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  1. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    So this article mentions FIVE hotels being proposed within walking distance of the CC. Marriott Residence, Hilton Garden, and the Baptist site by McDonalds all come to mind....what am I missing?
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  2. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

    2811 Hillsborough (Dan Allen corner) looks to be done and filling up based on the giant Don't Tread on Me flag in one of the windows. That might be my favorite new building mostly because it turned a fast food building into an urban configuration. It's certainly a lot nicer on foot in that stretch now....i'm still holding out hope that Zaxbys will bite the dust in time as well...the building at least...maybe move the actual business over to another space if they make enough money to afford a higher rent...
    The Aloft will be an active spot too with Jubala and Gonza. Considering that Sadlacks is doing well in its new incarnation as Berkley (Berkalacks I call it), I think everything turned out fine overall. NC State's "front door" may be turning into one of the best in the nation I'm thinking....anyone have any thoughts or input on that at all? Anyone been in the new Student Union...man its amazing. 
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  3. Jones_ added a post in a topic Skyhouse Apartments   

    I think one of that style is plenty. There is an area of Atlanta with a Skyhouse and like 4 other buildings almost exactly the same style of exposed exterior columns and blue plate glass....it starts to feel like a fortress to me with so many in one spot. I realize you're suggesting one on the other side of our downtown, but I'd much prefer to see a ton of variety instead of getting mouth fed a second canned style of building. Here is a pic of the Atlanta area I'm referring to
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  4. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Raleigh retail updates   

    Eh....I doubt Zack's beotching is representative of the future of downtown. Paddy's is an exception, but if he could keep his places from evolving into (devolving?) into sh%tstorms of ass-grabbing bros, (per the article) this conversation would have never begun. Isaac Hunters, Coglins and Common 414 hardly revived the downtown bar scene...they were all late comers....and that all three are basically dead except Friday and Saturday tells me it is full of people jamming in their weekly drinking all into one or two nights. I mean, he has a point that the City handled this all poorly....I'd rather see something like a maximum of alcohol permitted seating capacity per block or some other such thing that does not require on the ground enforcement. It's the concentration of alcohol serving places and the ensuing concentration of people who can't hold their sh%t together, not the sidewalk presence, that makes it a constant party. But hey, Glenwood did the same thing....the notion that it would be a fine dining, wine sipping laid back strip was washed away by the concentration of people who only showed up on the weekend.....and now Fayetteville has become the same thing. 
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  5. Jones_ added a post in a topic Durham City Center Tower   

    I find Lexington KY to be sort of like Durham. They had a flashy proposal that involved wiping out their best downtown block. Then it never happened. Then it restarted and stopped after the foundation was completed. 7 years later they have a giant hole in the ground and 14 fewer buildings in the historic core. Durham does not want to be Lexington in the case http://www.kentucky.com/2013/03/09/2550241/a-time-line-of-the-centrepointe.html and http://www.kentucky.com/2015/04/28/3824309_lexington-council-sends-webb-companies.html?rh=1
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  6. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Fayetteville Street   

