Museum Apartments

Museum Apartments
  • Description: 48 Unit Apartment Building in the NEON Arts District now open. Includes the club house known as the Gallery which will hold quarterly Art Shows for the local Artists.

    History: The first major multi-family building built in this new Arts District.

    Type: Apartment

    Floors: 4

    Height: 45

    Units: 48

    Construction Start: June 2017

    Construction End: August 2018

    Architect: Morrisette Architecture

    General Contractor: RGI General Contractor

    Developer: Thomas Morrisette

    Location: Norfolk, Virginia


    [email protected]

    MuseumApts front ext-lr.jpg

    MuseumApts Gallery-lr.jpg

    MuseumApts Lobby-lr.jpg

    MuseumApts model kit-lr.jpg

    MuseumApts model LR-lr.jpg

    MuseumApts Side ext-lr.jpg

    MuseumApts Stair Tower-lr.jpg

    MuseumApts Courtyard-lr.jpg

    More Information:

    [email protected]


    Latest News:

    Opening the 4th floor 3rd week of September

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