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    Not to mention the article states there are over 50 small plane owners living in Livingston. Now, if a small airport is economically important to the parish, that's another story. I think Livingston has a "little brother" syndrome due to the success of EBR and Ascension parishes and tries to make up for it with projects like this and the proposed racetrack and minor league team. What they should be doing is fixing their roads and sanitation and other basic projects before investing time and money into these bigger projects. Just my opinion though. I don't live, nor have a desire to live in Livingston.
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    Agreed that the original proposal for Epicentre was to have it covered in signage and to be frank I'm all for it. In a city that is often called too antiseptic I see nothing wrong with this one area being such a brashness of blazing ads. Frankly I would love to see the blank Omni wall that faces the Epicentre to have sddome kind of huge digital billboard akin to the old Coca Cola sign in Times Square.
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    I'll save you the trouble. They don't have the money. Not really that hard to understand.

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