    After spending all that money replacing the original facade? I call BS. Both of these were negotiated to be left as part of approving the original First Union plan...they wanted to take them both out for an even bigger patio I am told by old timers in my office. These buildings have 1880's bones. 
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  7. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    Charleston and Alexandria are both dealing with only a single one of these unwieldy items...Charleston, parking decks....King isn't the same sort of artery as Patrick/Henry or Dawson/McDowell, and King in Alexandria is 100% uninterrupted urban fabric in every direction as the historic guidelines make it difficult to ever tear down anything let alone for a parking deck. Asheville, like Savannah, survives because the vastness of its charm, made it so, that despite destruction of much of it, much remains. The parking decks along Rankin and Walnut, and 240, unnecessarily cleaved downtown Asheville into several districts when it might otherwise be a continuous quilt. The multi-district model is great, when it's a natural occurrence like say Pearl/Alberta/Mississippi/Broadway/Burnside/Hawthorne in Portland Oregon, but here it's more like "well since we lost our nice continuous city, at least now we have districts!". For us, some of the districts are modern constructs. Fayetteville St, City Market, and the Warehouse districts used to be one continuous commercial (and some residential)  fabric. Glenwood also grew onto the existing grid but is now cleaved off by dead end and one way streets. Will redevelopment ever stitch these back together? To some degree yes, as you've said with the N&O and also stuff like the L Building. But the districts will more or less remain. Fine. Can this work for Raleigh when it comes to producing the ambiguous retail people rightly would like to see? I am not convinced, unless very deliberate effort is put into branding them and focusing efforts and forcing some things into place. Perhaps some districts are better suited for certain types of stuff. Warehouse and Person for clothes, art, and generally walk in and brows seems logical. I definitely do not ever see a nice quilted downtown that will have an even distribution of shopping options across it's entirety ever returning. I suppose I get frustrated when I hear "we need more retail!" when no further thought is put into it beyond that want/complaint. I want to get into the limitations on it, where it might work best, why there is so little of it now and that discussion is both general in nature and specific to Raleigh. 
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  8. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    I wish the retail we had was clustered together better. If say, Raleigh Denim, Lumina, Holly Aiken and Trig were say all at the same intersection with Videri, Boulted Bread and Raleigh Wine Shop all lined up in a row off that same intersection you'd have a destination intersection that would draw in, and make successful, more businesses like these. Our physical form sucks...two old buildings next to a parking lot, next to a new building next to primary arterial road with synchronized lights allowing traffic to scream through. I'm sticking to my old argument that for it to really work, we need those rows of uninterrupted old store fronts. We need the charm of the old port in Portland ME. King St in Alexandria VA. King St in Charleston SC. And now that I think about it, none of these places have parking decks anywhere near their successful retail areas. They all seem to survive on a combination of locals and some tourism and not people in the 'burbs coming down on Friday evening. I've become a little sick of seeing the "more parking" comments on NewRaleigh. So my negative stance there is that it breaks up the continuous frontage and hampers the pedestrian environment...I regularly almost get hit by cars exiting the Alexander deck, PNC, or really any of the decks downtown. So I realize in NYC, retail and parking decks coexist...but this is out of necessity. In Charlotte the overstreet mall is space travel weird...in Minneapolis necessary due to cold weather. Anyway, classic, historical retail patterns and forms work best in a downtown and our leaders and cheerleaders alike are trying to crunch together some incompatible ideas in my opinion. So if we want real retail, I think we have to rework the vector the urban form is on, even perhaps to the detriment of (gasp) parking, and downtown being a destination party spot. 
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  9. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    From my experience, the first question asked, is how many bars are located near the convention center. On that metric, we do relatively well....
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  10. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Durham Development Map   

    Never have I been more confused about how a rendering will convert to real life structures. 

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  11. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    Like an office tower, hotels feel dead without ground floor retail spaces. Does this one have any? Doesn't look like it. Marriott and Shearton both have done a nice job of supporting Fayettevile Street with their retail presence. A sandwich shop facing the CC would be all I'm asking for. 
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  12. Jones_ added a post in a topic Warehouse District   

    There are at least three parking structures under City plaza....The plaza deck itself (entrance on Wilmington), Marriott, and Two Hannover. I'm not sure how many total spaces or how many are public though, but it was all part of the effort to make this area 100% pedestrian in nature. The solo use decks have gotten much better design wise too, and the most recent one, the Edison deck, even has two roughed in retail spaces...well actually Clyde Coopers is in one now. The previously named Convention Center deck (not sure what it is now, over by Lincoln), also has punch out retail spaces and Charlie Goodnights almost moved into one. I have seen it in other cities...it's pretty easy to add retail to ground floors of parking decks )Seattle jumps to mind), and the Wilmington St deck on its Blount St face could put in a space where the bike racks and electrical feeds are. 
    Anyway, 600 Hargett is a logical spot for serving both districts and the two entrances makes it that much better. Sweet idea Green Man. The partnership talk, though I believe is just the public face of Kane talking over the City kicking in money on the parking portion of his project. Just conjecture on my part, but we all know Kane tried this before and now he has some bette leverage as a potential downtown developer. 
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  13. Jones_ added a post in a topic East Raleigh Development   

    Oh, I was wondering what that was! It's such a nice normal looking office building in a sea of mediocrity. The trash truck facility is really nice though, as far as those things go...big wash down stations and stuff...new salt barn for the winter roads....Devereux Meadows should be a meadow again before too long I hope....perhaps the City is doing that as part of the DOT bridge replacement  at Peace? Anyone know anything about the schedule for that (sorry off east Raleigh topic)
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  14. Jones_ added a post in a topic Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project   

    Even the much lauded Charter Square south tower VE'd the majority of the sweeping roof out. I think Green Man's three main points cover my concerns as well. 
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  15. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

     I guess I should put this in the north Person thread, but I think Wake Forest Road, starting where it connects to Person and Delway should be collapsed to a single travel lane with medians like Clark has (pretty with crepe myrtles), turning lanes (so the single travel lane works better) and bike lanes all the way out to the Greyhound station. With almost no traffic signals from the Capital interchange to Peace St, the traffic should flow just fine along this strip. Maybe even take the lane diet north across the Atlantic bridge which is extremely dangerous fro bikers and has no sidewalk....
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