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  1. I may not have a sharp eye for everything, but fashion is a different story. I just saw the photo that must be the Dior Homme Boutique. Atlanta as of yet does not have a Dior boutique and all the ones that opened in the Southeast have since closed except Bal Harbour Shops across from Miami. The city's developers have a great relationship with Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVHM ( Louis Vuitton Moet Henessy) the holding company that owns Louis Vuitton, Emillio Pucci, BVGARI, FENDI, Sephora, Stella McCartney and many other luxury brands. So Dior got stung, but it was probably the cities that they choose like Tampa and Orlando, give us a try and we will have $100.00 bills flying out the front doors of Dior!!!
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