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  1. Commerce Building vision includes grocery, residences and rooftop venue http://www.businessreport.com/article/20121106/BUSINESSREPORT0113/121109900/0/BUSINESSREPORT0117
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  2. ^one other positive contribution to ridership out of Charlotte will be increased visibility when Gateway opens. Since the Piedmont / Carolinian only pass through a tiny and largely invisible section of Charlotte very few people ever see the trains (or station). Once trains begin to run regularly on the elevated tracks through town (in the daytime) intercity rail will enter the conciousness of many new potential passengers. But we still really need wifi on the Piedmont....
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  3. Watching Fox News and they had 3 boxes showing different polling places in different cities with the names of the cities in the bottom hand. Those cities were; Miami, Columbus OH, and Charlotte. Columbus got the state taf and we didn't. That's flattering. It's not like Columbus is some podunk.
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  4. The husband of a friend of mine had fun flying an Octocopter around Greenville a weekend ago...here are the results (mixed with some earlier footage shot at the ground level from a few months ago).
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