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    S. Miss may be a small school but they have a beautiful stadium.
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    They need to harken back to the glory days of urban theatres with the big marquee, lights, etc. Call it The Grand or The Majestic or something like that.
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    http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/04/17/3179021/freeways-no-longer-highway-tolls.html Now that tolls can be collected with out congestion- and pollution-causing toll booths, I am loving the trend toward tollways and toll lanes. I most prefer the toll lanes because they allow for expansion of a road where the new capacity can be paid for by the 'extra' users whereas the original lanes remain free as before along with the congestion that 'free' causes. People do not like paying for roads, and often very foolishly would rather pay for someone else's roads by going to SC to buy gas and so on. And what most people don't realize is that most urban states are paying more for the rural states (Montana or Idaho) where the freeways are long and sometimes expensive (in the mountains) but do not have a whole lot of users. So then what comes back to your home state and what stays in your home state ends up being insufficient to cover costs. What is also interesting is that people focus on the tax portion as the cause of the high gas costs, simply because that is the most prominent reason for differences across state lines. But ironically, if the gas tax were raised significantly, we would end up with less volatility and impact, as we would move further along the elasticity curve and have lower demand, thus when crude oil and refined gas prices rise, consumers needing fewer units of gas would be impacted less. And society would then be able to cover street improvements like sidewalks, bike lanes, and congestion mitigation to help reduce demand even further. But the same people who fight that use high gas prices and high gas taxes as a demagogic argument that serves to exacerbate our addiction. I have now been car-free for 5 years. I occasionally rent cars for trips, and I often end up carpooling with friends to go places. But very often I force myself to walk or take the bus or bike to places, even when it is slightly uncomfortable. Guess how much I care when I see people bitching about the high gas prices or high gas taxes. Tolls, though, allow for the most important and expensive of freeway projects to get back some user fees like mass transit does, and both adds to the revenue side for infrastructure, and modestly reduces demand by pricing the use more than $0-forever like most interstates. That said, I would love transit to be $0-forever, and have society bending over backwards to keep that as true as possible.
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    Greenville's regulations were passed before the recent food truck explosion. They're pretty hostile to the industry, especially downtown where they're banned completely. But, given how many cities are changing their attitudes, I'm hopeful that Greenville will eventually want to join the party. I don't think it would be appropriate to allow them downtown during the day, but there are a lot fewer arguments against allowing them late night and a number of good arguments in favor of it. Then, the challenge will be finding talented entrepreneurs to start up some trucks.
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    I'm finishing up my masters degree in city planning and my final project was on planning for food trucks in Greenville. One of my recommendations is that they be allowed downtown late night, after most restaurants close, to serve all the people coming out of bars and such. There's definitely a lack of late night food options right now.
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    Here is more on the Mayan documentary called Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond. that will be released at the end of 2012. The documentary will show evidence of alien contact with the ancient Mayans as well as a city "built" at the bottom of a lake in Guatemala. "It is the most important archaeological finding in the history of mankind," he says. "It's going to open the eyes of humanity and elevate the consciousness of every human being on the planet. I guarantee it." "A collaboration between archaeologists, scientists and the governments of Mexico and Guatemala, Revelations is the fruit of a decade of research that purportedly draws on classified information." http://www.hollywood...d-aliens-283430
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    If you're as big of a dork as I am and you don't know about it already, enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kztNWdhRdnw&feature=player_embedded
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    Tumblr is reporting success in it's secondhand location in Manchester across the river from downtown http://www2.timesdispatch.com/business/business/2012/feb/27/tdmbiz08-popular-blogging-platform-tumblr-finds-a--ar-1717866/ The staff is super efficient, productive, but most of all, creative (hint, hint ) It is the only office outside of it's NYC headquarters, which obviously means we're doing SOMETHING right

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