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    I think he meant groans of disgust from Dilworth.....not moans from the Adam and Eve store.
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    Oh, hi there SunRail at (kinda sorta) Church Street Station.
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    On the subject of mini-meets: I was thinking that we make them different from the regular forum meets. Rather than discuss the broad topic of development in Nashville, we should make them a more issue-specific or area-specific discussion. i.e., rather than discussing transit as a whole in Nashville, discussing transit possibilities in Germantown and North Nashville (and having our mini-meet in Germantown for that particular discussion). I think it would be good to include a neighborhood walk or drive with these, weather permitting. It would be great if we can get those forumers that live in these different neighborhoods to attend or lead the discussions, so they can provide perspective on issues (positive and negative) affecting their neighborhoods, as well as a little show and tell of things that we might miss just passing through. Also, rather than just coffee shops, it might be nice to grab lunch every now and then...we have some great neighborhood restaurants, and it could be a good opportunity for some of us to try some new places. It doesn't have to be an every Saturday deal, but I was thinking to start off, we might try the third Saturday of the month so it's not right before or after the main meets. Some suggested neighborhood locations/discussions: Germantown/Salemtown 5 Points/East End/Edgefield Sylvan Park/The Nations Eastwood/Lockland Springs Cleveland/McFerrin Park Inglewood Melrose/Berry Hill Hillsboro Village The Gulch SoBro/Rolling Mill/Rutledge Hill Midtown/West End Wedgewood-Houston/Chestnut Hill Woodbine/Radnor 12th South/Belmont-Hillsboro Antioch/Southeast Donelson/Hermitage Madison/Rivergate Green Hills or any other neighborhoods you can think of. Obviously we are an urban discussion forum, and some of the neighborhoods mentioned are not urban in the slightest, but that doesn't mean there are not topics of discussion (such as transit and infill obstacles) that we can pursue. What do you all think? I'm not necessarily leading this thing, but I want to bounce some ideas off of some of you. If we can get something together, let's shoot for the 15th of February. If not, we'll start in March.
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    As for the Panthers. Two bits of good news yesterday. Well, two bits of recognition at least. Luke Keuchly was awarded the NFL Defensive Player of the Year (this coming after his Defensive Rookie of the Year honors last year) Riverboat Ron was awarded the NFL Coach of the Year after his turnaround season. Both of them won by wide margins over their opposition (not as wide as Payton Manning's award, but wide nevertheless.) It probably helped that both of them were highlighted pretty well during the Pro Bowl as well. I don't think I could go back and count how many times the offense yelled out "59" when Keuchly was staring down the quarterback. I think the Panthers, especially Tolbert, really made a big impact in that game. Happy Superbowl Sunday, everybody! Maybe next year...
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    Baton Rouge's Original Skyscraper....Constructed in 1926 A company set up by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation was the high bidder for the State Office Building at 150 Third St., pledging $10.25 million for the property. BRAF President and CEO John Davies said the organization has ideas for the future of the office building but wouldn’t say anything until all planning is done. “In acquiring this building, we are very pleased to continue a partnership with the state of Louisiana on projects that improve East Baton Rouge Parish,” Davies said. “As we did in rehabbing the Capitol House into a Hilton, we are purchasing this building to produce a social benefit — putting it back into commerce to continue the revival of downtown as prescribed by Plan Baton Rouge.” BRAF has played a role in many downtown developments, from the Shaw Center for the Arts, to the IBM service center and residential tower under construction on Lafayette Street to the Water Campus on the old Municipal Docks just south of the Mississippi River Bridge. The State Office Building is across Third Street from The Onyx building, which is being redeveloped by Commercial Properties Realty Trust, which manages and develops BRAF’s property holdings. Commercial Properties will spend $6 million to redevelop the property, which has been renamed The Onyx Residences. Plans are to have 28 one- and two-bedroom apartments built above 5,600 square feet of commercial space. The Onyx Residences and the State Office Building are two of several redevelopment projects underway along Third Street, Rhorer said. Plans are underway to turn The Commerce Building into a mixed-use property with about 92 loft apartments, a private events deck and a rooftop restaurant. Work has started on 440 on Third, which will turn the former Capital One Bank building into an apartment/office building with a Matherne’s Supermarket on the ground floor. “There will be a transformation of this Third Street corridor the likes of which we have never seen before,” Rhorer said. “In several years, this will be a totally different street.” *rest of article* http://theadvocate.com/home/8245692-125/state-br-buidling-attracts-1025
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    This coincides with a Botta exhibition going on throughout much of the Bechtler from now through July. I recommend you check it out if you are interested in architecture, he has an amazing body of work.
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    I just got back from the groundbreaking. From the looks of the equipment that has already been staged I think they will move quickly.
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    To be filed under Shocked! Shocked I tell you!: (On Ballantyne Village) “The parking design is really bad,” he said. “There’s no way it could have been designed with pedestrians in mind.”
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    That's pretty much inline with standard for the suburbs....4 spaces per 1,000 sq ft, so that's a 262,500 sq ft building, which is almost exactly what the 2 Met Life buildings are (and are 10 stories)....this building will probably be 270-280k sq ft. They were considering 15 stories at one point in time.

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