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  1. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

    It looks a lot like the Hobgood rendering for behind Chucks/Beasley's. Interestingly their webpage puts that rendering up prominently as the wall paper, and expands the presenting of the project a little. Quite a bit of stuff for something that was supposedly shot down...
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  2. Jones_ added a post in a topic Blount Street Commons   

    Not even part of the BSC project, arguably the grandest house on Blount Street is going on sale (along with another on Lane)....the 1870 Heck-Andrews house.  
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  3. Jones_ added a post in a topic Glenwood South miscellaneous developments   

    Also it appears Feelgoodz is going to open on Glenwood next to Raleigh Beer Garden sometime soon. Not sure if this will be a second space or if the Wilmington St space is moving here, but the building is all painted up with the logo already. 
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  4. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Fayetteville Street   

    Speaking of upgrading existing properties (like I mentioned over in the Glenwood thread), One Hannover/future old Bank of America building looks a ton better with the ground floor redone. The architects matched up the color combos and added a bunch of glass....big improvement me thinks. 
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  5. Jones_ added a post in a topic Glenwood South miscellaneous developments   

    Ya'll should check out the addition Centerline is adding to their space behind Rockford/North Street/Clockwork. They are tying their two buildings together with a sort of breezeway and adding a second story to the building adjacent to Clockwork. While not exactly historic, I do applaud these uplifts to existing buildings that fill in and complete gaps in the urban fabric. Plus their presence is an important part of making sure Glenwood isn't just a nightlife district...Google will help with that too of course. Maybe the old Natty's space can be another startup space too given that AU is pushing out all of its tenants to accommodate one large tenant. 
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  6. Jones_ added a post in a topic 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan   

    I've been trying to say exactly this to my various left and centrist friends. I'd throw in Berger as he is the head architect/approver of every senate move you see as well. They are well on their way to making this State into their version of utopia. There is more work to be done dismantling primary and higher education, alternative energy, and environmental regulation, but neutering cities and rail transit is a gleeful start and low piece of fruit
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  7. Jones_ added a post in a topic Urban Apartment Boom (Raleigh)   

    With the current set coming online rapidly, I was trying to remember what new apartment projects were in the pipeline in the downtown proper area. Kane's project, Charter Square 2 has some in it, and the Banner/Greyhound site. Anything else? I guess the Campbell parking lot would like have some in any grand proposal in this market....
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  8. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh Skyline   

    Curious...has St Agnes been floated as a park site or is this your idea? I dig it...interesting that your loop is very similar to the last Hepcat, which had extreme points at Lions Park, Wetlands Center, Dix and Cameron Village.
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  9. Jones_ added a post in a topic Kidd's Hill/Crabtree area development   

    I don't remember the name, but the apartments across Crabtree Creek from the mall are in full swing construction now. I guess in theory having apartments adjacent to the mall is a good thing, though the amount of density in the area without any serious improvements on how to get in and out of there, is reaching grotesque status. Double decking Glenwood through there is something I thought over....top deck goes from some area on the hill approaching from the NW directly to the beltline, and the lower, existing level serves local traffic. Anyway,...
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  10. Jones_ added a post in a topic North Hills area developments   

    I mean yeah, banks downtown don't set the tempo here, but they do have an impact...whether it's positive or negative is totally subjective of course. They definitely set a higher rent standard and land value all on their own. They also can waltz right in and take out any old block they want regardless of what is there already...most of the bank named buildings in our downtown laid waste to not only stuff on their own site, but needed support infrastructure nearby that resulted in lots of the parking lots we had for a long time. So both of those things impact what is thought of as typical 'creative' building blocks...plentiful funky space, and cheap rent. North Hills re-creation started out day one with the rent equal to that of enclosed malls. Until those rents drop relative to other parts of the city, it'll cater to high end chains and an occasional high end local operation. I'm not really sure what City initiatives would impact downtown in any tangible manner that haven't happened already....I guess they could engage the State on fixing its end of downtown, go all in on things like completing and upgrading sidewalks, LED street lights, beautification through stormwater gardens, massive upgrade to the R-Line and active marketing beyond whatever the CC and DRA already do....is that what you mean ? Forcing of certain architectural standards? If people don't locate downtown, they don't locate downtown. 
    Back to north Raleigh, I do kind of like parts of the Falls of Neuse/Wake Forest corridor....there might be some potential there...there is some fabric (small older shopping centers, not terribly pedestrian unfriendly etc.)and some decay that can be seized upon. 
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  11. Jones_ added a post in a topic North Hills area developments   

    I wish Allscripts would come downtown and we could say, ship First Citizens all the way to North Hills or Wells Fargo. I'm good on North Hills being a white collar corporate sort of sterile and predictable environment and seeing downtown be the tech and creative scene anchored by locally owned retail and restaurants. 
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  12. Jones_ added a post in a topic Glenwood South miscellaneous developments   

    The small 1950s-1960s brick building at the SE corner of Tucker and Boylan has been demolished....anyone have any insight into what may be happening there? It's the same black as Gramercy, Armadillo etc, so there aren't many lots it could be combined with to anything large...perhaps something interesting and not megablock...? It's an important corner in the big scheme with two apartment buildings across the street (Devon and Tucker)...
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  13. Jones_ added a post in a topic Downtown Hilton Garden Inn   

    So this article mentions FIVE hotels being proposed within walking distance of the CC. Marriott Residence, Hilton Garden, and the Baptist site by McDonalds all come to mind....what am I missing?
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  14. Jones_ added a post in a topic Raleigh's Hillsborough Street   

    2811 Hillsborough (Dan Allen corner) looks to be done and filling up based on the giant Don't Tread on Me flag in one of the windows. That might be my favorite new building mostly because it turned a fast food building into an urban configuration. It's certainly a lot nicer on foot in that stretch now....i'm still holding out hope that Zaxbys will bite the dust in time as well...the building at least...maybe move the actual business over to another space if they make enough money to afford a higher rent...
    The Aloft will be an active spot too with Jubala and Gonza. Considering that Sadlacks is doing well in its new incarnation as Berkley (Berkalacks I call it), I think everything turned out fine overall. NC State's "front door" may be turning into one of the best in the nation I'm thinking....anyone have any thoughts or input on that at all? Anyone been in the new Student Union...man its amazing. 
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  15. Jones_ added a post in a topic Skyhouse Apartments   

    I think one of that style is plenty. There is an area of Atlanta with a Skyhouse and like 4 other buildings almost exactly the same style of exposed exterior columns and blue plate glass....it starts to feel like a fortress to me with so many in one spot. I realize you're suggesting one on the other side of our downtown, but I'd much prefer to see a ton of variety instead of getting mouth fed a second canned style of building. Here is a pic of the Atlanta area I'm referring to
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