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    I've heard from my contact with the developer confirming groundbreaking in mid-November.
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    Don't spend your money on stuff you like, spend it on stuff I like. That seems to be the theme here. I could care less what it looks like. I know many will love and many will hate. Either way, it is all good for our hood.
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    Good to hear that some charters are being built. Cajun's a great name for a construction company, IMO.
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    I think the renderings are just copies of the same photo from the web site and it hasn't been updated for a long time -- wouldn't read anything into it. That said, I think the way they're covering the mechanical room will make the apparent height close enough to 20 stories that it won't look like the runt of the litter. Formal ground-breaking ceremony is Tuesday, btw.
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    We really need something to compliment the IBM development. I think it's too wide. The renderings don't impress me either. I'm pleased with the jobs that will be brought downtown. I just think the IBM project could have been the project to define the Baton Rouge skyline.
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    Why do you assume it will be broken into?
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    More good news for the Bobcats and soon to be Hornets... http://www.wbtv.com/story/23422191/bobcats-ticket-sales-are-all-the-buzz I agree with Urbanity...Perhaps a name change for this thread is also an order. Rather than "Charlotte Bobcats and the Arena", perhaps "Hornets and The Hive 2.0" would be more fitting.
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    I know that the Tennessean is currently working on a major business story about what's not happening with the West End Summit project. I think it is timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Alex Palmer & HCA's announcement.
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    Taking the train to the middle of midtown Manhattan is the draw to not flying or driving. While this isn't Manhattan, you could easily complete with car trips within North Carolina. Nobody drives to almost Uptown to then take a train or bus, folks go the entire way. This will be the same for rail transit.
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    ^ That is a great article Jeff, but arent there rules against the self gloss?
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    I havent been posting single day timelapses of the stadium, but just felt like sharing this one from today. http://youtu.be/I_orZulT5Kg
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    I like South Baton Rouge out of those! Or Southeast BR. Just wish the city could have incorporated all of it so they would not have to go through that process! Im gonna always call it BR instead of whatever it becomes.
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    I haven't seen that before either. Actually, I don't ever recall seeing anything aside from print that even referenced a third tower. Damn...I so want this to happen, and now seeing this is letting false hope creep back into my brain.
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    Florida...where professional teams go to die. Playing soccer in July in Orlando, those poor, poor players.
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    Can always count on a beotch session from the Owl man. smh
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    Crane installing lights down the third-base line this morning. Sorry for the poor photo quality.
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    Me guesses that the thread title should change... NBA owners give Bobcats OK to change name to Charlotte Hornets

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