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H20 Urban Waterfront District

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    • 12-5-08 TN: Waterfront district advances
      • ground breaks in 12 months
      • will be on 24 acres on Charlotte Pike near River Road
      • project's completion, which is slated for five to six years after its start
      • will be the first district in the United States to be completely LEED-certified
      • Mark Hemphill, one of the project's developers who works for Alpha, LLC, a partnership affiliated with the district's development firm.
      • Ron Sapp, the other developer on the project
      • The mixed-use development of residential, commercial and office space will have ports to plug in electric cars, "green" roofs and a water taxi system to decrease driving.
      • "It's such a destination-type location so we're trying to be very detailed"
      • "Everything is going to be unique … there'll be places you can't really find anywhere else in Tennessee."

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