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    The owners of the "Barney Building" 52 Monroe Center (where City Market used to be) are requesting a facade grant from the DDA to do $40,000 worth of renovations and updating to the front of the building. Not sure if they have a tenant on the roster or not. Developing...
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    Love the first one. Where'd you take that from, growingup15? I had my first class last night in Midlands Tech's certified photographer program. Right now I don't even know how to get pictures from my digital camera onto the computer. I'm a clean slate for the instructor to work on.
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    Vineyard Vines (see above posting) has selected Stony Point Fashion Park as its site in Richmond. From today's Richmond Biz Sense: http://www.richmondb...to-stony-point/
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    Tiffany & Co. will open its Richmond store on September 9th. Tiffany's is directly across from Saks Fifth Avenue and Brooks Brothers in The Stony Point Fashion Park off of Chippenham Pkwy. The upscale shopping center is at the south end of the Willey Bridge which connects Parham Road on the north bank of the James to Chippenham Pkwy on the south. http://www.tiffany.com/Locations/Store.aspx?StoreId=1160

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