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    Beautiful new shot (except for the foreground) from our very own Michael Davis (Lexy) looking NW from the I-24 Cumberland River overpass:
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    Some very recent snaps by me while at work and driving around waiting on the wife to get off work at Vandy. For the record, the Westin is the ugliest building in the city bar none. It's almost offensive.
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    I work at Siemens. Reports of this factory's death are greatly over-exaggerated. As stated, this rolling shutdown is part of the PG division's greater shut down. The industry is experiencing a multi-year contraction of new app demand. There is also a move towards delaying service on existing equipment for as long as feasible. Both of these are hurting Charlotte's traditional bread and butter of utility scale turbine work. BUT, Siemens is adapting, like any good company does. The good sign for Charlotte (not so much for other places), is this factory is the premier facility in North America for Siemens Power Generation. To keep the plant viable, management has shut down several facilities around the US and is moving the work to Charlotte. We also are looking to take on work from other divisions that we normally would not have touched (such as wind turbine components). Demand for gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators will come back. There are several Nuclear Plants scheduled to be decommissioned in the next decade, along with a slew of coal plants. As much as we want a zero carbon future, a stable grid will always be deemed more important.
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    I thought I'd take a little time today to devote some well-deserved attention to one of the most unsung gems in Nashville's architectural collection. It rarely, if ever, gets discussed on this forum, but it just might be my favorite structure in all of metro Nashville. What building am I talking about, you ask? Why none other than the astoundingly gorgeous, SRI GANESHA TEMPLE & HINDU CULTURAL CENTER in Bellevue. If you haven't made it out there before PLEASE do yourself a favor and go. I was there several years ago for a friend's Mehendi ceremony, which is a huge celebration of dancing and eating and drinking surrounding the application of sacred henna art to the extremities of a bride-to-be. The people who tend to the temple itself could not be more friendly and welcoming, and they will likely enthusiastically provide you with a tour of the grounds if you ask. The Sri Ganesha Temple is absolutely the real deal. It is not some cheap, temporary structure. It was built to last. From their website: "The Sri Ganesha Indian Temple was designed by Sri Muthiah Sthapathi, and resembles the temple architecture of Chola dynasty (900AD -1150AD). Thirteen acres of land with a gentle sloping hill and a magnificent view were purchased in Bellevue, TN in July 1982.The ground breaking ceremony of the main temple complex, or phase 2, took place in November 1989, and the basic construction was completed in September 1990. Ten shilpis from India worked for over 2 years to complete Indianization of the temple with delicate ornamental work. The Vimana, or tower on top of Ganesha sanctum, is 48 feet tall and has 5 tiers. Other Vimanas are 24 feet tall. Sri Ganesha Temple also has 16 forms of Ganesha placed on the outer wall of the Ganesha sanctum. Although I so wanted to take photographs of the inside, that day I was not allowed." Now to some photos. Local professional photographer Steve Owen has a small but remarkable gallery of the Sri Ganesha Temple located here: https://www.steveowenphotography.net/Other-1/Portfolios/n-qhxSXs/Churches/Sri-Ganesha-Temple-Nashville/i-xMZvPn6 Coincidentally, high quality shots of the place that AREN'T copyrighted are difficult to find...But here are some more basic shots of it I found:
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    As in, this tower and the rumored new tallest that was in a different thread a few months ago, are probably the same tower.
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    Second Avenue Partners (SAP) will go before the MDHA Design Review Committee Tuesday, June 5, to seek a modification to the plan’s streetscape elements. The hope is to break ground in early 2019. SAP will no longer have as part of the project’s footprint a small parking lot that fronts 2nd Ave. South next to the complex. To rise 40 stories and offer luxury condominiums and a five-star hotel, building currently is being called 151 1st Avenue South. At 540 feet, the building would rank among Nashville three tallest were it standing today. The tower will feature 142 for-purchase residences paired with a 232-room high-end hotel (a brand has not been announced) located atop a six-story podium. The project will provide parking to 374 vehicles and about 9,500 square feet of retail (a previous plan had 8,000), which would front First Avenue across from West Riverfront Park. Construction will be led by AECOM Hunt. The lead architect is Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) in Chicago. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21007842/early-2019-start-eyed-for-tower-to-overlook-river This is the small strip of land that will NOT be part of the plan now.
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    Thought some here would enjoy. Charlotte Railroading, captured over the last two days.
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    Hopefully no one minds but I made an animated gif of the 2007 Google streetview from earlier in the thread and the most recent shot taken by @JorgiPorgi ... ***Updated to try to better center the Westin***
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    I don't think that companies are supremely concerned with balancing the skyline.
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    Source View from the top (46th floor) of the DEC and what it looks like inside. Source
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    I’m in the boat of if a company is willing and able to build a new tallest, I’m all for it. I agree, that I want the density as well, but the 400-600 footers will come in time, as they have been recently. Having a company that is willing to build 900-1000+ footer is a once in a decade or two type deal (for Charlotte at least).
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    Really starting to impact the skyline as a whole. It still looks stumpy-ish from certain angles.
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    Today before the rain!
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    I hope most of you saw the beautiful painting in the evening sky today...WHAT A SUNSET! In case you missed it, live and in person, I happened to be at Shutes Branch Recreation Area as the sun set and am happy to share one of my captured images. (that glorious full double rainbow was also pretty spectacular, but none of my photos were worthy of sharing)
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    Just Made My First account, have been following this for a while without one but i am excited to see this Tower come together
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    One version... This is fake news ^^^^^ Just a fantasy, per request.

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