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  1. I completely agree. These small developments are testing the waters though for the bigger developments. Look at the bright side, RiverPlace isn't 100% dead. I would like to see 3-4 10-20 story office buildings.
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  2. Was reading the online version of Forbes with an article dated Oct 14th naming Greenville's downtown as one of America's top 10 downtown's. The first pictire is a beautiful shot of downtown with Fluor Field in the froeground. Underneath it read: total city population 686,986. Wow.
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  3. King's Crack Shack is open @ 239 W. Fourth St. The casual restaurant features a 40-foot bar with six to eight oyster-shucking stations. http://www2.journalnow.com/business/2011/oct/18/wsbiz01-business-briefs-ar-1508593/
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  4. Hey everybody. I'm Yekaterina, and I moved to the bay area in August '08 from Providence, RI. If you want to know about where I used to live, check out these links... http://quahog.org/ http://artinruins.com/ ...or just watch Family Guy. I'm an undergrad at the local community college, as a double major in Econ and Urban Planning, and I hope to see some great things happen in California with regard to planning and development. I am looking forward to some interesting discussions about California, especially since I'm still a newbie.
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