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  1. Chick-Fil-A and Dunkin Donuts have signed on: http://www.gsabusiness.com/news/44561-gsp-expands-terminal-renovation-budget?rss=0 $15 million was also added to the original budget for more restrooms and concessions than originally planned.
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  2. Alright... I've been trying to avoid this conversation but I have to get in it now. And please don't perceive this as an attack - more of my opinion than anything. That said - building a beautiful structure that is of the SE/Deco style isn't going to do anything for occupation of the building. Businesses, from a business perspective, don't move into buildings for how they look, they move in because of the perks they get. Egotistical law firms and banks move into buildings because of how they look. And they will stay closer to the core. I think this building is fine. It plays well off of RMH.
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  3. http://nashvillepost.com/news/2012/7/17/convention_center_passes_700000_room_nights_booked Great news. Technically at 730k room nights. Let's surpass the 1 million mark!
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