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    Some photos I took after yet another Liverpool win this morning. First is looking at the future Nashville Yards from 8th & Commerce. Certainly an interesting view without the buildings of the Lifeway Campus there. Next is 8th & Broad with the new and old. (A favorite subject of mine. Next is the Bento Box project on 4th Ave S. I took a side trip over to Kline Ave., and it's amazing that as close to downtown as it is, it seems as though it's miles away. Driving down Nolensville Rd, the new stadium is going to do wonders for the stretch around the fairgrounds, and it's interesting to think of what Nolensville Rd, particularly between the fairgrounds and Harding Pl. will look like in 10 years. I wonder if something would be done along that route to tie the stadium and the Zoo together and activate the whole corridor. Certainly mass transit could be a game changer for the corridor, but without it, changes will be slower. Past Harding, it's a mix of established businesses, and Hispanic businesses that I feel are essential to Nashville. Interested to hear everyone's thought's on the future of Nolensville Rd.
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    The NY Times has a fun, interactive map to show just how connected we are to each other in this age of social media. The surprising conclusion: "Even in the age of the internet, distance matters immensely in determining whom--and, as a result, what--we know." Data analyzed by economists at Facebook, Harvard, Princeton, and NYU is used to determine just whom we associate with on Facebook. Here's a link to the article: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/09/19/upshot/facebook-county-friendships.html I'm going to post snapshots of the national map; the darker the county's color, the more it's connected to the highlighted county. Here's Davidson County. Not surprisingly, people in Davidson County are Facebook friends with people all over the country. Now compare that with Shelby County (Memphis) where it's much more regional: Here's Mecklenburg County NC (Charlotte) which is heavily aligned with the East Coast and especially the Carolinas: Knox County has lots of friends from all over Tennessee, and especially from East Tennessee and Williamson County, but also from counties throughout the region that are dominated by universities (TTU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, MS State): And Hamilton County also has a fairly broad range of "likes" especially from within 100 miles: Anyway, it's fun to play with! I've been wasting time all morning at work playing with this map. Not surprisingly, counties with large military installations like Montgomery also have widespread ties.
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    BNA has now surpassed STL (for the first time ever) - Congrats to BNA !!!!!!!! For Calendar Year 2018 Total Passenger counts, BNA now leads STL by 8,065 2018 BNA STL ---- ---------- ---------- ---------- JAN 1,016,892 1,066,279 STL 49,387 FEB 1,014,376 1,007,344 BNA 7,032 MAR 1,307,540 1,320,218 STL 12,678 APR 1,308,915 1,283,719 BNA 25,196 MAY 1,418,316 1,400,783 BNA 17,533 JUN 1,460,525 1,466,120 STL 5,595 JUL 1,446,653 1,446,506 BNA 147 AUG 1,410,527 1,384,710 BNA 25,817 ---- ---------- ---------- ---------- 10,383,744 10,375,679 BNA 8,065 BNA https://www.flynashville.com/about/Pages/airport-data.aspx STL https://www.flystl.com/about-us/public-notices-and-reports - STL 2018 YTD Air Traffic Activity Report
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    Atherton Mill Apartments are looking way better with a brick facade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    IDK if it jas been mentioned here before but today I took a career trip to the Carolinas aviation museum and their president spoke to us. He mentioned that they have plans to move soon to a purpose built building along Wilkinson Blvd as part of a "Front Door" project that the airport is doing that includes hotels amd breweries. They are starting a $30 million capital campaign soon to help fund the move and building within the next 3 years
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    Taken during the Panthers game yesterday. Zoom in to the roof. Source
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    From this morning's Sky5. Easy to see why that area is called "Forest Hills."
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    I think this is part of the updated, meanwhile, they could have actually used a photo of Charlotte to create it lol. Also looks like its listed at 420'
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    Up to 7th floor on apartment tower, 2nd floor on restaurant/museum section, and 3rd level of office tower's underground garage. Looking SW from Panera Bread deck at SunTrust Building, near 5th Ave. North and Commerce St: Looking west from Panera Bread deck at SunTrust Building, near 5th Ave. North and Commerce St: Looking east along Commerce St., 1/2 block west of 5th Ave. South: Looking NW from Broadway, near intersection with 6th Ave: Looking NW from Broadway, 1/2 block east of 6th Ave: Looking NW from intersection of Broadway and 5th Ave:
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    Here are more pictures from yesterday’s game. The seats with the best views of the skyline in the stadium are in the southwest corner of the upper deck without question. It will be fun to watch this tower grow into a finished product throughout the season.
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    Construction of note right now over 20 stories: Vanderbilt Dorm 20 stories Endeavor 12th and McGavock 20 stories 1200 Broadway 27 stories Hyatt Regency 24 stories BroadWest residential 34 stories BroadWest Office 21 stories Fifth + Broad residential 34 stories Fifth + Broad Office 24 stories Drury Plaza hotel 21 stories The Joseph Hotel 21 stories Kennect Nashville 20 stories Due to start soon: Embassy Suites 30 stories Second & Demonbreun 40 stories
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    after 3 days of flooding rains and cloudy weather the city looks great in sunshine. 6 cranes in one photo Charlotte Rising.
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    Phase III update. HealthStreams Building (10 stories) looking great. Looking west from CSX tracks overpass of Gay Street, 1 block east of 11th Ave. North: Looking west along Gay Street at the CSX overpass:

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