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    We had Eric, Nvstnbna, myself 5th & Main Urbanite, Smeagols, Candy Aisles, East Side Urbanite, L.A.TN, UTgrad09, a non member Peter, and maybe one more I can't remember. In any case a good turnout being bad weather was forecasted. Glad to have Bob , L.A.TN back in the fold as it were. Glad to meet Candy Aisles as well. Exciting times for the city of Nashville. One thing we discovered is the planning department is very busy and that is why there have been delays with the HGI and some other projects getting plats finalized etc.
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    And a cameo appearance ("drive-by") from yours truly, DonNDonelson2! I hope to make the July meeting.
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    I concur there was a great turnout. I will probably not be there next month as I hope to be in Chicago for a long weekend and another photo thread for you guys.
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    Great turnout today. I think we had 9 people there, despite several big absences. But y'all better be there for the next meeting...which will be the UTGrad Birthday Bash. We should totally rent a pedal tavern...
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    If the German Restaurant rumor for the former Dragon Room space is true, it would be a breath of new life to downtown. Finally, a new concept... Plus, I love German food! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
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    !. Buy Japanese capacitor company. 2. Move all R&D into the Japanese branch. 3. Lay off US R&D. 4. Move manufacturing to China. Lay off US manufacturing. 5. Profit. They're somewhere in step 4.
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    The whole point is that catering to motorists at the expense of neighborhoods is over with.
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    Oh good, you managed to get a shot. Thanks... Also, the Homewood/Spring Hill Suites has had an absolute flurry of activity.
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    Here's the crane going up for the apartments on Demonbreun.

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