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  1. All this discussion was spurred by the less than visionary solution of putting tunnels in to connect one huge economic investment with another huge economic investment. Tunnels. Can we further minimize the pedestrian? Can we further tell the pedestrian that we just don't care about their mobility? Let them walk through undignified tubes from a great transit station to the urban market, while the automobiles get gold plated infrastructure. The bridge solution seems tenable, but again it it not addressing a true multi-modal city. It is a patch. It is simply saying that we are designing o
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  2. The latest fad ballparks are retro and downtown, yes. But the authentic ballparks that have lasted the longest are not. Wrigley Field is not within Chicago's downtown, and that definitely adds to the experience. For comparison, just imagine if the Family Dollar strip center on Central Avenue were turned into a ballpark. That would be a more unique experience. Charlotte used to have its ballpark in Dilworth. But now, we just want to be like everyone else.
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