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    What ^you said. ESPN loves it some Boston. Everyone will forget about the flag in 2 days and we will still be 7-3.
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    I know it isn't as exciting to most of you, but I am really happy to see that they will be using land that is otherwise fallow in between the runways and the rooftops of the decks for solar power. I have been researching and ordered solar panels for my house recently and have seen just how dramatically the technology /efficiency/ production has grown while costs have come down significantly. The useful life of the panels has also grown from 20-25 years up to 40y. For me, in just a small area of my roof, I will be able to cover 2/3 of my energy usage at an average price LESS than the current price I pay Duke, and obviously far lower than what I'd pay after inflation, such as the 7% rate increase they are seeking for 2014. So when you can do that on a blank slate like land already landscaped flat with no trees around, and especially land with no opportunity cost of forest or agriculture or development, it is huge no brainer. Solar power has far passed the point of being purely for karmic or altruistic goals and is now in the realm of real cost savings through investing in the long term. For many the question is 'will I still live here after the 7-9 year payback period?' but for the airport, that type of long term investment makes perfect sense, as it will not be going anywhere for those 40y. On the parking decks, it also provides shades for cars on the top level which is of benefit to their customers. I am happy that it has finally gotten to the point where completely business-minded executives are starting to get to the point where it makes economic sense on a cost level, even though it has already made sense for a long time compared to the social and economic costs of externalities like pollution and geopolitical strife.
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    Stadium and the City looking great tonight. Park is bumping with a DJ. BB&T looking impressive. BTW the calibrated and pointed down lights make a huge difference.
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    Last night was amazing. Still have no voice.
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    Church St is ready for tonight!
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    Project to create South Baton Rouge Medical District beginning soon The Baton Rouge Area Foundation is close to hiring a consultant team that would help East Baton Rouge Parish create a South Baton Rouge Medical District. As first laid out in broad strokes in FuturEBR, the city-parish master plan, officials hope to leverage the Bluebonnet/Perkins/Essen medical corridor as an economic driver and an important part of the city's brand. A consultant would create a plan for "attracting and retaining top-tier healthcare professionals, providing a dynamic community in which all may live and work, expanding and improving transit options serving the area, and coordinating diverse stakeholders around a shared vision of growth and economic development," according to the request for proposals. While each health care institution has its own internal plans and structure, the RFP says, they could benefit from a governance mechanism that identifies opportunities to collaborate and access tax incentives. Three finalists were interviewed last week, and representatives of the top choice will fly in Monday for a follow-up discussion, says John Spain, BRAF's executive vice president. He declined to identify the firms. Spain says two finalists "blew us away," meaning another strong option is available if a deal can't be reached with the first choice. The plan is to be delivered after 12 to 15 months at a cost of $700,000, the RFP says. —David Jacobs Businessreport.com
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    The left side of the building in the picture will be facing KVB. The orange brick road is the alley/road between the hotel and the church.
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    Edit: Not my work -- saw it on the internets somewhere.
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    I don't get why people who live in areas like these move to these places and never expect to see growth. They live near one of the larger universities in the country, yet want to limit growth near the area. If you don't want change, don't move to the middle of a decent sized city next to a state university with 30,000 students and nearly 7000 staff.
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    I would expect something with a bit more backstage, so it would be able to support plays... nothing elaborate, but with several dressing rooms. I know it will be primarily a sound stage, but it could also be a great opportunity for outdoor live theatre.
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    A rendering I hadn't seen before. I agree with the criticism, somewhat. I hoped for something more iconic (that doesn't involve a guitar).
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    The city did a great job last night with the See Orlando Art Dedication. All of the sites had the artist present with a "passport" stamp to be collected at each for a drawing. Each site had entertainment and drinks. The exhibit at the Cedar of Lebanon had up tents with free bar, appetizers, a table with a woman in a white dress in center and her dress acted as the tablecloth for the baklava. There were also a few people on stilts dressed in white flowing gowns and tuxedos wandering through the crowd--a real classy way to pay homage to the art and the artists. After, the city also sponsored an invitation event at 310 Parkside which provided great appetizers which was to cap off a great evening (other than 310 deciding to charge a 22% service charge on all of our drink invoices, which tends to piss me off and I leave less of a tip than I normally would).
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    Can't wait to hear more about this.
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    I'm really disappointed at the direction developers are going along Korean Veterans Boulevard. It's such a missed opportunity for store-front shopping, restaurants, sidewalk dinning, etc. I was really hoping for something like The Magnificent Mile in Chicago and a location for others who really don’t care for Country music, but would like to go downtown for dinning and shopping. A more high-end experience downtown where one can buy Fendi instead of country apparel.
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    BTW - Look for the Panthers to get "flexed" into at least one of the upcoming NBC Sunday Night games. My bet is that the NFL will drop the Falcons @ Packers game for the Panthers @ Saints on December 8th.
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    I've seen that replay on the last play I don't know how many times. You take out the Kuechly holding/grabbing whatever you call it, I still don't see how Gronkowski comes back to catch that ball. It was underthrown and Lester was there to pick it off -- Brady even said so in his post game interview. But it's ESPN, they are some of the bigger Boston sports homers around. In stead of focusing on that one play, the Patriots and their fans should have thought about what they didn't do the other 59+ minutes to win the game. Football is 60 minutes, not one play. Cam Newton and the Panthers played a great game and deserved the W. Too bad that's not the focus of the national media. Instead they are talking about how the Patriots lost.
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    Took this one the other day a couple of weeks ago. Not the best picture, but should give an idea.
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    A blue base for crane in place. December 4th is the day they will place the top on said crane. This one will really stand out on the skyline.
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    Wow. Any other native Charlotteans remember when all that was either woods, or Kirk Brown's gas station? Park Road didn't continue through the intersection, and in the foreground was a barn that was caving in. We used to ride our bikes back there in the 60's. Southpark was a cow pasture.
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    From the Post today. Should start seeing action here in January. http://nashvillepost.com/blogs/postbusiness/2012/11/15/developer_soon_to_land_financing_for_sobro_hilton

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