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    Two electric car chargers were being installed on S. Blvd street spaces in front of Circle today.
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    The square is very nice, its not oversized and has a nice intimate/cozy feel.
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    Went to visit family and friends for the holidays. I was very impressed with the design. I pretty much never noticed the library before. I knew it was there, but it was so separated from the rest of the neighborhood. It is very clear that the square is designed to draw your attention to the areas surrounding it...almost like they always intended for the new library to be built. I did, however, notice some construction quality issues that I hope are being addressed. The design does work well, though. I would not be opposed to a similar, but smaller design to be used in downtown Zachary, and some of the other areas around Baton Rouge with pedestrian traffic (around LSU, Perkins overpass, etc).

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