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Petersburg Main Library

  • Description: The Petersburg Public Library System has been headquartered at the 13,000- square-foot William R. McKenney Branch at 137 S. Sycamore Street since 1924, when Clara J. McKenney donated it for use as a city library in memory of her late husband, William R. McKenney. The library system has two other branches: the Rodof Sholom Branch at 1865 S. Sycamore Street and the A. P. Hill Branch at 1237 Halifax Street.In order to meet the needs of the city’s growing, diverse population and the challenges that come with increased program demands and new technologies, the Foundation has determined that a new, larger library facility must be secured. The new facility first and foremost will provide: much needed additional parking; increased security; larger spaces for collections, seating, computers, children’s programs, and public meeting rooms; community resources; and more efficient heating, cooling and lighting. Additionally, it was determined that with a new library facility, an enhanced partnership will be fostered with the Petersburg Public System, as well as civilian and military personnel at Fort Lee.<br /><br />A new library facility will provide valuable resources and services needed for the citizens of Petersburg including educational support initiatives for accreditation of schools, literacy programs to ensure that all children meet mandated guidelines for reading proficiency and community support programs that foster growth and continual exposure to information within the global society.<br /><br />The Foundation decided to take action now because of a fortuitous meeting of opportunity and need. Thanks to the generosity of former city councilman and Vice Mayor of Petersburg Larry Tucker, the Foundation was able to purchase property owned by Tucker at the corner of West Washington and Market streets worth $1.4 million for only $400,000. The approximately three-acre site is the former location of Petersburg Motors, owned by Tucker. It is currently serving as a temporary location for Crossroad Motors until they move to another location next year.<br /><br />In order for the Foundation to take advantage of the gift, Petersburg City Council unanimously voted on September 19, 2006 to give the Foundation the necessary $400,000 to make the purchase.<br /><br /><br />The new library will now be 56,000 square feet. An estimated 37,000 square feet will be public space, including an auditorium large enough to seat several hundred people for city and community gatherings, as well as more than 100 parking spaces. Another 7,400 square feet will be dedicated to staff areas, and approximately 4,600 square feet will be dedicated to mechanical equipment. The remaining space will be set aside for future expansion and use. The present library facility on S. Sycamore Street is being considered for continued use in support of the new library, possibly as a location for specified collections.

    Type: Government

    Floors: 2

    Construction Start: Fall 2010

    Construction End: Fall 2012

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