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    Looking south from Fern Ave. overpass of I-65/24:
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    The curved, 45 story, 610' aluminum and glass 800 Lea (working name) will be the latest addition in Tony Giarratana's family of residential towers. It will hug the west side of the Music City Center Roundabout at the confluence of 8th Ave. South, Korean Veterans Blvd, and Lafayette St. It appears there will be about 120 luxury condos, and a 60 capacity underground garage (3 levels). Goettsch Partners is thee architect; Barge Design is handling land planning and engineering. They will go before the MDHA Design Review Committee on Tuesday to seek approval for the exterior form and function of the building, a name for which is not listed in the document submitted to MDHA. Additional info should be coming early next week. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21147175/curving-tower-eyed-for-sobro-roundabout This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:
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    I am humbled that NashvilleNowNext did a feature on my photo work here at Urban Planet Nashville. https://nashvillenownext.com/2021/04/02/the-hollingsworth-reel-vol-1-highlighting-the-work-of-nashvilles-mark-hollingsworth/
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    Looking down Demonbreun in the rain: Sobro:
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    Coming right along... Headline: Exclusive: Oracle Corp.'s purchase contract for massive River North tech hub confirmed https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2021/04/07/oracle-river-north-purchase-estoppel.html?ana=twt “The owner of the River North development site has sent his tenants a legal document to sign that bears the name of what would become their new landlord: Oracle. The Business Journal has learned that tenants at River North received a notice from a representative for Don Allen, principal of Chicago-based Monroe Investment Partners, on the evening of April 6. In it, Allen confirms a pending sale of his property and gives tenants a legal document to sign called an estoppel certificate — a routine step in the formal real estate "due diligence" process when selling a property to a new owner.”
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    I took a family trip to Pelham, NC by way of Charlotte to Wilmington and Wilmington to Pelham for a family wedding. Love seeing the city from the sky, especially the pockets of urban areas outside of Uptown. I hope these post correctly. A pretty good full skyline shot aside from blocking Truist Center. Southpark Ballantyne . Indian Land -- all Red Ventures from the looks of it. South End to NoDa continuous urban strip development.
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    Structural Frame permit for Amazon II was pulled Friday April 9th: https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3803167?page=1&searchText=093050A00100CO&searchCode=APN&searchType=permit&orderBy=fullAddress ASC,permitNumber ASC Heres the pdf: https://epermits.nashville.gov/download.aspx?id=520735 I’m unable to post screenshots from my phone, but the tower will be 421’ tall.
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    Kind of a hazy morning from my 5th floor, so this ain't perfect today. Only a few windows left to install at Lowe's. Portman still rising. Charlotte Metro Tower is starting to get higher and it looks like will surpass Ally soon. Speaking of said tower, once it gets completed, it will be re-named. Good. I never liked the "Charlotte Metro Tower" name anyway.
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    Various skyline shots. Am I the only country music fan that comes to Nashville and takes lots of photos of high rises and skyline shots LOL?
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    The UNC Charlotte campus is nice. My daughter liked it, as did I. Some of the area around the campus is sketchy. Leaving the campus and driving down N Tryon St we did not see a light rail train for a very long time. Uptown is cool but South End is cooler. The Truist sign is very visible at night. I liked it. The line at Prices Chicken Coop was too long and I unfortunately didn't have time to wait. Shake Shack was good though,as was Jennies Ice Cream. The weather was beautiful Saturday and the rail trail was fun. We saw a very nice blue Aston Martin in South End. I guess it was either a NFL player, a NBA player or a banking dude. Cool car any way. If you were in the Toyota Corolla honking at my car at the stop light, my wife was driving, not me . I-77 was a disaster but the other interstates and highways weren't too bad. I saw a guy walking down the street with 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I yelled to my wife, "That must be KJ!" She replied, "Who the hell is KJ?" The new towers in South End really stretch the skyline nicely. Hopefully any new towers don't go too much taller. I'd rather see many more 8 to 12 floor buildings than a few taller ones. I appreciate everyone here who posts pictures but things are much bigger and more dense in person. FNB tower, Honeywell, Deloitte and Ally are much taller in real life than they look in pictures. The Lowes tech tower is beautiful and fits well (I think) in South End. I didn't get to explore as much as I wanted to but had a nice but brief visit. If my daughter chooses UNC-C that would be fine with me because then I could visit more. People with South Carolina plates drive very fast.I drive in Virginia a lot and thought they drove fast. They don't have anything on SC folks.
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    Up close and personal with this tower. Looks close to topping out. Looks great on the skyline already. Various angles today.
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    Looking west from new Davidson County Sheriff's HQ. Courtesy of Stephanie Amador:
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    A good friend of mine who used to live in Nashville has a neighbor in Toronto who is an executive with Fairmont. He confirmed Fairmont has committed to the project but was unsure of a time table.
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    BOA Corporate Center from a Cessna
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    Gulch Union 2 first 28 story tower moving forward. Grading permit applied for and will have more info next month. No word on third tower yet.
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    Now that it is official with real renderings and a video, I thought it warrants its own thread. This looks beautiful and will be imposing from 277 (and the future park/river to replace it).
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    Nashville today from my vacation Nashville it's becoming very impressive from the airport landing views
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    Here is the photo used by Apple on their daily email announcing the new store in Nashville.
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    Looking east from 33rd Ave North & Trevor St:
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    They’ve started installing steel along the lower levels, which gives us an idea of how the “points” will shape up. From the morning, taken across Broadway: You can see a few points along the portion of the garage that will form the amenity deck facing downtown: Bonus shot from across the interstate. Please excuse the ugly traffic lights:
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    I took a 6 mile walk yesterday and took a few pictures.
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    Crane down; lightning up. Looking NW from Drexel St., 1/4 block west of 7th Ave. South:
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