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    I would really like to see and dine at Fisherman's Wharf, and eat REAL seafood that is fresh. Also, I like the Citybank Financial Center, that is quite an impressive skyscraper. Atlanta, as far as I know does not have a Citybank or Chase Tower, but with six Central Business Districts how could one know. Put it this way, our two main business districts being Downtown and Midtown do not have a Citybank or Chase Tower, yet. The more I see this city looking through your eyes Zahc, the more I am falling in love with it. And I do not want to leave my heart in San Francisco, I want my heart to BE in San Francisco.
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    That is just so beautiful, the rock formations, and the ocean. It makes me feel so much peace and harmony. I wish the whole world was that easy to transform into a world of peace and harmony, but humanity has a long way to go before that goal is reached.
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    No, not where do we need to invest (i.e. education), but at what point do you think South Carolinians could say "we're on par with our neighbors"? Is it jobless rates, GDP, income levels??? To a certain extent, it seems that people will always view SC as being behind. But, if you are one to say that SC needs to do MORE, then which statistic do you think needs to be improved? I'm not disagreeing with you, just curious as to what your measuring stick is for this "more" that needs to be done...
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    Thanks Kenneth. Jail would be an unpleasant adventure w/o a camera and twitter...
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    Wow those are some amazing photos, and so beautiful Zahc. I saw the "Kenny" you drew in the sand. Thanks!!! Now just get a can of spray paint and spray my name right underneath the Louis Vuitton Boutique sign. That would be so awesome, and I know I would remember that for the rest of my life, but then having to fly to SFO to post your bail would not be a highlight. I think a rock will surfice, and then next summer we can go surfing together.
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    Fisherman's Wharf Ferry Building Post Street
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    Pier 39 KGO-TV ABC 7, Front Street Citicorp Center, Sansome Street
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    de Young, Golden Gate Park Moon 10.21.11
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    Waning Moon = Intense "Low Engery" and "Depressive phase" for some of us water signs...
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