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    I hope the Knights do one of those "buy-a-brick-sponsorship" programs - so we can launch a drive to get Jerry Reese's name on as many of them as possible. JUST. TO. PISS. HIM. OFF.
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    So, they'll be going in the Terrace at Riverplace, replacing the Bounce Agency's old space?
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    Picture This: New Mad Cow Theatre Tour Just posted 56 pictures and two videos from my tour of Mad Cow's new Church Street Marketplace location. Lot's of great stuff happening with the new location. I tried to take pictures of each detail and made a video of what walking from the lobby into the Harriett Theatre will be like. Check it out and let me know what you think. After seeing all of what's going on there I'm even more excited about Mad Cow's move. Here are all the locations I took photos from, many include multiple photos and angles. The walk along the second floor from the elevator to the front doors is amazing, looking out over the plaza and into the lobby windows really gives a suspense to the experience. Also standing in the 'wine room' area (7) and looking west over Church Street Station and at the Amway Center is a one of a kind view that will make this lobby one of the my new favorite spots in town.
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    Thnx for the feedback, the Waterside would be razed and converted to parkland. The pavilion would front the river and flow onto the park lawn complementing festivals, balls, concerts, civic events and conventions. These are preliminary plans with the goal of showing the city the potential of what can become a world class port of call rather than a food court. I’m working on putting together a presentation with artist’s renderings, conceptual drawings and photoshop pics before the city signs away our riverfront to outside developers like the state did with the tunnels. Any help would be appreciated.

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