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    Yes, it seems like our memberships picks up and slows down with the economy.
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    And we're fooling ourselves if we think the vast majority of new South End residents still aren't driving. Metropolitan developed without any rail transit.
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    You guys have a difference of opinion. Nothing more or less. Personally, i think Brandon's contributions to this forum are just as valuable as anyone else, so i wouldn't call him a troll. For that matter, i live in San Francisco, so does that mean that my opinions are worthless? In fact, many posters on here don't live in Nashville proper, so should we call them all trolls as well and disregard their opinions? I don't want to get in the middle of the debate you guys are having, but honestly, i wish you guys would settle it via PM. Megabus is apparently signing a lease with a private lot on 4th. The Landport, MCC, public streets and the greyhound station are no longer options, so what's the point in arguing about it?
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    Lineup is good. It will probably be a good quality development, and the neighborhood around it will keep it going for a long time....and it's more of a neighborhood shopping center than Mall of La, PR, or Towne Center. Keans must be moving out of their older location on Perkins near the overpass. You have to take the developmet at face value. Trader Joe's is an especially good amenity to have. There is a couple of local franchises, a pet supply store (common near colleges), and some more restaurant options where an empty box use to be. I'm also a fan of Galatoire's and I'm looking forward to trying it. The Iberia Bank building probably looks decent too. Same with Town Center. I know many don't like that developmet either, but that is a great Whole Foods store (of the best I've seen relative to our stores up here)....and it's where an empty lot use to be. Not the prettiest building in the world, but a grocery store with enployees that don't look at you like you are from Mars when you ask if they have a particular cut of meat or fish is a major novelty anywhere. So I appreciate the type of development that brings quality chain stores that fill massive market voids that local shops seem to have no interest in targeting while attracting some local and regional chains. The quality of clintele, the surrounding area, and business tenants have as much to do with the success of a retail area than the type of layout or design. I'd like to see a similar redevelopment of the shopping center at Sherwood/N Harrel's Ferry, and the one on the corner of Lee and Burbank.
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    Nothing wrong with overly optimistic. We just want the best for our city.
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    I remember the slow times. It seems like we have new members signing up every week now.
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    North Nashville has some great neighborhoods/houses...but unfortunately there is a lot that has been allowed to languish there. I do think that should be a focus area, especially as many of the other core neighborhoods can continue to revitalize on their own momentum. I also wonder if there would be some resistance to revitalization/gentrification because of the fear that it will price the current residents out of their homes, just like we've seen elsewhere. Anyhow, it would definitely be in the city's best interest to concentrate on reducing crime there, and perhaps concentrate on improving the streetscapes and commercial areas. My plan would be to start with Jefferson St from Rosa Parks to TSU and really spruce up the image. It's really not too bad right now, IMO...but just some cosmetic changes could go a long way. Hopefully some attention to the main roads (Jefferson, DB Todd, Buchanan) would have a positive ripple effect throughout the area without causing a housing price spike (though I fear that is inevitable with an improving hood).
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    LOL! Thanks Antrell...there was a time in the past when the BR Forums were very slow...and was just trying to keep our head's above water...have really been pleased to see things pick-up w/ so many new members signing-up here over the recent years(including yourself)
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    Lobdell land bought for new charter school A Minnesota-based developer has purchased a 52,000-square-foot office building on Lobdell Avenue for $1.3 million, and has plans to turn it into a charter school. Ryan Companies US Inc. purchased the building at 1900 N. Lobdell Ave. on Monday and will renovate the building for Charter Schools USA, which plans to house a new school on the 6-acre campus, says Steve Legendre of Beau Box Commercial Real Estate, who represented Ryan in the deal. Jonathan Starns of Donnie Jarreau Real Estate represented the seller, Educational Management Services. The previous tenants at the property, which include Baton Rouge College, have been relocated, Legendre says. Charter Schools USA is taking applications for students in grades K-6 and plans to open the Baton Rouge Charter Academy at Mid City in August, according to the group's website. The site says the school will teach kindergarten through sixth-grade students during the 2013-14 school year, with seventh- and eighth-grade classes to be added "in subsequent years." Charter Schools USA says it manages 48 schools across the country. The group has a rendering of the Baton Rouge school that you can check out here. —April Castro Read more from Business Report here: http://businessreport.com/section/daily-reportAM#ixzz2OHfYQitP
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