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  • Description: Mixture of uses including residential, office, retail, and perhaps a hotel.

    History: Midtown Apartments is now open and was the first phase of the CityView development.

    Type: Mixed Use

    Floors: 7+

    Construction Start: October 2009

    Developer: Ripley Heatwole

    Location: Virginia Beach Strategic Growth Area # 4

    More Information:

    CityView Phase II, as currently planned, will be a mixture of uses within four buildings and two parking garages. The buildings will range in height from 7 to 15 stories.

    The first section of Phase II will contain office/retail and residential uses within two buildings and a parking garage. The first building will be an 8 story apartment building, and will wrap the parking garage on two sides. The building will contain approximately 125 apartment homes ranging in size from 914 to 1440 square feet, along with a community room and fitness center for the residents.

    The second building will be a 15 story “mixed use” design. The first four floors will be retail/office commercial space of approximately 75,000 square feet. Floors six thru fourteen will contain 127 apartment homes. The fifteenth floor will feature a community room, fitness center and outdoor plaza for the apartment residents. Access to the residential units will be via an elevated pedestrian walkway from the parking garage.

    The parking garage will be approximately 8 stories, with a rooftop pool/cabana area and outdoor plaza.

    The second section of Phase II will contain office/retail and residential uses within two buildings and a parking garage. The first building will be a 7 story mixed-use building, with two floors of office/retail use at approximately 11,000 square feet, and 30 loft style condominiums at around 900 to 1000 square feet per unit.

    The second building will be a 10-15 story luxury condominium building featuring approximately 100 homes. Amenities will include a club room and outdoor pool pavilion.

    A third section of Phase II is located on the Western side of Constitution Drive Extended. This independent development site could contain up to 30,000 square feet of commercial space, or 30 residential units.

    When completed, Phase II of CityView will contain approximately 90,000 to 120,000 square feet of retail/office commercial space, 250 rental apartment homes, 30 loft style condominium homes, and 100 to 130 luxury condominium homes.




    Latest News:
    • Constitution Drive Extension is under construction by the City of Virginia Beach in order to link Town Center with the CityView development.
    • Trees have been cut down and some construction equipment is on the site as of November.

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