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Peace Center for the Performing Arts (renovation & expansion)

  • Description: Major improvements to the lobby area, including expansion of floor space and a new dining/drinking lounge overlooking the Reedy River. Most of the campus grounds, including the riverside amphitheatre, will also undergo a significant renovation.

    History: Opened in 1990, the Peace Center boasts a world-class collection of performance venues conveniently bordered by Main Street, Broad Street, and the Reedy River in downtown Greenville, SC.

    Type: Arts/Entertainment

    Floors: 3-4

    Height: NA

    Construction Start: Spring 2011

    Construction End: Fall 2011

    Architect: Garvin Design Group, Columbia, SC

    General Contractor: Triangle Construction

    Developer: NA

    Location: 300 South Main Street, Greenville, SC, 29601


    More Information:

    Garvin Design Group

    At the homepage, click "Portfolio", then "Civic" at the top, then "Peace Center" on the left.

    Latest News:

    $11.1 million of the $21.5 million needed has been raised so far which is enough to let the project move forward with construction slated to begin in Spring 2011 according to an article this morning in the G-News. No shows will take place at the Peace Center next summer due to the construction.

    Forum Thread:

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