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    You better not build us up like that and then throw something at us like the mayor did with his press conference a few weeks ago!
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    Construction fencing went up for the Lofts at Seigle Point this morning.
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    You are correct. Was thinking 6th and posted 7th. Brain fart. Also John (MTSU Bluraider) said he spoke to a foreman at the NCC parking garage site on 6th N and said they may be going ahead and doing a 20 to 25 story there. We will not know until it is announced if it happens. Also stand by for some major news coming from the Post hopefully later today. Stay tuned.
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    Anything thats not a Saks Fifth Avenue is run down... (sarcasm font)
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    Just my opinion, but it has always interested me that in the visual arts locally, the tail has tended to wag the dog, with OMA a weaker link than some of the smaller museums and galleries.
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    The evolution of Central Ave over the last decade has brought legitimacy to a "wider" downtown. With a near continuous streetwall along Central from Gertrude's Walk on the west end, to Summerlin on the east, we now have a healthy spine. I'd really like to see Church Street "grow up" in South Eola in the same manner -- Capital Plaza III will help to that end, if it ever breaks ground.
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    ^Sounds like we could be seeing a second Cinebarre location maybe? http://cinebarre.com/
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    Two small observations: 1) The former autoparts store on Tremont (behind the Dunkin Donuts) is currently being gutted. I don't yet know what it will become. 2) The HT parking lot is significantly worse after their renovation. I honestly didn't think it was possible for that parking lot to get worse.

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