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  2. It reads like residential over offices, I wasn’t 100% sure though.
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  4. In this context “infill” means new construction in a historic neighborhood. Usually built on an empty lot or replacing a non-contributing structure
  5. Exterior siding still unfinished. Sigh.
  6. Looking NW from intersection of Church Street Viaduct and Upper 10th Ave. North (Platform Way): The YMCA site looking SW from YMCA Way, 1/8 block north of Church St:
  7. Construction barriers, fencing, and signage up. Looking east from intersection of West End Ave. and Elliston Place: Looking SE from Ellison Place at 25th Ave. North:
  8. Crane up and operational: dirt filled in to elevate NE corner of site. Looking SW from intersection of Divison St. and 6th Ave. South: Looking SW from Division St., 1/2 block west of 6th Ave. South:
  9. Don't forget Goldsboro, Monroe, Asheboro, Selma, Greenville, Kinston (eventually), and others. This is not unique to Shelby. There are a few reasons I've heard for the delays. There was the budget crunch from the Map Act settlements, hurricane recovery, and then COVID that affected all projects. That delayed construction from 2019 to 2021 and then to 2023. Another reason is the claim that the Division couldn't fund construction on all sections at once and have funding for other projects in the Division, so it's split into "manageable" sections. That hasn't stopped other bypass projects across the state (Asheboro and Goldsboro are good examples) from being constructed all at once. Remember that Monroe is tolled and uses a different funding mechanism. Another interesting claim for the delay over the years was the doomed Garden Parkway. The crooked politicians that were looking to profit off the land development around the interchanges kept the project funding earmarked for years, even though it was tied up in lawsuits and not going anywhere. That prevented other projects in the Division/MPO like the Shelby Bypass from moving forward since there wasn't enough money left in the funding pot. Had it not been for the Garden Parkway, the Shelby Bypass would likely have been fully built early last decade. The Record of Decision was published in October 2008. And finally, as those in Charlotte are already aware, Raleigh doesn't care about western North Carolina unless it's Asheville or Boone. No one from Raleigh drives through Shelby. It is not on their radar and not on their way to the beach or mountains. It took nearly two decades to build 74 between I-26 and U.S. 221. It was such a slow project they literally had to go in and clear newly grown scrub trees and re-grade before paving. Slow projects are nothing new here. Exit 163 in 1976. Exit 167 in 1989.
  10. None that I'm aware of. Does the city require renderings when approving a variant-free POD?
  11. Yeah... that really puts things into perspective, doesn't it?
  12. I do read Gordon Rago! The past few days, however, I couldn't seem to get past the headline that a dead body, suspected homicide, was found adjacent to Truist Field. I literally had to do a search for Cousins Properties in the site search bar based on your post. Not sure what that's about. At any rate, no timeline given for the start of construction, so this might take a while to come out of the ground. Can someone share with me what they know about our policy for burying power lines? I'm guessing Queensbridge Collective will bury? Given the size of this project, would it bury? The OG Ashton South End doesn't have power lines around it? Does burial happen once a project is a certain size/height, or is there no hard and fast rule and it's totally at the discretion of the developer?
  13. from CLT Development: ""Amazing that so few people read The Observer these days that this made no waves on social media anywhere. Renderings of Cousins Properties two tower development on West Tremont and Doggett.""
  14. ...and this is tied into the $530+M tax incentives over 19 years too, right, at whichever scale they would receive them each year? So now the State will have to change that incentive based on how much they actually build here I gather.
  15. At the rate things take to get built here, they would have needed to have already broken ground...
  16. I really hope that is the not the ultimate fate of Northlake. The city needs to take steps to rezone or help the center in any way. I wish they would add tons of apartments around perimeter of the mall where they once proposed an open air street of shops and retail on the existing mall property. Add a hotel. Increase security. There is far more retail around this mall than there ever was around Eastland and that is a sizable tax base that could wither if the mall fails. As for security why not open a police substation inside the mall like Concord Mills. other option would be de-malling it but that in itself costs money. But allowing a mall to decline is not in this city's best interest as it will take down far for than the mall itself.
  17. How is Stony Point Fashion Park not doing well? I went there around 2005 and it was a beautiful shopping center. Everyone in town (well, above a certain income level) should love it.
  18. I hope construction begins soon. This would be huge for downtown and for the Magic. I know the Under-I project has mostly changed to parking now but hopefully the part that is still a park is close to the arena and therefore will create a continuous event space for people to gather, especially if we get awarded the NBA All-Star Game in a couple years.
  19. Thanks and that’s unfortunate. It’s the same way here in Greenville as in Seattle. Everything proposed downtown goes through the DRB and all aspects of the project including the proposed height gets posted in a pdf file on the city’s website for the general public to see. Sad and crazy the City of Charlotte doesn’t do that especially in the year 2023. Where’s the transparency?
  20. They’ll probably just put grass seed on the site and let sit empty for years before putting the site back up for sale. That’s how it works in Greenville. Just look at the Avant, Kimpton, and Gateway sites if you don’t believe me. And whatever happened to that Mosaic project on Academy Street? They finally give up too?
  21. Do we have any renderings of this new filing/approval?!
  22. Came across the renderings in my files from 8 years ago for the proposed hotel complex by Platinum Companies on the surface lot at SE corner of KVB and 6th Ave. South. Wonder when that team will ever get something organized for this prime site? Could it eventually be expansion territory for MCC?
  23. It's a 24-story, 324 unit residential tower known as Ascent South End. Currently, they're working on the 19th floor, so 5 more floors to go to top it out. Upon completion, it will be 318 feet/97 meters tall (see bldg. u.c. on the left side in photo below). Two other towers currently under construction in Charlotte are also expected to rise 318 feet/97 meters high: (1) the 24-story, 370 unit apartment tower that is being built next to The Line (where Sycamore Brewing has relocated) at 2161 Hawkins Street in South End, and (2) the 24-story, 415,000 sq. ft. office tower that is part of the Legacy Union project at 600 South Tryon Street. The 23-story, 370,000 sq. ft. office building currently under construction at 110 East Blvd. will be slightly shorter than its neighbor, Ascent South End. Upon completion, it will be 305 feet/93 meters tall. At present, they're also working on the 19th floor, so 4 more floors to go to top it out (see bldg. u.c. on the right side in photo below). Links: https://charlotte.axios.com/263600/24-story-tower-coming-to-south-end-in-former-rosemont-spot/ https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/09/08/portman-holdings-apartments-sycamore-brewing-site.html https://charlotte.axios.com/302480/24-story-tower-underway-in-uptown-charlotte/ https://charlotte.axios.com/286155/23-story-south-end-tower-breaks-ground/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Charlotte
  24. 707 Murfreesboro Pike (3 stories, 1970?) being converted from office space to apartments. Looking SW from Murfreesboro Pike, 1/4 block west of Arlington Ave:
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