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    Pics from a few moments ago. Also, it looks like they are about to install the trees around the Big Moon.
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    Hey, I have an idea... Instead of calling it the uninspired and trite name of LoSo, why don't we just call it Sedgefield and not even have it be Southend at all. I understand Southend is a linear neighborhood but it has really sprawled down way too far already. Nothing below Remount should be Southend at all. Leave it up to the developers looking to brand their buildings and the neighborhood will stretch into Pineville No reason Sedgefield can't pick up where Southend stops and develop an identity of it's own. PS, I'm back.
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    It's been a while. Got the gimbal installed with landing gear, but still no fine tuning yet. This was my first time flying over water so my heartbeat almost shattered my ribcage. The Charlotte stuff starts at 30 seconds in.
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    It's the little things like this that count, right? RVA FC goes on to have an undefeated championship season http://www.timesdispatch.com/sports/amateur/rva-fc-completes-an-unbeaten-championship-season/article_a2ec0209-06c5-58ba-b0f1-c361b83c33f5.html While the Kickers lose their first game of the season (but still remain 3 points ahead of Orlando
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    parking does not have to be such an issue and would not be if the City can get mass transit like the AMP up and running. People complain about the lack of parking and then they complain when you want to give them an alternative. There would be a stop literally a block and a half from this area.
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    The big question though ... Is it Fescue or Bermuda???
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    I feel like that went all the way back (all the way back in Charlotte time) to the mid 90's. That said, we don't need every neighborhood hyphenated or turned into an acronym. I've never heard anyone ever call that area "LoSo". It sounds like a Asian fusion restaurant.
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    Brookhill is a privately owned housing complex (teehee, I used that on purpose), and I always found that a horrible case of how starving an area of trees and landscaping makes an area seem very bad. The actual public housing, Southside, does not look that bad when I've seen it. It would be really great if Brookhill could get a rebuild as mixed income housing in an attractive way. The progress in SouthEnd might actually be a good precursor to that. CCP is the group of ivory tower ReRe's that put diagonal lines through uptown blocks and made up bullsht terms like Uptown North, which is actually northeastern part of Uptown, and trashed the perfectly rational and understandable ward divisions. Obviously, there are reasons that neighborhoods get names to differentiate them, and Lower Southend is fairly intuitive but the SoHo-style abbreviation is silly. Like the TRIangle BElow CAnal (Tribeca), they sometimes can make cool and trendy names. However, I think people mostly view the SoHo-style names as trite. Lower Southend is intuitive and fine, LoSo is SoLame. With the heart of this neighborhood being the New Bern Street station, NewBe would have been as good a name as any if you're going to pick one of those names . Also, any neighborhood with a street name as badass as Youngblood in it, is wasting a great opportunity by not embracing it. As for traffic, Southslider explained quite well, but I'd add that dense transit oriented development in walkable neighborhoods is a far better way to reduce traffic in a city. If the alternative housing location were in suburban neighborhoods farther down South Blvd, not only would more trips require a car, (not possible to walk to the grocer and restaurants) but when they drive to places like uptown, the longer vehicle miles traveled adds a unit of traffic to a much longer stretch of road. A car traveling from uptown to archdale adds more traffic to the city than from uptown to southend, and the driver is usually more prone to speeding because they have farther to go and want to reduce time more than someone going only a mile or two. When you build in a pattern that gives great alternatives to driving (transit, biking and walking) and when the driving that does happen is within a mile or two, it is a far lower impact on the street network than the suburban patterns we have been used to for decades. But yes, in a myopic sense, it may add traffic to side streets like Atherton and Iverson, but when you walk or even drive to that Publix, you're adding less traffic to Dilworth on the way to the East Blvd Harris Kreeger.
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    I've had them turned off by default since that option became available. My quality of life has improved markedly.
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    I just wish they would do something with the frigging power lines...
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    I believe the attendants are all from Lifespan http://www.lifespanservices.org, an organization that finds employment opportunities for their 400+ associates with developmental disabilities. I have always found them courteous, and fastidious in keeping the restrooms clean.
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    Hopefully, it makes motorists travel at or under the speed limit. Density calms traffic. And widening would likely only add to speeding. Cars have always gone faster on South Blvd north of East Blvd, where there are continuous turn lanes, compared to south of East, where there are not. It seems the added development and signal between East and Carson has calmed traffic, in spite of the wider section. The Southline development will add left turn lanes, bike lane and parking by widening slightly on their side of South. Luckily, the taller street walls closer to the street, and enclosing South, when combined with Lowes, will still provide some psychological motorist friction, in spite of a wider cross section.
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    Project construction sign is up: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151559320148244&set=a.101907518243.94228.13616718243&type=1&theater&notif_t=like
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    I have a friend in the leasing office at Colonial. I emailed her to ask her how leasing was going. Here is her response: "We've gotten a lot of cancels. They pretty much dismantled our leasing office and sent everyone back to their old jobs till further notice."
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    Cropped and enhanced a piece of one of the pictures. I wish some one could get a good panorama of mid town from this viewpoint someday. It looks positively urban-ish.
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    I'll be out of the office until Aug 19 -- I hope this looks a lot different then! Note lots of small stuff has been planted now. And the pavers around the small circle are almost done.
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    I apologise if this has been previously posted. Much of the difficulty of moving PSC is the very strict and specific site needs for a recyling facility of that sort. The site must be relatively large and very near/adjacent to an active rail line, an interstate and the Cumberland River. Finding a site that matches all those needs is very difficult. Plus, as I understand it, the business is profitable.

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