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  1. I haven't read any of the articles, so what I'm posting is just a conglomeration of my notes from last night...here goes: The Main Street Station Train Shed renovation/conversion will begin this fall. It will become a "main feature for Richmond," with the top floor being home to a "large tenant that will pull people off 95," and the bottom floor being a "year round market with a Richmond Tourist and Visitor's Center and a Virginia is For Lovers site." The restoration will highlight the openness of the space and take advantage of the large expanses of glass walls. The development of the
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  2. ^I was thinking of Apple as well, particularly with the prospect of the Palmetto Center becoming dorms--which might be why rumors of Urban Outfitters are swirling. It would create a domino effect of monumental proportions. I hope this momentum will eventually result in the county deciding to build a new courthouse with the hefty proceeds it would get from selling the land where it currently sits. I could definitely envision a 12-story or so mixed-use building there. Even something shorter, around 5 stories, could make a big impact. I also think something could be built in between 1400 Main
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  3. I'm already dreaming of a the Kregel building being the spot. Basically one of the largest building on Wealthy near Eastern that could eaisly hold both retail and residental. And if the empty lot to the NE is part of a future project, stuff is about to get real serious in this area. Runner-up location guess: The large church parking lot on Wealthy and Hollister was sold off for in-fill development, which would be just as awesome.
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