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  2. Overview of Metro Government's debt and proposed new budget: https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2021/05/17/nashville-debt-city-budget-education-public-services/4961511001/
  3. More core drilling/digging. Looking NE from 9th Ave. North, 1/4 block south of Church St:
  4. Looking NW from intersection of Broadway and Lyle Ave: Looking NW from West End Ave., just west of 20th Ave:
  5. 1 Hotel update. Looking SE from 8th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Demonbreun: Looking east from surface lot between McGavock St. and Demonbreun, 1/2 block west of 8th Ave. South: Looking NE from Demonbreun, 1/4 block west of 8th Ave. South: Looking north from intersection of Demonbreun and 8th Ave. South:
  6. Looking NE from 9th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Division St: Looking east from intersection of McGavock St. and 7th Ave. South: Looking NE from intersection of Lea Ave. and 5th Ave. South: Looking NE from intersection of3rd Ave. South and KVB: Looking north from 3rd Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Elm St:
  7. 905 Gleaves (rehab and expansion for Live + Breathe) update. Looking south from Gleaves St., just east of Pine St:
  8. Alta Foundry (5 stories, 231 units, internal garage) update: Topped-out. Looking NE from 21st Ave. North, 1/2 block west of Spruce St: Looking NW from intersection of 21st Ave. North and Spruce St: Looking west from Warner St., 1/4 block east of Spruce St:
  9. 1101 McKinney, The Wash restaurant cluster (conversion of former car wash) update: fending up and work underway. Looking north from McKinney Ave., just east of Gallatin Ave:
  10. View from 32nd floor of Four Seasons (courtesy of Martin B. Cherry of NBJ):
  11. As if on queue, Innsbrook announces new developments and some with height, up to 10 levels. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/05/18/innsbrook-infill-lingerfelts-250m-plan-would-add-nearly-1400-apartments/
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  13. Whoever had the foresight to build the new CMHofF in downtown was a genius. I remember when it was on Music Row and they decided to build downtown…many of us thought they were crazy. Thankfully…downtown was about to explode with tourists…so it’s the perfect place to be.
  14. Monday May 17 marked the 20th anniversary of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum opening in its current location. They posted the photo and information I’ve shared here on their Facebook page today. It’s amazing to look at the photo and see the phenomenal progress in the development of the modern fabric of this city since 2001!
  15. The Kitchen: https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/FajbP85tR3YZtC0XG0_1QWit-wvpclEbyzeaAssm_gs/Full Package.pdf
  16. I am here because of an ancestor who fought in that war from New York for which he was granted land in White County Tennessee. I was told, that at that time, White County stretched from the Kentucky line to the Alabama line. I'm unsure of the eastern and western boundaries. When my ancestors arrived in Tennessee and learned their acreage was in the wilderness they settled on Market St. in Nashville.
  17. Here is the entire DOT document for Breeze: https://downloads.regulations.gov/DOT-OST-2020-0019-0017/attachment_1.pdf
  18. Yep, shrinking office size looks like the post pandemic trend. I imagine in the next couple years we will see vacancies increase and the office construction boom will end until enough new businesses and/or people move to Charlotte to absorb those now-empty spaces. There could also be fewer relocations to Charlotte now that companies have figured out they can save money by having people work from home, which may be an incentive to not undergo the expensive and disruptive cost of relocating companies. Charlotte, hopefully, will start investing in incubating more home-grown businesses (like Sea
  19. Really cool. Just a few years after the Revolution. I was studying my family’s ancestry…and discovered that most men who fought in the Revolution for America received land in TN and surrounding areas as a “thank you” for fighting and also to further expand the states westward. I had several relatives who were living in NC at the time of the Revolution…but then moved to TN when they were given large tracts of land.
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