hills area developments   

    So is Allscripts going to beat the spec Tower Three out of the ground?
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  9. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

    Yeah I see the Stanhope sidewalk is open again, which in my mind sort of makes the project complete...from a streetscape perspective anyway. Any idea what retail could be going in beyond the CVS?
    As an aside, I wish downtown had another spoke like this radiating from downtown that extended the urban nature outward. Glenwood kind of does this and New Bern is a spoke, but mostly residential. Oh well, I suppose I'll enjoy the one spoke we have...
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  10. Jones_ added a post in a topic Stone Warehouse Downtown   

    I like opening up the windows on that corner section. I am a fan of open floor, brick and concrete retail space with lots of sunlight. 
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  11. Jones_ added a post in a topic Charter Square (Site One)   

    I guess Marriott Residence at 9 isn't visible behind the Wake County office building. Finally spreading out…makes downtown feel less geographically small…thanks for the post!
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  12. Jones_ added a post in a topic Charter Square (Site One)   

    It's sort of a fusion of international and gothic architecture. I like it. I have confidence it'll be executed as well as Charter south was. I am glad this pushes the standard hopefully permanently upward a couple of notches. 
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  13. Jones_ added a post in a topic Blount Street Commons   

    Looks like 520 N Blount Street is getting a home built on it in BSC. This will be the first and possibly only free standing house built on this block. Rufty Homes has a sign up and the lot is being graded. 
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  14. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

    Both two acre blocks actually. All of Raleigh's original blocks were either 1, 2 or 4 acres and one 5 acre one being Union Square.
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  15. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

    So Kane was one of at least two who made an unsolicited offer to the City at the old Reynolds site. 
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