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  1. I was speaking with a local small business owner the other day and he had a few nuggets to offer as far as what all was going on behind the scenes in downtown Spartanburg. 1) The city is really looking to try and get a big company to relocate off the interstates to downtown. Right now the word is they are really pushing hard for CH2M (Lockwood Greene). The problem is where to put them. Either incentives have to be given for new construction similar to QS/1 or there is talk of renovating the Montgomery Bldg. To be renovating that thing would be a hugh undertaking and the cost would be out of this world. For starters the building doesn't even have central air, but thats a discussion for another day. 2) Look for OTO Hotels to move into the old Extended Stay Hotels building. The ESH name is already off the building and has been replaced with "One Morgan Place". GDJ owns the building and is having it being renovated and updated. The word is the building is very dear to him. Most of the OTO guys should like this as most were ESH guys before GDJ sold it off. Look for GDJ's newest venture American Credit Acceptance to move in where OTO was or maybe not, see below. 3) The Bell Hill building that used to house WJB Video (GDJ's old franchise of Blockbuster Video) and now houses a ton of employees for ACA is being worked on as well. I passed by today and it looks like some sort of new construction is taking place adjacent to the main building. I didn't get close enough to see, but will check it out later. GDJ is only is his mid 60's so look for him to really step up and drive Spartanburg's downtown growth (if he can) even more so than he already has. 4) The old Frank Hall tire building across from Papa Sams has been partially torn down. I had heard the Hub City Coop grocery was going in there but cannot confirm if that is still the case. Has anyone else heard any of this stuff?
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