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    And, since it's going to be a North Carolina tower in Charlotte:
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    Been following Urban Planet for awhile now but this is my first time ever diving in an actually posting. My wife and I just moved into SkyHouse and I snapped this photo from the amenities deck on floor 25 this morning of construction on the Virgin Hotel across the street. Great vantage point up here- I’ll try and continue to take some shots as the hotel rises. It also looks like this will be a great vantage point to watch them build the current Endeavor project and the upcoming one on the old DejaVu site, Kenect, the Graduate hotel and Broadwest (if that project ever actually gets out of the ground)!
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    Despite all the beige, it's still just a building in a cage
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    The view from CLT, Legacy Union taking its place in line.
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    A few photos. The last two are from (near) the top of the Duke Energy Center
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    Snapped this last night while they were finishing up the second crane. With that I count 6 cranes in this picture. I don't normally share pictures I take, but I thought you all would appreciate this one.
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    View from Jury Duty Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What a presence coming into uptown off 77
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    Lower humidity makes for clearer pictures and bluer skies. Here is a rare pic of Legacy Union from this afternoon.
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    The ubiquity of office buildings in Uptown can make it seem sterile to most. However, whenever I wander around Uptown under thr guise of a nosey, infinitely-curious vagabond I always find something by which I am charmed. I went inside the Johnston Building at 212 S Tryon St, built 1924. The inside is beautiful and reminds me of a time when class was small-scale and modest (at least compared to latter 20th Century lobbies and towers). I didn't have time to explore the other accessible floors, but I recommend a glance next time you walk by! My apologies for some of the blur, I was in a bit of a rush amidst my wanderlust...
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    We got a pretty city, y’all...
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    Hey Everyone, I am about 90 % accurate on the development map now thanks to Mark giving me some help on what is finished or started. There are a few projects that are under proposed that I have no clue about, and if there is information missing, I will slowly try and get that together, but please let me know the following: If a project is in the wrong place, very easy to mislabel a location. If there is information missing. If there is a project showing proposed and has started or a project that is listed as Under Construction and it has finished. If any project is missing a name or rendering/photo and you have it, please feel free to send and label which one it is and where it is or how I have it labeled on the map. Some of the smaller residential projects just have no name or go up so fast I missed it. It is now impossible to be in every neighborhood and community to keep up with all the growth that has occurred over the past 13 years since I have been on the board. It used to be easy, but now every neighborhood is being impacted by this unprecedented growth. I may slowly start to add Franklin projects to the mix, but I need eyes and ears down there as I spend a ton of money on gas doing these drives and its just hard to get everywhere. Thanks ahead of time. for any help anyone can render.
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    Count these photos as the BEFORE photos. Duke as I have stated did not buy this land to sit on it or to park cars they will build something on it a tower of 25-85 stories who knows but something will be built on this the last surface parking lot on Tryon south of 7th St. Sooner or later. The land has a slight slope being higher at Tryon and lower at College St. Some guy saw me taking photos and I think he thought I was crazy. Crazy like a fox.
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    From I-77 south this afternoon. DENSITY.

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