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    How about this. Word around town is that Proterra will have plenty of funding through the end of the year. That better? Because now our statements are equivalent. Anyways I mostly was focusing on your bad metaphor. The only similarity between Solyndra and Proterra is that they were both energy companies. Nothing else really. Also, a company about to fail would not be looking to hire this many new employees. http://www.proterra....p/about/careers And here is an article about Proterra funding. (unlike Solyndra, it is not from the government) http://venturebeat.c...er-perkins-30m/ And here is more about the funding they have received in . . . October. http://www.capital-private-equity.com/2011/10/26/proterra-lands-a-fresh-15m-from-silicon-valley-banking/
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    Snapped this while heading north on Magnolia. Definitely looks a lot better.
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    Fun reflection on how wrong my post always are, so wrong when I post hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in investment for a specific company, MONTHS, before this board or local papers pick up on it. LMAO. Cheers gman/Citylife/carolinadude and other alias names.
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    Houlihan's is opening in the new development at Breton Village this spring.

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