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    In line now actually! The line wraps down MLk, up Graham, then back down Fourth! People are very excited!
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    By......The.......Way! These 'State Routes' are firstly and mostly (90% paid for) Federal Routes!!! Highway 70/Broadway/West End is actually US 70S and State Route 1. The FHWA has ultimate say so over the routes in most cases, regardless of local or state law. The Federal Government has the ultimate right to withhold all funding if state and local governments are in non-compliance with Federal requirements. Its probably a little more complicated than that, but the point is is that the door is not closed. Hopefully, this legislature's continued attempts at establishing a Tennessee dictatorship by indiscriminately ignoring both Federal law and foolishly over-ruling local law may be thwarted, at least in this case.
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    Has anyone thought about building a mall on this site??? Seems really underserved when you consider both North Charlotte & South Charlotte have malls. Could really transform the surrounding area.
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    No the Buckingham midtown is another due to start as well as onec1ty and The NW Mutual projects. Not to mention the Westin that is looking like a strong contender too for a 2014 start. I will bet we may have a couple of others too.
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    I got to the stadium @ 8:15. By that time, the line was all the way down MLK & was halfway to 4th St on Graham. So, 2-3 blocks long. By the time the box office opened, the line had bent again & was going up 4th St. It was insane. By the time I got to the ticket window @ 11:30, all of the seats for the first two games were gone. All that was left was standing room only. Checking online, it looks damn near impossible to find seats on the 3B side (ie the best view of the skyline) except in Section 122 (the last section on that side). That's for the entire season. Absolutely nuts. I had no idea the city was so excited about this. This was around 10am, after the ticket office had been open for an hour. The line was just as long behind me down Graham.
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    I'm friends with the poster "Birky" outside of the internets and he told me there is a line around the block for Knights tickets this morning. Apparently the first people started showing up at 4:45am this morning. He's grabbing me 4 tix for opening weekend, I guess I owe him a hot pocket or something! Glad to see the city showing up BIG for the Knights out the gate. I never expected sales to be an issue, but this is a pretty positive indication that this will be a hugely successful decision for the Knights. They will probably be kicking themselves that this didn't happen sooner!
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    I don't know if anybody has seen this or not but somebody has done a model of the old tower designhttp://www.planetminecraft.com/project/live-giarratana-apartment-skyscraper/
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    Great proposal. Unfortunately, the engineering work and site analysis could take 5 years to complete. Then, you have to make sure Lee Beaman is ok. If not, a state representative now has the authority to prohibit this because your proposal will go over a state road. If it doesn't go over a state road, the state apparently has the authority to prohibit any type of mass transit. Everyone please visit this site and send out your message that this amendment is absolutely ludicrous. http://www.ampletters.com/ Can someone please create a StopLeeBeaman.com website?
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    And then add in the soccer stadium! In fact, I hope city leaders intentionally schedule events simultaneously throughout the inaugural year when all these venues are up and running. It would no doubt transform the perception of downtown; the energy would be dynamic. I often think about the parking woes in Miami Beach whenever someone suggests that downtown Orlando needs more parking, not less. Miami Beach is the most parking-deprived city in all of Florida, if not the entire South. It is also the most urban, pedestrian-friendly, and boasts an extremely healthy retail scene (for visitors and residents of the city). There are some geographic factors that help Miami Beach (land constraints) but I do feel as though this explanation is too often used to explain why some cities are more urban than others, without taking into account the role that civic leaders and sound development ordinances play in city creation.
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    It could have been worse. I am out of town so i asked my wife to go down and get tickets. I actually said to her 'it should be a quick trip, I doubt there will be a line.' Long story short, no opening day tickets and I gotta sleep on the couch when I get home....
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    Want to park downtown? Put on some comfy shoes — you'll be walking http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/politics/os-downtown-orlando-no-more-parking-20140308,0,850857.story?page=2 I have often been critical of Buddy Dyer and his administration for shortcomings downtown, but this story reflects an area where they "get it" and have my heartiest congratulations and thanks. When the redevelopment of downtown began in earnest in the early 1980's under Mayor Bill, one of his huge blind spots was the fact that if you have ample parking, transit will never grow. Former county commission chairman Lou Treadway pleaded, cajoled and blustered with Mayor Bill to recognize this basic fact (in a complete reversal of the normal attitudes between City Hall and S. Rosalind), to no avail. Finally, we are achieving the goal of a transit-oriented downtown. As Commissioner Patty notes, however, none of this works unless we have easy, convenient, and most importantly frequent bus, train or light-rail service to replace the acres of parking.
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    Thanks PHofKS. What Beth Harwell is doing is complete dictatorship.
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    Thats the one. If I am working off the iPad, I don't have access to most of my stuff or I am to tired and lazy to look for it.
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    Reese's paradox? Is that the MLB would pass on Charlotte if our AAA team was successful, so we needed to ensure that it remained as unsuccessful as possible languishing in the countryside? I think that is more of a moron on oxy.
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    I noticed this week they added Charlotte to the list of Oxblue construction cams (as I look at the Raleigh one daily) so I decided to come check out this thread and see if they were about to start moving dirt. Here's the link: http://oxblue.com/open/SkyHouseApartments
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    So tearing down the fine looking brick building and leaving up the anti-Dilworth monstrosity right next to it.....
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    They reported it a few months ago when it was announced. I think today it was just about AIG officially committing to an uptown office building and just doing their fist bumps.
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    At some point Beaman will want or need something from Metro. It may come back to bite him in the rear.
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    Because if he did, Lee Beaman will bribe a country bumpkin from Chattanooga to make an amendment saying that any amphitheatre must be approved by the state.
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    This lot won't be developed for the foreseeable future. The state wants to put a parking lot on it. It seems like 50 years after something is built people want to tear it down (think about all of the turn of the century bungalows, queen Anne's, and Victorian houses that were torn down 40-50 years ago in Nashville because they were "old" and "run down"). People now look back in absolute disgust that those houses were razed, and the ones that do remain are worth much more than a new, shiny house. I don't have to particularly like a style of building to want to save it. I personally don't find the Mona Lisa all that attractive, but I understand the importance and significance of it. For an architectural example, I really don't care for Marina City in Chicago, but it is a unique style of architecture. The river front in Chicago might look "better" if some new shiny glass building replaced it, but it would remove a piece of what makes Chicago so special in terms of architecture. With varying styles of architecture a city becomes a living museum. If we tore down every building after 50 years and replaced it with something architecturally current the city would become quite boring.
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    Small office project going in at 716 East Blvd. The two-story, 5,120 sf office building is hoping to find a single tenant. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/real_estate/2014/03/red-partners-developing-boutique-office-project-in.html
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    I am still going to go with: Becasue Charlotte.

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