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    Trying to rationalize comments of mlive trolls is about as productive as trying to catch a puppy by throwing a live bee at it.
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    So is this just another Giarratana proposal that will never happen? I kinda wish he would just get one of them started before going onto the next high-rise.
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    Have to also consider both of them are owned by large downtown bar groups who have taken on the mentality that if you own enough of downtown you will make enough money. So even if long run both are only half filled they both probably are ok with that.
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    Is it possible on that lot to fit the 505 design? And then perhaps the scaled down version of Signature can go on the Church Street lot? A man can dream!
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    Probably several reasons: its size (3 levels), making it seems empty, the cover charges, and its location. I think Stagger is tested and be around, but we have to see how Saddle does.
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    I'd rather see something in neo-Second Empire or neo-Art Deco, something to compliment the nearby Symphony Hall. None of this modernist crapola.
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    It would be a bad thing because it would divide the city up. Well the people will get what they ant in this case and that's a new city...sigh.
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    I think Kip said on the news he didn't support this effort.
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    Gigacoaster. YES. TO. THIS. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/outside_the_loop/2013/09/charlotte-council-wrestles-carowinds.html?page=all looking at their map, the paladium and go karts are doomed, as well as "xtreme skylifter." I don't see anyone loosing sleep over those losses. looks like they're making an effort to leave the hurler in tact. "thrill zone" is definitely the least aesthetically nice area of the park, I bet the whole thing will get a solid upgrade like the plazas in front of intimidator.
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    Call me a naive fool, but I thought that with the number of employing and major companies in the University City area plus the University, and (even if badly planned) sense formations of density - the two main University City area BLE stops would actually result in more than the dead land of the south side that you mention.
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    File under "I can't believe I am wasting 3 minutes of my life to type this" Mary Newsome tweeted that the completion date for the First Ward park is listed as May 1, 2015 in the city council agenda for next week (see pdf page 20) http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/CityClerk/CouncilRelated/Documents/Agenda%20Attachments/09_23_2013%20meeting/Agenda_2013_09_23.pdf

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