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    All the different colors reflecting on the glass. Uptown from sSouthend, This evening:
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    Sounds like this is full steam ahead, going to break ground in December.
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    Honeywell is in for a surprise
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    https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article222371650.html Considering this is a FORTUNE 100 Company, I figured this was worth its own thread. WOW! NC gets two fortune 500's in one day.
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    Cityscapes on this crisp Fall day.
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    A staff person at Top Golf told me that in their first year, they had over 440,000 customers, making them the #2 ranked of their 62 locations around the globe. They think they have a good chance of surpassing Las Vegas for the top spot in 2019. Our tourism is EN FUEGO!
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    So cool. Not a single one of these buildings pictured existed 12 years ago
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    I mean they could build 20 Grand Bohemians before Mr. Levine even finishes his sad parking garage. LOL
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    Nice Scoop by Ash on the Microunit renderings. Much less Ski Chalet than before.
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    had to go out to CLT on business. Question what is the new building being built on Harlee Ave across from the Business Valet. Is that an AA training building or something else? Loved seeing the Piedmont jet today for Piedmont is the reason we are a hub today. Piedmont then US Air then American Airlines. You can see the old terminal A gates under renovation too. The Panera, Starbucks, Jamba Juice and NoDa Brewing all opened but not the Smashburger in Terminal A. The 11th yes 11th Starbucks is under construction at the corner of the new A gates and old A gates. Plus I found this neat model of the future airport. KJ's rare photo tour of CLT. That electronic wall art is mesmerizing in new terminal.
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    Charlotte Rising and that includes the 26 story Ally Bank Center at Tryon Place and the JW Marriott hotel. From all around and from my perch. Today. I spy 6 cranes in some of my photos with the Legacy blocks.
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    One more post from ClearSky. Some new shots of SouthEnd and boy it has never looked more dense than now. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2018-11-south-end-charlotte-nc-aerials Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm new to this site, a Charlotte native, and currently living in the exurbs thereof (Weddington, Union County) -- hence southern North Carolina, almost within sight of Baja Carolina. I figured the Legacy Union thread was as good a place for my first post as any. I'm somewhat bemused about the negative sentiment on this project expressed by some. I find it a very attractive building with real substance and dignaty. There is, of course, no accounting for taste. I don't intend to try to change anyone's mind about anything so subjective as asthetics. I do, however, have some questions about the functionality of the project. The question which is first in my mind is -- how is the vehicular traffic going to work? As I understand it, there will be a total of almost 3,000 parking spaces in two decks, designed to serve the first office tower, the second office tower in the planning stages, as well as future hotel, residential, and/or retail (as well as being a nice profit center on game days). And maybe even more parking under future residential or hotel towers? Will not the majority of weekday traffic bound for the parking decks come via Stonewall? With all the new developments on Stonewall underway or planned, isn't the street, only two lanes in each direction, going to become a rush-hour traffic nightmare? Can any part of Stonewall be widened? Second question: what about a connection to Overstreet Mall? Especially if a hotel is built as part of the project, a weatherproof link to the Convention Center would seem a near necessity -- most likely, via the second office building which is builg built to the Tryon right-of-way. The Ally project and the JW Marriott would need to be connected as well, perhaps via the Westin, which will soon have a pedestrian bridge over Stonewall to the Convention Center. Have there been any discussions, negotiations, or sketches? And one more question: are those narrow "left over" scraps of land between Hill Street and 277 buildable?
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    Good news: There is construction fencing up as well as a small Banner stating 'LMC' on it, so does seem like a December start is very possible.
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    pretty sick view if you ask me
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    Can’t wait for Ally to impact this angle. This afternoon:
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    Took these on Friday evening
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    Your friend goes to the Dowd Y. Love the view from there Parking deck perspectives. This evening.
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    More info on it now becoming a Grand Hyatt: - Grand Hyatt is considered on par with Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis. - There are only 11 Grand Hyatts in the country besides this one, and 40 more around the world. - There will be 24-hour room service, and the presence of Hyatt's Grand Club lounge for frequent travelers. - The lobby bar is being redesigned to include space for live music. - "The Grand is a recognition of what Nashville has become," said Cary Mack, co-managing partner of Southwest Value Partners. The San Diego-based real estate company paid $129 million cash three years ago for what's now the 15-acre Nashville Yards site. "Hyatt guards carefully the Grand brand," Mack said. "To have that be a center of their activity in Nashville, it's just more indication of what we're seeing in the city with the relocation of some of the folks we're all aware of now, including Amazon and Alliance Bernstein. More behind theNBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2018/11/15/exclusive-amazon-anchored-development-upgrades-to.html Some new renderings showing updated signage, etc:

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