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  1. Here's what Birmingham is doing for its equivalent of Eastland. Charlotte should consider the same. No more wasting tax dollars, hoping that something good will come of Eastland-it won't! In Eastland's case, there are really no surrounding businessses, so concerns about effects on them wouldn't apply. Century Plaza possible location for regional jail T By Alan Collins - bio {sodEmoji.|} email The owner of Century Plaza Mall believe it would be a good location for a regional jail. But, businesses in the area disagree. "Speaking as both a resident and a business per
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  2. CDOT has some info about the Uptown Loop Study and I don't think anyone has posted any new information on it and it has been out there for a few months. It's quite interesting that it plans to close and revamp some exits and reconstruct the John Belk interchange with I-77. I think the best part is the partial reconstruction of the John Belk/I-77 interchange that includes a flyover for I-277 to southbound I-77. http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/Transportation/PlansProjects/Pages/Uptown%20Loop%20Study.aspx
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  3. The Taylor Street public parking garage
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  4. The residential is full with the second phase to start next spring. mlive had a decent article o the spa. I'm hoping for something interesting for the coffee shop (we have many excellent choices in GR - Rowsters, Mad Cap, Kava House, etc) that I will be bummed if its a Tim horton or similar. Same goes for the sandwich shop.
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