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    Just spoke to one of the Realtor's working for Walmart and he confirmed they are looking at purchasing Bruno's and surrounding lots at Hwy 42 & 44 to build a Neighborhood Walmart.
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    I am glad to see Hayes Street is in the mix. I always thought State Street could be in the mix as well. It's a cool "hidden" street many people do not even realize is there. I can envision the area becoming a second Gulch if you will, with it's own vibe, street activation, and culture.
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    Walked by the site this past weekend. Evidently they have been working in full force and the foundation permits have been pulled.
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    Are we calling the Downtown Market DOMA? Is it too late to vote that we don't call it that?? To me DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act, not a nice association.
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    I went to a MEAC meeting last week. They stated it will bring in 80,000 people to Norfolk.
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    While this is by no means an announcement of future development, any large purchase in this are gives a pretty good chance that something of significance will happen there relatively soon. http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2013/03/01/melrose-retail-building-sells-for.html 2603-2605 Franklin Pike was purchased for $1.85 million. This is directly across the road from the Melrose Theater project. It currently operates as a Famly Dollar and a Cash America pawn shop. Again, nothing to really point to in terms of development, but it makes me want to keep an eye on it over the next several months or couple years.
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