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Jackson Commons

  • Description: New construction and rehab. Single family town homes and condominiums: multiple phases, 83 homes, prices starting at $229,000 to $325,000 depending on size, two- to four-bedroom homes, two to four bathrooms, up to 2,300 square feet with two-car garages. Phase 3 is underway, including 22 brick townhouses with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, “sexy” master suite with a walk-in closet, Jacuzzi, and second floor porch. Priced at $229,000 and located at Jackson and Price Streets. Property located between Duvall Street, First Street, Leigh Street and Chamberlayne Parkway.<br />

    Type: Condo

    Construction Start: January 2008

    Construction End: 2012

    Location: Jackson Ward

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