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    Merry Christmas my UP friends!
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    Merry Christmas Everybody! Here are some pics of Christmas in Orlando
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    I don't claim to know details, but from my outside perspective, it does seem like Verdae is being developed in a way that is not nearly what was promised. I remember the original plan talking about this game changing development, with walkable streets, parks, retail, offices, etc. It was supposed to be a "city within a city," where you could live, work, and play, yet still be close to great shopping and dining in the Woodruff Road area and also close to downtown. The last time I drove through Verdae was about a year ago. The location is obviously great, and the little central park and playground are nice. But most of the houses I saw were very disappointing. They had some interesting architectural elements, but were mostly just odd looking and did not seem to be built with the quality to justify their price tag. They also seemed crammed in there, just as any other suburban development would be which strives to maximize the number of houses built. I assume that there are specific design standards for TND, because based on Verdae, TND just seems to be code for "cram houses in there and dress it up as urban and community-focused." I also do not see why a seemingly routine apartment complex was approved there. The same goes for a development built by Ryan Homes. They seem to build cookie cutter homes everywhere. Again, I say all of this with very limited knowledge of the details of Verdae. I'm simply basing my opinion on the original master plan, which seemed like an incredible opportunity never seen before in the Southeast, to develop a game changer of an in-town mixed use "city within a city" development. The way it appears now, I certainly wouldn't live there. The location is great, but why pay more for a home that isn't constructed well, on a postage stamp lot, in a development which seems to change its standards as it goes?

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