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    Your welcome Garrett_225 From this mornings Advocate...."Our Views".... "New Project Promising"..in newspaper..."River Road to Growth" on website New development is poised to take off along the Nicholson Drive corridor between LSU and downtown Baton Rouge. It has been a bit of time coming. Significant tracts have been cleared of older structures, with landowners looking to develop their properties. An owner of one of the putative projects, now ready to begin construction, aptly noted that a national financial crisis and a couple of bad hurricane seasons had a way of holding matters up. Now, a $26.4 million apartment, office and retail complex could begin construction on the 10-acre site of the former Prince Murat Hotel at Nicholson and Oklahoma Street. While new plans have not been finalized for other properties along Nicholson, there is reason to believe that the properties to the south might become more attractive as the national market for financing improves. And at LSU itself, the old graduate student housing across Nicholson from the main campus is a prime candidate for extensive redevelopment at some future point. The Future Baton Rouge master plan has promoted the development of a more vibrant Nicholson corridor, perhaps one day including streetcar service — similar to that so successful in New Orleans — from the LSU area north to downtown. With growth in downtown as a living, as well as working, neighborhood, and with LSU’s dynamic prospects in view, we agree with Marc Blumberg, a developer of the River House project on the Prince Murat site. “We think there will be a lot of others who choose to follow,” he said. We agree, and hope that the highest standards of planning for transportation and walkability will be part of the Nicholson corridor’s bright future http://theadvocate.com/news/opinion/5408852-123/our-views-a-river-road
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    I like what I see so far. The inclusion of the awning windows will add a lot of variety to the facade.
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    Where I think you're wrong is in assuming that urban life is about making sure that debutante never has to leave her comfort zone-she might not go to the Station Inn, but that doesn't give her veto power over it merely being there. The whole charm of urban life is the juxtaposition of different kinds of people, buildings and businesses, if you don't like that stay in the suburbs. Obviously some parts of town are going to be overall richer and some poorer, but the mentality that decides certain people are "out of their element" in the Gulch can only make the Gulch a really boring place. On a related note, I was sad to see Provence leave the Gulch. I'd like to retain some light industry like that in the core to have a really living, mixed use, organic city.
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    Rental car customer center now open. Pics here: http://elevatingtheupstate.com/news/rental-car-customer-center-photos/

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