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    OK guys, Here is the map I have been working on over the past couple of weeks. There is a ton of stuff on here and it is still a work in progress with a lot of research still to be done. If you can offer any help that would be very helpful especially for the purple markers that are listed as research. I have a lot more work to do on it and the research takes the longest because I have to find the year or approximate year built the name of the project and a photo or image. I will add more as time goes on including architects, number of residential units, number of floors etc. and please feel free to email me via this page with updated information, corrected information, photos, etc. I am not perfect and there are probably a few mistakes on there as well. http://www.communitywalk.com/nashville_development_/map/1558795
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    A couple from the end of the day yesterday. New lighting at LCS.
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    A quick snap from this morning...
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    I believe his anti-streetcar stance is partially a product of it being paid for outside the .5 cent transit sales tax. Art Pope (and his opinion machine) is vehemently opposed to TIF financing (and I suspect local improvement districts also) for urban projects, I suspect that they see the streetcar as possibly the tip of a TIF iceberg.
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    Looks like it's state owned, remember this is the property that Mica proposed as the future Greyhound terminal. Whatever happened to that? And to get us back on the topic (before we get in trouble for being too far off): Do you think that RIDA is talking with those who are developing around Central Station? (I imagine with the city as a go between so that no ones full hand is reveled) I mean +1, the Greyhound station, that giant tower that was at one time proposed for the :08 property (with bottom floor retail opening onto Gertrude's Walk if I remember correctly (it's a bit harder these days to recall details now that OrlandoSkyscrapers is offline, all those pictures really helped)). Any one of these projects could really change the preferred uses for the Central Station project. IMHO even one of these projects if ever realized would mean that the RIDA plan should have (or be able to quickly convert) lots of lower level floors to retail. A second floor retail area with a skybridge over Orange connecting to the courthouse parking garage would create a storm/sun free walk directly from the SunRail/Lynx station. I use the ones in downtown Tampa quite a bit and love not having to go out in the hot sun. A Bank of America connection wouldn't be nearly as impressive, unless it was designed to connect all the way to the future WTC site, or whatever comes to that property, as I have zero belief that WTC will be built there. I'm just concerned that Central Station is being built with only today in mind. Downtown is changing fast and I don't want this to be a project that is out of date before it ever opens.
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    Its about LRT and Detroit, but it talks about some of the reasons center lane is in demand for rapid transit.
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    WBV is a mockery to New Urbanism and Richmond itself.
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    I thought that lot between the tracks and Garland was a pond for FDOT and the I-4 widening.
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    I can and will say (proudly) that I did not vote for Art Pope--er-- I mean, Pat McCrory for governor. This is what we can expect for the next four years.
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    May not be a huge thing, but to me it seems center stations would have pedestrians only cross a couple of lanes either way while side stations would have pedestrians cross 4 to 5 lanes to get to the other side.
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    Final Plan for Sobro released. http://nashvillepost.com/blogs/postbusiness/2013/1/31/our_first_glimpse_at_the_final_sobro_master_plan http://www.nashvillemusiccitycenter.com/docs/about/SoBroMasterPlan.pdf
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    ^ I agree that lots of product is coming online very quickly -- and Southend in particular has the look of possible disaster (much like the overbuilding that occurred in University City in the late 1990s / early 2000s). However, most projections suggest that metro Charlotte will add around 40,000 people per year over the next decade. If you assume that just 10% of those folks are young professionals who would like to live in an increasingly fashionable urban environment then we are looking at the absorption of 2,000-3,000 units per year from migration alone (which is roughly the number of new units we will see this year) My impression (although I don't have data to support it) is that the rate of multi-family growth outside of the areas you mention is much slower, perhaps below the replacement rate for the many poorly aging units. The overall decay of the suburban multi-family stock may encourage folks to move into the newer units in the intown submarkets. Throw in the possibility of higher gas prices (Israel bombing Iran?) and improved transit accessibility and we may be looking at an acceleration of the paradigm shift in urban vs. suburban As always, its just my .02 cents. I certainly don't have a flawless track record in projecting real estate cycles and what I said above sounds a lot like someone saying "its different this time."
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    That is what bothers me the most. The city's master plan is supposed to establish a vision and guidelines for future development. It's as if no attention was paid to the master plan. Here's the excerpt I think you're referring to: http://www.richmondgov.com/PlanningAndDevelopmentReview/documents/PlansDowntown/Rich_Ch4_080509_lores.pdf The following pages in the plan even describe the site as "a crucial vista" and provide conceptual renderings. My question is: what the hell happened? So disappointed.
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