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    Limitations For New Users


    New users must show the rest of the community that they intend to follow the same code of conduct as established users of this site. In order to do this we require that new members make a minimum of 10 posts to our forums in order to have the ability to view other member's profiles, send private messages, upload images and other files, etc. Users and guests with less than 10 posts will be restricted from certain areas and functions of the site until this requirement has been fulfilled.

    By doing this we are not only limiting spam in our community, but are ensuring that we retain the highest quality users and content.

    New users who do not follow our rules and code of conduct that is displayed during registration are subject to having their account banned from the site. We expect all users who wish to participate on this site to act like adults and treat others and communities as a whole with respect regardless of personal opinion.

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