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300 2nd Avenue South - The Ragland Building

  • Description: C.B. Ragland Company will complete a total Core and Shell renovation of the Ragland Building at 300 2nd Avenue South by June 2010. The existing 5th floor penthouse added in 1995 will be removed and rebuilt to expand the building to 42,000 square feet of leasable office space. Renovation designs by Manuel Zeitlin Architects, C.B. Ragland is pursuing LEED Gold Certification for Core and Shell by the U.S. Green Building Council. Over 75% of the interior spaces will be day lighted. The design utilizes highly efficient glass systems, low flow plumbing fixtures, a green roof and HVAC equipment engineered to provide superior indoor air quality. Preferred parking will be available for Hybrid, EV's and ULEV's.

    History: Constructed in 1930 as an expansion to the 105 Molloy Building, the Ragland Building at 300 2nd Avenue South was originally built for grocery storage, coffee importation, roasting and processing. The building was first renovated in 1995 and converted into a restaurant/nightclub that went through many iterations until ultimately closing in 2005.

    Type: Office

    Floors: 5

    Height: 65 Feet

    Construction Start: 09-01-2009

    Construction End: 11-01-2010

    Architect: Manuel Zeitlin Architects

    General Contractor: Wieck Construction

    Developer: C.B. Ragland Company

    Location: 300 2nd Avenue South


    More Information:

    Pursuing LEED Gold Certification for Core and Shell.

    Latest News:

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