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  1. It sounds like the the at-grade crossing will be replaced with an bridge overpassing the railroad. Such work will require elevating North Blackstock Road, Fairforest Road, Hayne Street, and Fairforest Clevedale Road a couple hundred feet. The alternative is construct the bridge west using Old Blackstock Road overpassing the railroad. This provides an additional crossing without having to stop for a passing train, and improves safety. The drawback is several residences being affected.
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  2. Thanks for re-starting this thread Steve Interesting to see what the pavillion will look like?? Looking forward seeing the Elysian finally get started...a lot of infil potential in the adjacent blocks...it's confusing what exactly are the boundries for Mid-city...the RR tracks?? Still awaiting word on the North Blvd residential project that promised to be tall enough to have nice views of the skyline to the west.
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  3. They DPW is finally starting to get it. By restricting parking more development will be encouraged. While this idea may not work at a suburban shopping center, it does work in urban"ish" walkable neighborhoods where the goal is to encourage street activity.
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  4. I went and walked around the campus of the new complex this weekend. It came out pretty nice.
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  5. Any news lately from Proterra? From what I hear, we have a future Solyndra on our hands.
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